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HEG: Team Management Workshop for Seniors

To build on the spirit of strong bonding among the team/s, a one day refresher workshop was conducted at HEG Ltd. for all HODs. Group activities based on creativity and innovation along with team work was the focus. The workshop was conducted by Shri Sanjay Upendram, Amarthi Consulting Firm. Shri Upendram emphasised on enhancing team work by building trust, being open, aware and realising the importance of interdependence. The presence of COO, Shri Raju Rustogi, added more value to the workshop.

HEG: Session on Business Acumen

Awareness of business acumen among managers means they can make more profitable decisions, by thinking more strategically and looking at the bigger picture in context to organisational success. HR-L&D organised a session based on the book ‘What CEO Wants You to Know’ by renowned management consultant Shri Ram Charan. The session included contents like how company really works, business finance, and putting sound business and leadership practices to work. The session was conducted by Shri Rajeev Agrawal, who owns his business in the nearby industrial area. He shared his viewpoint and gave valuable practical inputs to make the session interesting and relevant.

HEG: Workshop on Total Productivity Maintenance

With a view of instilling a systematic approach to planning and implementing the Autonomous Maintenance in Shop Floors, HR L&D organised a TPM workshop cum brainstorming session, which was attended by HODs and shop managers, where they focused on identifying persistent problems, how to resolve these problems and encourage the participation of workmen for giving inputs and suggestions for taking care of these issues. The purpose of the two day workshop was to ensure employees' commitment towards TPM activities and making it part and parcel of their work life.This was done with a view that this will help both employees and the management to align themselves along the same vision and keep HEG onto a consistent improvement track.

HEG: Workshop on Advanced MS Excel

HR-L&D organized a two day refresher workshop on Advanced MS Excel for employees, where they were taught about presentation and analysis of Charts, Pivot Tables, Macros, Data calculations through advanced formulas, linking sheets, V-Lookup & H-Lookup, usage of graphics in excel sheets etc. The workshop was conducted in a single batch of 39 employees. Learnings were captured through pre-training and post-training tests. It was evident from the scores that their knowledge was enhanced. In this given series of MS Excel knowledge upgradation among employees, the next workshop is also planned for plant seniors in the forthcoming quarter.

HEG: English Classes for IDP Batch



AT LNJ Bhilwara, we believe in Individual Development Plan, and recognise the importance of English in corporate communication. A nine memberteam from our Talent Pool was sent to a prominent institute by the HR and LD. The focus was on enhancing and improving English vocabulary. The participants attended the sessions on Sundays and holidays also. A second batch is ready to join after the excellent outcome of the first batch.

LNJ Denim, Fire and Safety Training

An hour long special training on fire prevention and safety was conducted on May 24, 2018, for the staff, security guards and workers. Demonstration on how and when to use the required equipment with all the possible safety measures was the focus. The main objective of the training was to create an awareness about the use of fire fighting equipments at the time of fire.The training session was conducted by Safety Officer, Shri Trilok Vyas.

LNJ Denim, Emergency Mock Drill & Fire Drill

A mock fire drill was conducted at Denim Plant, on April 4, 2018, under the supervision of the Safety Officer. An emergency code was declared and responses of various individuals and groups were noted, timed and recorded for futher analysis and improvement purposes.

Taking clue from the readiness and alertness response in the mock drill, Safety Officer, Shri Trilok Vyas imparted on the spot training to the participants regarding handling of fire extinguishers, hydrants and othe equipments, and safety and rescue measures.

Rishabhdev: Emotional Intelligence

A session on 'Emotional Intelligence' was organised at Rishabhdev on June 18, 2018. Shri Siraj Delhve from Enhancing HR, Udaipur, was the speaker and the session was attended by Managers and other Senior Officers.

Rishabhdev: Training Programme for Workers

Shri NN Sharma from Techno-HR Consultancy & Training Services, Ghaziabad, conducted a  two-day training progamme at Rishabhdev for Engineering, Maintenance & SQC departments.The training session saw attendance in large number and was well appreciated.

Rishabhdev: Quality of Life Workshop

A two-day workshop on Quality Life was held on June 13-14, 2018, at Rishabhdev. 20 workers from various departments from Pipli village with their spouses, participated in the workshop. Shri KS Yadav, Regional Director and Shri Punit Goutam from CBWE, Udaipur, conducted the programme. The closing session was attended by Shri MS Manilal, DGM (Personnel & HR) and senior officers of the Unit.     

Lodha: Mock drill

The safety department of Lodha unit organised an awareness session on the use of 'Fire hydrant and Mock Drill' for the employees. It was held on May 03, 2018, and was well coordinated by Shri Solanki, Safety Officer and Shri Satyender Singh.

Banswara: NLP Training

Shri Sukesh Sharma, COO and Shri RK Gagrani, attended the NPL training programme at Gulbarga and shared their learning with the core team members. They also imparted training to 38 leaders, on June 10, 2018. 

Kharigram: Safety Training

The HR department conducted a Safety Awareness cum Training programme for staff officers of Production, Commercial and Engineering departments on April 18, 2018. Shri Dilip Chaurasia explained about fire fighting, safety at workplace, chemical and tools handling. The know-how of fire extinguishers and a hands-on training was given to the employees.

Kharigram: Workshop on PCO Implementation through Quality Circle

A training programme on Process Cost Optimization (PCO) was organised at Gyan Mandir, Kharigram. HOD’s and PCO (Process Cost Optimization) owners attented the programme. During the training session, Dr SK Aggarwal and his team highlighted aspects relating to QC in running PCO projects at department/unit level. Shri Vinod Purohit, CTSC explained about basics, uses of quality concepts, techniques and its importance. The programme was very useful in terms of higher productivity and cost saving.

Kharigram: Interactive Session, Statutory Auditors

An interactive session was organised by Corporate Finance Department (CFD), at Kharigram, on June 11, 2018, under the chairmanship of Shri BM Sharma (CFO). The agenda was to have an update about the new Accounting & Auditing standards that were implemented wef from April 18. An open house discussion with the auditors was held to smoothen the audit processes and bring in discipline in the accounting practices. Shri Yogesh Gupta, Sr Partner, Shri Ashish Mishra, Shri Utkarsh Gulati, and Shri Abhishek Sethia represented Lodha & Co., Chartered Accountants, New Delhi. CFD team and Unit Commercial Heads attended the session.


Mandpam: Training Programme, Fire Fighting & Fire Hydrant System

A training programme on Fire Safety and how to use Fire Hydrant System was organised at Mandpam Unit on June 282018. The main objective was to train and create awareness for use of fire hydrant systems at the time of fire accidents. Shri Anil Bishnoi, Executive–Fire & Safety, was responsible for this training programme.

Bagalur: Awareness Programme, Shop Floor Staff

A one day awareness programme was organised on April 09, 2018, at Bagalur Unit to develop employee handling skills of the shop floor staff.  The training was conducted by Smt Thilagavathy, a reputed psychologist.

Bagalur: Health is Wealth

A presentation on 'Health is Wealth' was given by late Shri VV Raju, Vice President (O) at Bagalur Unit, on April 21, 2018. The staff with their family members were present to hear his views on the topic. Shri Raju also interacted with the staff and shared his views and asked for their feedback. It was an interesting session with a healthy takeaway.

Maral, Unit 3: Safety Awareness Programme

On April 23, 2018, Safety Awareness Programme on the importance of using Personal Protective Equipment (PPRs) was organised in Maral Overseas Ltd, Unit 3, Noida. The purpose of conducting such a programme was to increase awareness and attentiveness among employees on safety issues to avoid accidents.


Maral, Unit 3: First Aid Training

A three and a half hour training session on how to carry out First Aid treatment in case of an emergency was conducted in the factory premises on May 1, 2018. The team demonstrated on how to handle fractures, arrest bleeding and also administer (CPR) Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation. Employees from different departments took part in the training session. The training was given by Dr Abhishek and further coordinated by Ashok Kumar Chaudhary (Welfare Officer).

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