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Art Integrated Learning - A Joyful Approach to Learning

"Logic will get you from A to B, Imagination will take you everywhere." - Albert Einstein

Learning is fun only if it’s interesting for both the educator and the learner. Art is the medium through which learning can surely be fun, worthwhile and retentive. It also deepens critical thinking, collaboration, communication, and creativity in alignment with 21st century skills.

Critical thinking empowers students to articulate their learning no matter what content is being addressed. Collaboration is essential to contemporary arts and hence, contemporary education. Ideas are formed best when two or more minds meet. Communication is artful thinking + empathy = students, who are able to communicate ideas, values and new knowledge effectively. Creativity comes only through creative inquiry that we unlock questions, solve problems, and discover new possibilities.



The initiative at LNJ Bhilwara Group schools to make learning immersive has seen effective outcome in teaching-learning process in classrooms. LNJ Bhilwara organised an Art Integrated Learning (AIL) workshop for Group schools. The five-day workshop was attended by 30 teachers from Vivekananda Kendra Vidyalaya (Hurda), Vivekananda Kendra Vidyalaya (Rishabhdev), Vivekanand Vidya Vihar (Maral) and Graphite School (Mandideep). Shri Pankaj Somani, Principal, (VKV Rishabhdev), Smt Vinita Mishra, Principal, (Graphite School), Smt Rashmi Kaushal, Principal, (VVV Maral) and Smt Vinita Mishra, Principal, (VKV, Hurda) were also present.

Art is fundamental to the healthy development of children’s minds and spirits. Aiming to take learning experience closer to children’s heart, Art Integrated Learning (AIL) methodology has brought about a paradigm shift from traditional education philosophy, based on teacher-centric pedagogy to child-centric pedagogy. Dr Ashok Arora and Dr. Pawan Sudhir prominent educationists in AIL; have been instrumental in guiding and aiding teachers, for an impactful change in attitude, approach and effort to reach out to every child, thereby covering all the three domains such as cognitive, affective and psychomotor. The aim is to make the concept understanding clear and enable proper planning for relevant assimilation of knowledge. 

VKV, Rishabhdev: Outstanding Result

Vivekananda Kendra Vidyalaya, Rishabhdev, once again proved that it is the best English Medium school in Rishabhdev. VKV achieved 100% result in Class X CBSE Board Examination held in March 2018. Out of 70 students who appeared in the examination, 6 students scored above 90% marks, the highest being 96.40%. Master Kartik Bhandari, son of Shri Narendra Bhandari, DGM – Commercial, scored 94% marks.

Maral School: Back to School

Vivekanand Vidya Vihar, Maral Sarovar reopened after summer vacations on June 18, 2018. Teachers prepared concept based decorative class doors to welcome the students. In the morning, teachers greeted the students with ‘Tilak’, finger puppets and sticker badges. The morning assembly was conducted by the teachers comprising Sanskrit Shlokas, Saraswati Vandana, Welcome Song, Teachers' talk and Principal’s message, conveying citizenship values to students. Numerous activities were conducted in the classes to make students comfortable and eager for learning.

Maral School: Results

Class XII CBSE results of Vivekanand Vidya Vihar, Maral Sarovar, has been significant in many ways. Prajwal Mishra achieved first position with 91.4% in Science stream, 100 in Physical Education and 95 in Physics. Pawitra Sharma scored 95 marks in Maths, Nikita Agrawal got 94 marks in English and Samayak Jain scored 93 marks in Chemistry. A total of 82 students appeared for the exams, out of which 72 students (88%) achieved First Division. Class X students also made the school proud with 100% results, with Abantika Das topping the list with 90.2%.

Maral School: Pre-primary Block

The holistic development includes cognitive, social, expressive and interactive skills (emotional, social, mental, ethical, fine motor, gross motor and verbal communication skills) the foundation of all is laid at the Pre-primary level. Recognising the importance of this phase, which prepares children for future education, the Pre-primary block has been developed newly at VVV Maral Sarovar, contributing to the development of a child’s personality thereby ensuring the physical, mental and emotional growth of the child.

Rishabhdev: Rajasthan Police Day

On April 15, 2018, on the occasion of Rajasthan Police Diwas, VKV, Rishabhdev was invited by Mewar Bhil Core Kherwara. The students presented cultural programme and won cash prizes. On the following day, April 16, students went around the campus and visited the shops, museum, etc. The students were shown a documentary film and shown various kinds of weapons.

Rishabhdev: Open Chess Tournment

LNJ Bhilwara Group Open Chess Tournament took place in VKV, Rishabhdev on April 26-27, 2018 and it was played in two formats. 40 players from four different schools participated in the Swiss format of 9 rounds. Out of them, top 8 players were selected for Robin format. The top three positions of the event were decided by adding the score of both the formats. Kartik Bhandari of VKV, Rishabhdev, was the champion of the event. The second position was secured by Ayush of VKV, Hurda, and the third position was secured by Sankalp Lodha of VKV, Hurda.

Rishabhdev: International Yoga Day

International Yoga Day was celebrated on June 21,2018. Students from classes VI-X practised yoga and pranayam. After the session, healthy juice was provided to the students. Drawing competition was also organised on the same day. For classes I to V, special assembly was held. The students were informed about the importance of yoga.

Life Skills Workshop

Today’s child is the future of tomorrow. Keeping this in mind, it is necessary to help children learn to fish, explore, discover, observe, experiment, analyze, solve problems, adapt, learn from oneself, others, the past and to lead. Life Skills training was conducted at HO, LNJ  Bhilwara, Delhi on April 20, 2018. Teachers of all the four group schools attended the training, which was conducted by resource persons Smt Padmamalini Rao, Ms Protima Naidu and Ms Anita Nayyar.

The training centered on the understanding of  Blooms’ Taxonomy (cognitive, affective and sensory domains), Gardeners’ Multiple Intelligences and UN17 sustainable goals, initiatives of Soka Gakkai International on four Cs of learning (critical thinking, communication, collaboration and creativity) for the 21st century. Teachers were  trained to keep the UN17 sustainable goals in mind and groom students to understand that they are patriots, assets to the nation and global citizens. The training was a step to help teachers develop values, craft a humanistic world and develop happy empowered children of the future. 

Graphite School: Summer Bonanza

Summer Day was celebrated in Graphite School on April 17, 2018. It was a day filled with fun and excitement for the students. Students brought summer fruits, umbrellas, sunglasses and snacks. They were welcomed by the teachers and the classes were decorated with colourful pictures and cut outs of summer fruits, snacks, drinks, etc. The celebrations were organised in three groups Pre-Primary, classes I-II  and classes III-IV.

Tiny tots played with balloons, balanced water glasses and enjoyed summer fruits. Students learnt about the do’s and don’ts and how to be healthy and safe in summer season. Mocktail Mania was arranged by the students of classes I and II. Lassi, aam panna and lemonade stalls were put up. Students learnt to prepare summer drinks and had a great experience. Students of classes II-IV were responsible for shakes, snacks and desserts. The stalls were neatly done up and smartly managed by students and eatables were served lovingly to all.

Shri Vinod Ramachandran, Wing Commander (AIR WING) MP was the chief guest. He visited the Summer Bonanza and appreciated the arrangements and confidence of the chilren in explaining things. He took a keen interest in what students had to say. Students were very enthusiastic in listening to the suggestions of guests and promised to follow the precautions for safe summer days.



Graphite School: Training on Remodelled Structure of Assessment

Training on remodelled structure of assessment was conducted at Navnidh School Bairagarh on April 24, 2018. The training was conducted by resource persons from CBSE Ajmer, Ms Poonam Shekhawat and Shri Rajesh Awasthi.

Two teachers from Graphite School, Shri Manoj Richariya (PGT MATHS) and Ms Uma Parashar (PGT BIOLOGY) attended the training. The training focused on the understanding of the remodelled structure of the examination pattern for 2018-19 session in CBSE Schools .

The points discussed in the training were as follows.

  • Better understanding of Bloom’s Taxonomy for setting question papers.
  • Criteria of marks distribution on copy submission and subject enrichment.
  • Framing format of result (grade-wise).
  • Vocational subjects for Class IX students and freedom of choice.


Outcome of the training

1. This will help in setting the question papers according to the CBSE pattern to apprise students about the style of board examination question papers.

2. Copy submission and subject enrichment will not only be useful for the teachers but for the students as it is a link between the school and the parents.

3. The choice of vocational subject will help students to pass in the examination. If a student fails in one main subject, marks of vocational subject will be added to the main subject marks where he or she has scored less marks.

4. The training helped the teachers of the examination committee of schools to frame the school examination schedule, examination question-papers formation and the marking scheme.  

Graphite School: Participation in Literary Fest

The literature fest 2018 ‘BIBLIO’ was held at Sagar Public School on April 17-18, 2018. DPS Bhopal, all branches of SPS Bhopal and Graphite School Mandideep participated in the fest. The two-day fest included competitions and lectures of eminent poets and authors.

Day OneMs Payal Kapadia, an eminent journalist and editor was the compere on day one. She has received the prestigious crossword book award Wisha Wozzariter. She also held a story writing workshop. A World of Dreams was conducted by Ms Deepa Agrawal. There was a panel discussion titled 'The Titans Express'. A poster making competition 'Kaleidoscope' for children was organised. There was a presentation by students on a World of literary Characters.

Day Two A Rendezvous with Simi, a storytelling session by Ms Simi Shrivastava kept both students and adults enthralled. There was a tête-à-tête with Ms Ritu Lalit.  Mr Arghya Kamal Mitra discussed how to read a film. A poetry writing and poetry slam was spearheaded by Shri Nishant Upadhyay, an editor and a poet known for his fiery recitations and bold choice of words. There was canvassing the book which the students like the best–My book is the best. Apart from the competitions, there was a book fair and literary games zone for the students. Experts told the students that books are your best friends; always keep a book by the bedside and should have a book library at home. Students were encouraged to write poems to voice their opinion to the world. 


Graphite School: Teachers Orientation Programme

Two days teachers orientation programme was conducted in school on June 14-15, 2018. The programme's focus was on Personal Effectiveness of the Teachers.

The training was conducted by the school Principal Smt Vinita Mishra in the school. During the course of the training, she asked the teachers to be proactive and stay updated with all new methodologies of teaching. She also asked them to pay importance to self awareness. Teachers were trained on how to use art in their teaching and make learning enjoyable for the students. They were also given life skill training so that they could incorporate it while teaching and mould students in a manner that they are smart and become academically sound. 

Graphite School: International Yoga Day

International Yoga Day Was celebrated in school on June 21, 2018. The day marked the awareness of the importance of the yoga as the most powerful unifying force in the world which helps the heart to be joyous, intellect sharp and body healthy and makes a path for an individual from illness to wellness. Students were told that yoga is considered a remarkable scientific system to remain fit. The celebration of Yoga Day in school included chanting of "OM" followed by Surya Namaskar and a lecture on the need and benefits of yoga for all the human beings. Students were asked to take a pledge to include yoga in their daily life and remain fit, energetic, fresh and active in their life.

Graphite School: Parents Orientation Programme

In the quest to provide education to the students, Graphite Higher Secondary School, Mandideep, organised an orientation programme for parents of children of classes V to X, on March 28, 2018. This was done to familiarise the parents with the curriculum. Under the guidance of principal Ms Vinita Mishra, Ms Uma Parashar, Ms Neeta Bansali and Mr Manoj Richhariya, a brief was shared with the parents about the new examination pattern for the new academic session.The importance of being regular to school, the aim and the interest of students in subjects was discussed. Guidelines of rules and regulations of the school, teaching methodology and the co-scholastic activities were part of the brief. Problems faced during transition period from primary to middle school were discussed with the parents. Parents also came  forward and put forth their experiences and problems that they face. Teachers assured them and gave worthy suggestions for easier and better transition. A contact number was provided to the parents to share their suggestions and queries with the higher authorities of the school. 

Graphite School: Participation in Workshop on Science

A workshop on science (Chemistry) was held on June 22-23, 2018, at Fr. Agnel Co-Ed Sr. Sec School, Gandhi Nagar, Bhopal. The workshop was conducted by Dr Brijesh Pare. Smt. Divya Sharma, Head of the Department of Chemistry, Graphite School, attended the workshop. In the workshop, a module of Active Learning Techniques of Chemistry was presented and the emphasis was on the chemical equations and chemistry practicals.


VKV-Hurda: CBSE Results 2018

This year three students cleared NEET (Medical Entrance Examination) and got admission in Government  Medical Colleges.  Two students were selected in NIT,  One student in IIT (Engineering)  and seven  Alumni ‘s have completed Chartered Accountancy.


This year four students have cleared Medical Entrance NEET 2018 and got admission in Government Medical Colleges.

1.    Divij Gupta – Government Medical College Udaipur;

2.    Anshika Jain – Government Medical College Bhilwara

3.    Prashant Tailor – Government Medical College Ajmer

4.    Shakir Parvej – Government Medical College Kogta

Two students were selected in IIT and in  NIT:

1) Vikas Choudhary – IIT Dhanbad, 2) Arihant Lodha – NIT Jaipur, 3) Harshit Jain – NIT Bhopal

Seven students cleared C.A. Finals:

1) Akhil Baser, 2) Ashwin Jain, 3) Neha Nawal, 4) Sunny Dhuper, 5) Surbhi Taori, 6) Vishal Kabra, 7) Piyush Dhuper

VKV-Hurda: Air Weapon Shooting Competition

An Air Weapon Shooting Competition was held in Bhilwara district, 60 students from different schools had participated in the competition. Out of 33 students from Vivekananda Kendra Vidyalaya, Hurda, 12 students won gold medal, 12 students won silver medal and 9 students won bronze medals and made whole school proud. It is also a matter of great pride that Farheen Khan, Class XII, who had participated in the 17th State Open Championship, was the Gold Medalist and has qualified for the Nationals.

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