Letter from Editor-in-Chief

Letter from Editor-in-Chief

Dear Friends,

It gives me immense delight in sharing a plethora of activities in the last quarter between October and December of 2018. Without a doubt, the festive fervor is at its peak given the number of festivals that we tend to celebrate during this period ranging from Navratri, Durga Puja, Diwali to Christmas and New Year.

I am honored to be entrusted with a magazine that has broken so much ground in the past couple of years. Opinion is a publication that doesn’t just report on developments; it stands for something. We embrace the idea that business serves a purpose in our world that goes beyond dollars and cents, and that a responsible and sustainable enterprise can be a vehicle for progress. We believe these higher goals don’t contradict the quest for profitability. On the contrary, we are convinced businesses that reflect and embody them will be tomorrow’s leaders.

Now that we've begun to change, we will also hope to continue to evolve and have good idea on how to proceed. In guiding the editorial team in the choices, we have to make, we ask our readers to help us to explore new ways to make the journal useful: please share your ideas and thoughts with us. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

I truthfully hope that you will find this and future issues of interest, and that you will enjoy and benefit from reading the publication at least as much I have in the past.

Sudhir Sood

Editorial Team

Editor-in-Chief: Sudhir Sood

Copy Editor: U. Padma Latha

Editorial Board:

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  • S.C. Garg
  • Manish Gulati
  • Rakesh Mahajan
  • Sanjay Sharma
  • Mohit Maheshwari
  • Jyoti Gupta




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