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Rishabhdev: Quarterly Review Meeting

A Review meeting for the quarter ended on July-September, 2018  was held on 12th & 13th October, 2018 at Rishabhdev unit. After seeing and analysing the performance of each department, the COO in the concluding session, appreciated their efforts for achievements in this quarter. He has also advised for concentrating on the areas where target was not achieved so that in next quarter results would get better from the current quarter.

Rishabhdev: Supervisory Development Programme

On 14th November, 2018, Supervisory Skill Development programme was organized at Rishabhdev unit. Mr. Siraj Delhve from Enhancing HR, Udaipur was the faculty of this programme and it was attended by 21 staff members at Supervisory level. The programme received a good response from the participants and the staff learned lot of new skills in terms of supervision.

Rishabhdev: Learning Session on Udaan Programme

The participant team of Udaan programme at Rishabhdev unit conducted a learning session on 12th November, 2018 for executive & above staff. The team headed by Shri R. S. Naidu – Sr. GM (Technical) briefed about the things & knowledge they learnt from the workshops being conducted every month. He also said that this type of workshops & training helps staff for bigger and responsible roles in an organisation. 

Rishabhdev: Worker Development Workshop

A workshop on 'Attitudinal Change & Good Workmanship' by CBWE, Udaipur was conducted for workers at Rishabhdev unit on  29th & 30th November, 2018. Shri K. S. Yadav, Regional Director & Shri Puneet Gautam, Sr. Education Officer took the classes during the workshop. All the participants were observed highly appreciative of the programme and they learned so many good things which can change and improve their life. 

Lodha: Training Programme for Khaata Masters

At Lodha unit, Shri K. S. Yadav, Regional Director, CBWE (Central Board of Workers Education), Udaipur and Shri J. J. Patel, EO conducted a training program on Quality of Life for Khaata Masters. Total 45 masters participated in the programme. The training was very much appreciated by the participants and the session concluded with an assurance that management shall repeat such programs at a regular time interval for them. 

Lodha: Mock Drill Session

A Mock Drill takes place in every 6 months and as per the requirement of the certificate. In 2018, second Mock drill took place on 28th November in the presence of Security department, Safety department and all the concerned people. This mock drill is very much important for every plant as it helps to make the people and surroundings more aware about the emergencies like Fire & Safety procedures. RSWM maintains the safety standard for its workers and staff. The mock drill is essential to create trust, panic free and healthy atmosphere in any of the organisation. The drill was conducted by our safety officer Shri Satyendra Singh Solanki which was well received.

Mandpam: Training on Industrial Safety

A training programme on Industrial Safety was organized by the Mandpam unit on 29th October, 2018. The main objective behind this programme was to clarify the role of industrial safety and how much it is important in day to day working. Shri Anil Kumar (Executive – Fire & Safety) was the faculty for this training programme and he executed it really well.

Kharigram: Workshop on Quality Life by CBWE

A two days workshop on 'Quality of Life' was held at Rishabhdev unit on 11th & 12th October, 2018. Twenty workers of village Delwas along with their spouse attended the programme which was conducted by Shri K. S. Yadav, Regional Director & Shri Punit Goutam from CBWE, Udaipur. The workshop had sessions on various topics related to their family life, personal life and work life. Shri K. B. Khatod, COO and other senior officers were present in the concluding session.

Kharigram: Training on Asset Management

A two-day long external training programme on “Asset management” was organised at Kharigram unit, in which identified Staff members of RSWM Group units were attended present. Shri Ashok Kapoor (BSI), provided training cum Awareness session on Implementation of Asset Management which was followed by Questionnaire and discussions.

Kharigram: Workshop on Bearing

A workshop on “Bearing” was organised at Kharigram on 17th October, 2018. The professionals of NRB Bearings explained about various applications of Bearings and their Maintenance etc. During this session, engineers came with various day to day practical issues in machines and got expert's comments on the same. Participants from Maintenance, Engineering and Purchase department got benefited from this workshop.

Kharigram: First Aid Training

A three days training programme on “First Aid” from 12th November, 2018 was organised in Manav Vikas Kendra under coordination of Shri Dileep Chourasia. The Deputy Manager-Safety. Col K. D. Upadhyaya from Indian Red Cross Society (Ajmer), provided training to 62 employees of Kharigram unit. He covered treatment techniques for Electric Shock , Unconscious patient, Poisoning victim treatment, Respiration and Asphyxia, Burns and Scalds treatment, Different types of body fractures, Dressing and Bandages to the injured person etc. After the training, a written exam was also conducted in order to provide certificates to First Aiders.

Kharigram: Training Programme on Performance Leadership

A learning session on Performance Leadership was conducted on 29th November, 2018 at Kharigram unit. The participants of “Udaan” from Kharigram explained & shared various techniques to understand self-approach & how to deliberate with team in terms of a good Supervisor, Manager and Leader. All HODs & Section in-charges participated in this experience sharing programme. During the programme, an open discussion cum interaction session with respect to practical aspects of this topic was also conducted which was very interesting.

Kharigram: Emergency Fire & Mock Drill

An Emergency Fire & Mock drill was conducted at Workers’ dormitory area on 26th December, 2018 under the supervision of the Safety Officer, Shri Dileep Chourasia. The emergency was declared and response of various individuals and groups were recorded for further analysis and improvement.Taking clue from the readiness and alertness response in the mock drill, Safety Officer imparted “on the spot” training regarding handling of fire extinguishers, hydrants, safe use of Cooking Gas Cylinder and preventive controls to avoid accidents.

Kharigram: Training Programme on Social Accountability

A training programme on Social Accountability (SA 8000:2014) was organised on 15th December, 2018 in Gyan Mandir, Kharigram. Mr. K. P. Mishra from Shreya Consultancy provided training to 28 employees of Kharigram unit. He focused on all major aspects of Social Accountabilty, Roles & Responsibility of SPT Members, Process of Internal Audit, Risk Assessment, Compliances etc. HODs, Section Heads and SPT Members of the unit got benefited from this programme.

HEG: Workshop on Conflict Management

In an ongoing process of Talent Management, HR-L&D organized a workshop on Conflict Management for IDP participants where they understood the process of limiting the negative aspects of conflict and increasing the positive aspects of conflict & also understand the aim of conflict management to enhance learning and group outcomes, including effectiveness or performance in an organizational setting. The session was conducted by Sh. Rajeev Agrawal, who himself owns his business in nearby industrial area; hence he could add his own insights and valuable practical inputs to make the session more lively. The workshop was very much useful and essential for everyone which would help in their daily worklife.

HEG: Awareness Session on WBP & POSH

Timely refreshers in Organization’s Policy and Code of Conduct are necessary for employees to stay in touch with updates and have awareness about dos & don’ts, also equipped with better information employees can be more engaged and contributing their part in business growth. HR L&D conducted a session on Plant Policies with Female Staff, to make them aware of their rights and duties. The session covered awareness about Whistle Blower Policy and Policy on Sexual Harassment in Plant, which is very much necessary for all the employees.

HEG: Creativity & Innovation Session

The parameter which separates a successful organization from the rest over a period of time is its focus on creativity & innovation. We in HEG are committed to leverage our core-competence of creativity to enhance value to our customers, shareholders, employees & society.

HR L&D while contributing its part organizes refresher sessions on Creativity & Innovation on regular interval. One such session was conducted for our Managers/Section Heads as a part of their development program, where apart from activities they were given tips on improving abilities to observe things and apply reasoning, to put spotlight on problems rather than to hide them, so that solutions can be obtained from different perspectives also. The session was successful & appreciated by the seniors, also taking advantage of momentum HR-L&D conducted workshop on Creativity through utilizing internal resources.

HEG: Awareness on Health Insurance Policy

Health Insurance is a part of “Personal Insurance and General Insurance”. The medical insurance or medi-claim policy is very well known in India. There are lots of companies which have been offering the cheap medi-claim policies in India. Health Insurance covers medical treatment, in case of illness and accidents. Get good medical care without worrying about expensive treatment. In a narrow sense would be an individual or a group purchasing health care coverage in advance by paying a fee called premium.

A Health awareness session was organized on 12th December, 2018 by Mr. Mohit Suri (AVP-Prudent-Delhi). In this session employees understood Comprehensive Plans for Individuals & Family with Direct Claim Settlements, Cashless Facility & Assured Renewal for Life. The session was an eye opener for all and now, they know the value of Health Insurance policy in their life.

HEG: State Industrial Safety Day

State Industrial Safety Day was celebrated in HEG Ltd from 3rd to 6th December, 2018. All the employees including contractual workmen participated in various activities like PPE’s Exhibition, Tool Box Talk, Safety Trainings and Mock Drill with great enthusiasm. They learned new safety techniques during this drive. The safety day was a successful campaign and appreciated by all the employees as they have to face all the risky and dangerous mechanical or electrical work in the plant premises. 

ADHPL: Actual Fire Drill Report

A fire broke out on 10th December, 2018 at 06:30 pm near gate No.1 of Monal Enclave, ADHPL colony on the downward slope in the forest area. The villagers had dumped their household garbage in the forest area near gate No.1 of Monal Enclave and some miscreants put it on fire. The EHS&S team after receiving the information of fire, activated the ENRP and with G4 Security personnel rushed to the spot and doused the fire with the help of fire extinguishers at first and then with the water from the nearby supply line. They got full control on fire after sometime and no casuality took place during this incident.

Udaan Workshop on Business Simulation

In continuation to our UDAAN initiative, the second workshop on “Business Simulation” was organized at Udaipur on 15th-16th October and 17th-18th October for both the groups i.e. Shikhar & Gagan. The key learning in Business Simulation workshop was to give an insight of finance role in running business. Also how non finance and line managers can hone their skills in finance and business.

At the end of workshop both the groups were given projects which needs to be completed. A face to face coaching sessions was also organized post workshop to strengthen & validate the learning’s during the workshop.

To be continued....

HO: Meditation – The Ultimate Medication Workshop (MUM)

To rejuvenate the staff of HO, a Meditation – The Ultimate Medication (MUM) workshop of 1 hour 30 minutes was organised on 11th December, 2018. The session was focused on stress reduction and relaxation of mind which supported in experiencing the power of deep, easeful breathing to quiet our mind and bring it to the rest in the heart. This workshop gave the participants an insight and a brief experience how this shift in mindset and consciousness level can and has indeed taken place using meditative practices, not only for individual well being but also for deep transformational change. 

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