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Importance of Staying Calm - Maintaining a Work-Life Balance and Not Burning Out

Calm is scarce commodity. This has always been true, but now even more so in our overstimulated, work-life-(un)balanced world where lines blur and stress reigns supreme, the ability to be level headed when others are not, to be clam in a world that is anything but, is a big attribute.

Nearly all of us, could use a little calmer in our lives. But the fact is that we’re often so busy trying to get ahead, or just above water, that de-stressing becomes something we’ll eventually get to as opposed to something we do more regularly. If you don’t make time to clam, then your productivity will decrease, and you’ll actually end up falling behind. So, what should you do? Spend five minutes of quiet time in the morning. Sit somewhere where you can be alone and focus on the world around you, not the interior one.

The first thing you do is get out of your thinking mind. The thinking mind is the gas. It’s the stress, it’s the worry. When you get out of your thinking mind, you go into this other place, where you focus on any sound you hear. The sound of the heating system, traffic outside or voices in the background. When you’re through, you’ll notice that your heart rate has slowed down, your breathing has slowed down, and your muscles are loosened.

With balancing work life, home life, and personal time becoming an increasingly more difficult juggling act for the average person, that five-minute investment can reap incredible dividends, allowing us to set aside the necessary time and mental energy we need to for both our work and home lives, while avoiding burning out.

Also, people are not in charge of their devices – like mobile phones and laptops. Theses devices have become leashes and are in charge of people. If you allow yourself to be attached to an electronic device, that’s your choice. But it will burn you out because you’ve become enslaved to it.

Self-care is like being on an airplane and making sure the oxygen mask goes on your face before your child’s. Daily exercising, eating well, mindfulness - prioritize these things, and remember - the balance is inside/out not outside/in.


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