School Events

VKV-Hurda: Science Exhibition

On 15th December 2018 and 18th December 2018, Science exhibition was organized at VKV, Hurda School in two Groups. In the first Group, students of class VII to XII participated and in second Group, students of class III to VI participated with great enthusiasm. The students prepared Projects and Working Models on different topics for this science exhibition and some of them were really innovative which was great to see. The exhibition was a great learning experience for students in terms of overall growth and understanding of the new technology and concepts being discovered in today's scientific world.

VKV-Hurda: Art Integrated Maths Rangoli Competition

An Art Integrated Maths Rangoli Competition was organised On December 10th 2018 for the students of VKV, Hurda school. In this competition 35 students of class X participated and made different kinds of drawing by using mathematics signanges and terms, which was a unique concept for the students and they enjoyed a lot with this new learning approach. This kind of learning approaches enhances the skills and creativity in student’s mind through which he/she can understands things easily, said the faculties of the school.

VKV-Hurda: National Level Selection in Basketball

We are really happy to inform you all that Kartikey Agrawal of Class VIII and Monika Rathore of Class XII (Science) are selected for the National Basketball Tournament. Congratulations to students! We're so proud on our students for their countless hours of hard work and focus that they have put into finishing the competition on a high note. Both of them worked hard for the tournament and did it! May hopes and dreams become reality for our students in the National level competitions, said LNJ Babu.

VKV-Hurda: Sri Ramanujan Jayanti

On December 24th 2018, Sri Ramanujan Jayanti was celebrated at VKV, Hurda School. On this special occasion a Movie on Sri Ramanujan’s life was shown to the students so that some motivation they get from the journey of Sri Ramanujan’s life. After watching the movie, students enacted the skit showing the properties of different Geometrical figures which was really interesting and a good learning experience for their life.

VKV-Hurda: Science Olympiad Competition

In the National Science Olympiad 2018 competition, total 514 students appeared for the Olympiads. From VKV Hurda School, four students in English, nine students in Mathematics and five students in science subjects were qualified for the second level examination which is a proud moment for the school. The principal and teachers of the school encouraged the students to do better and gave valuable suggestions for further level of the Science Olympiad competition.

VKV-Hurda: National Level Selection in Shooting Championship

On the National Level selection in 64th SGFI National Shooting Championship (Indore), 177 Peep Sight Air Rifle, Ms Anjali Gurjar of class VIII have secured First position in All India CBSE with total score of 375 and 27th position at all India level. The principal and school staff were really happy and excited about the National level selection in shooting competition.

LNJ Babu was swelled with pride on this achievement and given his heartiest congratulations and best wishes to Ms Anjali Gurjar for countless hours of hard work and focus she had put in the national level competiton and blessed her for the continued success. 

VVV-Maral: Nimar Sahodaya Football Championship

Vivekanand Vidya Vihar Maral Sarovar students stole the show by making it a day to imprint in golden letters by winning 3 championships of the four categories open for competition in CBSE inter school Nimar Sahodaya football championship. School teams became winners of U-14 Boys, U-14 Girls and U-19 Girls categories. The three trophies won by our students out of four on stake, gave proud and memorable moments to VVV Maral Sarovar Family. The students of school are ecstatic of these victories and their teachers proud. The efforts of their mentor Jyoti Karma, Nilesh Gawadekar and expert training by Mohan Kuwar Sir from Maral Overseas Ltd. paid well and enabled the players to write this golden history for school success.

VVV-Maral: Nimar Sahodaya Kabaddi Competition

Vivekanand Vidya Vihar, Maral school girls won runner up trophy in the Nimar Sahodaya Inter School Kabaddi competition showing their best of leadership and team skills. During the Kabaddi matches our girls had shown admirable sportsman spirit and techniques to grab the runner-up trophy in the tournament. This was a matter of great pride for the students, teachers and the principal of VVV Maral School.

VVV-Maral: Selection in Cricket Championship

TThe two students of VVV Maral Sarovar School got selected for 23rd Sub Junior National Tennis ball cricket championship organized by Viddarbh Tennis Cricket Association under the aegis of Tennis ball Cricket Federation of India from 30th – 2nd November, 2018 at Nagpur. On this selection, principal of the VVV Maral School was really happy & proud with the performance of students in sports and gave best wishes & good luck to both the selected students.

VVV-Maral: State Atya Patya Championship

In 31st Madhya Pradesh, State Atya Patya Championship which is a traditional sport was organized by Indore Corporation Atya Patya Association. In the championship, total 7 students of Vivekananad Vidya Vihar Maral Sarovar participated and 24 other teams from different districts. Two girls of our school Ms. Diya Patidar and Himanshi Patel got selected for State Level participation and become members of the winning team. The principal and the school staff were really happy and congratulated botht the girls for their sportsman spirit and for winning the championship.

VVV-Maral: BYJU'S Discovery Super League Contest

India's biggest National Level Inter School Contest powered by BYJU'S -The Learning App was held on 6th October 2018. All the students from classes 4th to 9th participated in this contest and got the certificates and a three month online course on BYJU'S worth Rs.8000 for free, for their learning benefits. This application will open various avenues of learning approach for them which is a great thing. It will also help students to learn some critical topics in a simpler and easier way.

VVV-Maral: ISKO Karate Championship

In the 4th National ISKO Championship at Indore held on 14th October, 2018, students of VVV, Maral Sarovar School from class III to X participated and brilliantly won total 22 medals - 8 Gold, 4 Silver and 10 Bronze medals in various categories of the competition. Team Kata/Individual Kata and Kumite under the charge of Ms. Nisha Rathore and Ms. Jyoti Karma performed extremely well and won the medals. The School management and Staff feel proud in congratulating the students for this big achievement.

VVV-Maral: Enviro Quiz Contest by IIFM

The Selected students of Vivekanand Vidya Vihar Maral Sarovar participated in Enviro Quiz Contest organised by Indian Institute of Forest Management (IIFM) Bhopal. This quiz tested student’s awareness on Sustainable Environmental Goals, targeting questions on waste management, climate change, disaster and rehabilitation etc. The students performed well and gained much valuable exposure, sharing the platform and competing with renowned leading schools of Bhopal. The participation was followed by students' learning trip to Regional Science Centre and Tribal Museum, gaining much first hand information related to science principles and Tribal heritage of India. Students shared their experience with fellow students and teachers with much fascination about the beauty of the capital city of the state.

VVV-Maral: Solar Ambassador Training

The Solar Ambassador training was held in IIT Bombay on 2nd of October, 2018 which was the part of IIT-B Diamond Jubilee World Record Event. Total 41 students and 4 teachers from Vivekanand Vidya Vihar Maral School participated in this training and learnt the Renewable and alternate energy sources. This was a great learning experience for both teachers and the students about the future of solar energy and it’s impact in the country and aound the world.

VVV-Maral: Science Deliberation Competition

CBSE Nimar Sahodaya Interschool Science deliberation competition was held in November 2018, various teams participated in this competition and VVV Maral Sarovar team contested in the same, putting best efforts under the guidance of Mr Lokesh Patidar our school team won runner up trophy, only half point less than the first prize in this tough academic competition. Their project was on solar energy generation and its mechanism presented through model and power point presentation, with intelligently answered questions posed by the intellectual judges. The school team members Ansh Gupta, Ashutosh Kanungo, Bhumika Sisodiya, Ankit Mishra and Rohit Wakla of class XII got honoured with certificates and trophy. VVV Maral Sarovar family feels delighted in congratulating the mentor teacher and students for their achievement and making all of us proud.

VVV-Maral: Interschool Commerce Quiz

CBSE Nimar Sahodaya Inter School Commerce Quiz competition was organised with 22 teams competing to test commerce related knowledge. Vivekanand Vidya Vihar Maral Sarovar students, Shivam Singh and Utkarsh Pandey of class XI, Monil Patidar and Yash Patidar of class XII performed very confidently and smartly under the guidance of Mr. Akshay Jain and secured second position to become the runner up of this contest & bringing laurel to the school and making us all proud.

VVV-Maral: Exhibition Based PTM

On 15th December 2018, Exhibition based PTM was held in VVV, Maral school. The students showed their parents, learning through displays of projects, charts and models on different concepts. The parents appreciated the work of the teachers and students. They were very happy to see the performance of their wards. Exhibition based PTM was a well appreciated idea exhibiting students’ conceptual understanding and learning depth with confidence.

VVV-Maral: Career Counseling Session

Career guidance is the most important part of students’ academic growth. Commerce students of (Class XI & XII) were set through a session regarding different option available after XII like CA, CS, LLB etc. and how to go for the right option selection as per the students’ interest area. This kind of sessions will also help in readiness of students for future scopes and prepare them for choosing right path to achieve new & greater heights in life.

VVV-Maral: Pre Primary Red Day Celebration

On 25th December, 2018 the tiny tots students became the sweetest Santa while celebrating Christmas Day. The Christmas carols were sung by students and everyone got drowned in the happy festival vibes with Red Day Celebration and internalizing festive association of colour Red. The students in Santa attire were looking so adorable. The day was full of happy moments and the school children enjoyed a lot during christmas celebrations.

VVV-Maral: Children's Day Celebration

Not only 14th November, 2018 is a children’s day in letter, but in spirit too for our students as it was also the long-awaited annual school picnic. Our students were buzzing with excitement when they could finally enjoy a fun day out amid their hectic schedules. Students of different blocks went to various places. The Pre Primary students to class III went to JIT Borawa Serene Temple, Classes IV to VIII went to Chowkhi Dhani Theme Village - Indore and Classes IX- XII went to Adventure Sports Theme Park –Somanipuram - Indore. It was indeed a day filled with fun and happiness, a true Children’s Day in sense for all of them.

VVV-Maral: National Creative Olympiad

The Olympiad exams not only tests the basic subjects taught in the school, these also enhance the analytical reasoning ability in a child. It increases the thinking capacity, problem solving skills, confidence and hence helps in an all over development of a child at a young stage. With the belief that every child is born talented, every child is creative and every child is an achiever, our students were registered to participate in one of its own kind “CREATIVE OLYMPIAD”- inter disciplinary Olympiad based on enhancing creativity, logical reasoning and innovative thinking skills.

VVV-Maral: Diwali Celebration

Diwali Celebration and Rangoli & Décor competition was not a routine affair but a highest level of creative and awareness skill exhibit in the form of thought provoking, inspirational and motivational rangoli messages which are made by the students at Vivekanand Vidya Vihar Maral Sarovar School, giving a deep meaning to the festive celebration. Students participated in the competition with great fervor and enjoyed the Diwali festival.

VVV-Maral: Expert’s Visit For Pedagogy Training

Teachers are perpetual learners and are committed & dedicated to bring worthwhile changes in students' attitude and behaviour so that the learning experience and development of them entrusted is sustainable and class apart. Eager to learn and improvise, teachers welcomed the improvements and review feedback given by Pedagogy Expert from SCERT Delhi on making teaching learning more meaningful and in depth.

VKV-Rishabhdev: Voter Awareness Rally

As per the instruction of SDM - Kherwara and in guidance of the School Principal, the students of VKV, Rishabhdev organized a Voter Awareness Rally on 11th October, 2018. The Principal launched the rally by hosting the flag. The students started the rally with various Voter Awareness slogans in the mill campus and on 15th October, 2018 ‘Voter Awareness Slogan Writing’ competition was also held in the school premises. Students wrote various Voter Awareness slogans and some of them were really inspiring. Next day, on 26th October 2018, a Drawing competition was held for students based on the same and the prizes were given to the winners.

VKV-Rishabhdev: Educational Tour

An Educational tour was held for classes of LKG to UKG at Dungarpur on 26th October, 2018. The students from VKV, Rishabhdev during their tour visited the Nana Bhai Park and Bird Century and enjoyed a lot with great learning experience. Next day on 27th October, 2018 students of classes I to V were taken to Udaipur city. They visited the Fish Aquarium, Biological Park and Gulab Bagh and gained some valuable knowledge about these historic places. It was a successful tour for students as well as for school staff.

VKV-Rishabhdev: Diwali Activity

On the occasion of Diwali, a special assembly was conducted on 31st October, 2018 at VKV, Rishabhdev School. During the assembly students talked about the significance of the festival, how good conquers the evil, also about why and how Diwali is celebrated across the country. The Principal sensitized the students about the ill-effects of Crackers during Diwali. He advised the students to use less/no crackers, share sweets with poor, donate to needy and not to disturb the birds and animals.

VKV-Rishabhdev: Children's Day Celebration

Children’s Day was celebrated on 14th November, 2018 at VKV, Rishabhdev School with great enthusiasm. The program started with prayer and floral tribute to Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of India. The Principal wished the students a very Happy Children’s Day and motivated them to follow the footsteps of Nehru Ji. As it is a special day for kids, they all enjoyed the day and played different games in the school premises. A cartoon movie was shown to students of Nursery to Class II and the latest bollywood movie - Hichki, starrer Rani Mukherjee was shown to students of class III to V students.

VKV-Rishabhdev: Scout and Guide Camp

The Scouts and Guides of the school attended Dwitiya and Tritiya Soupan Prashikshan at Pagliyaji, Rishabhdev organised from 15th to 19th November, 2018. Total 46 students from our school attended the camp with great enthusiasm and they were really keen to learn things which are to be taught during this camp. The camp was an eye opener and full of new learning & skills for students which would be very helpful in their future life. 

VKV-Rishabhdev: International Story Telling Competition

An International Storytelling festival was held in Udaipur by Udaipur Tales on 30th November, 2018. Total 53 students from different classes were taken there to see it and to perform amongst other school students. Two students of VKV, Rishabhdev School, Miss Naincy Jain of class VIII and Pallavi Jha of class VII participated in it. It’s our proud privilege that Naincy Jain was selected as a winner in this storytelling competition which is a big achievement in her life.

VKV-Rishabhdev: Bal Mela

During Christmas, a Bal-Mela was organised on 25th December, 2018 in our school premises. The Students enjoyed it a lot with great spirit. In the Mela, different stalls of games and eatables were arranged for students. Some surprise stalls like - Micky Mouse, Riding and Jumping Japak were the main attractions for the children and the students enjoyed the day with full energy and appreciated the initiative of the school.

VKV-Rishabhdev: Capacity Building Programme

A workshop on Capacity Building Programme on the Topic Gender Sensitivity was held on 19th December, 2018 in VKV, Rishabhdev School organised by CBSE. Total 61 teachers from different schools attended the programme. The resource persons were Mr. Sanjay Tiwari (Head School Education regional training centre Kailash Nagar, Nimbahera and Mr. Sandeep Kumar Lath (Principal Podar International School Mehsana, Gujarat. This programme helped the teachers to understand the meaning of Gender and its related key terms. It also helped to learn Gender Sensitivity pedagogy. It is the first Capacity Building Programme conducted in the history of VKV, Rishabhdev School.

VKV-Rishabhdev: Dussehra Celebration

The Ram Navami and Dussehra festival was celebrated on 16th October, 2018 at VKV, Rishabhdev School with different kinds of activities. The evening started with cultural events and students from different classes wore traditional & colorful costumes and performed Garba dance with great joy and enthusiasm. The programme ended with Rawan Dahan and everyone enjoyed a lot. It was great to see that the students were enjoying the beautiful evening with great pride and got to know more about the Indian tradition & culture.

Graphite School: Fire Safety Training

Fire safety training conducted at Graphite School on 29th October 2018. Total 90 students participated in this training. Students of different classes understood about the basics of fire fighting and their equipments. Practical Demonstration for operation of F/E was also carried out for students. It was a great learning experience for all the students as they got to know that how to react in fire emergency situations.

Graphite School: Grand Parents Day

Grandparents are special to every child. Knowledge of the grandparents is invaluable and their love is unconditional. They are our inspiration, guide and angel who are always there to understand and support the children. Keeping this in mind and celebrating the connection between the generations, Grand Parents Day was celebrated in Graphite School on 16th October 2018.

Showcasing their love for their Grandparents students of the primary section presented a variety of musical, colorful & mesmerizing program in a befitting way making the day a memorable one for the elders.

Special guests of the day were a group of elders from Apna Ghar Bhopal. They were given warm welcome with love in a traditional way by students with garlands, badges and cards with quotes of love made by them.

Grandparents enjoyed the whole day with full enthusiasm. They played games, shared their views and felt proud & respected, honored by their grandchildren. They appreciated the initiative taken by the school to honor them and thanked for inculcating values in children and lauded the school’s efforts. They also thanked the school for nurturing their children as happy, respectable & responsible citizens.

Graphite School: Reading Activity 'Padhe' Bhopal

To develop reading habit among the students ‘Padhe’ Bhopal Program was conducted in school on 9th October, 2018. Students were given books of their choice to read anywhere in the school premises. More than 600 hundred students participated in the reading program. Students were seen enjoying reading books while standing in the corridor & sitting on stairs, sitting under the trees, in the ground & standing in groups in the school premises. 

This program helped students to enhance their reading habits. Students read the book of their choice and also did book review of the same. This kind of innovation, wonderful instruction was to inculcate reading habits in students. They were benefited from this program and pledged to read a book every day.

Graphite School: Girls Safety Campaign

Nagar Nigam Bhopal & Sports Association of Martial Arts (MP) conducted a program for girl’s safety in Graphite School on 11th October 2018. The program was conducted by PRESIDENT OF MARTIAL ARTS Bhopal - Shri Brijgopal Singh, Secretary - Shri Santosh Rathore and member of association Shri Utkarsh Singh. Safety of girls has nowadays become a major issue as girls are at the target for assaults and crime. The program was conducted to create awareness in girls for self defence. There were demonstrations of simple martial arts and how to use them by girls for their personal safety at times of any unsafe situation or emergency. 

Students were told about safe and unsafe touch, dialling 100 for police help, keeping safety pins and hair pins with them for safety and outsmart their foes by being alert, sensible and cautious.

Girls were asked to project confidence and be attentive vigilant to deal with odd situations with strength. They were asked not to venture in danger zones in dark, carry pepper powder with them, learn Karate, Martial Arts and use them at times of danger. The program aided the girls to learn safety tips and be safe at times of unsafe situations.

Graphite School: Rashtriya Ekta Diwas

Commemorating the 143rd birth anniversary of Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel - The ‘Iron Man of India’ Rastriya Ekta Diwas was observed in Graphite school on 31st October 2018. Students took part in the run for unity program headed by the students of school council & school band.

The students also took oath to preserve the unity, integrity and secularity of the nation in the spirit of unification of the country. Thereafter students engaged themselves in reading, writing and discussing about the life history and contributions of Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel towards the making of better India. 

Graphite School: AIL Based Maths Classroom Teachings

A seminar on mathematics classroom teaching was conducted at Sagar Public School Saket Nagar, Bhopal on the 2nd November 2018. The resource person of the workshop was Shri Arun Kumar, a senior trainer in marketing at Eatna Sagar Chennai.

The workshop was conducted to serve as a platform for the educational fraternity to strengthen their existing concepts, ideas sharing and also get introduced to the latest innovations and developments in the field of education.

Two teachers Smt Anamika Mishra and Smt Kiran Durafe attended the seminar and were introduced to latest method of introducing mathematics in classroom. This workshop enabled them to understand effectiveness of activity based classroom teaching.

Training aided continuous teaching skill development and academic enrichment by acquainting teachers with the latest reforms, practices and the pedagogical tools. Teachers did various interesting activities related to topics like LCM, HCF, Integers, division etc. The workshop was a great learning platform for the teachers which will help students in daily classroom teachings.           

Graphite School: Workshop on Safety & Lifeskills Care

A workshop cum consensus building on project CACA to laud the issue of child safety was organised at Sagar Public School Gandhi Nagar Bhopal. The project CACA is a school driven, child-centric, preventive and holistic project that creates a safety net for children from abuses. The project CACA initiates a series of school driven dialogue and behavior changes among all the stake holders i.e. children, parents, teachers and non-teaching staff on child rights, gender equality and child abuse. The essence of the project is responsibility, trust & collaboration among the stake holders.

Two teachers from Graphite school Ms C. Madhumati & Ms Anshu Shrivastava attended the workshop and it was an eye opener on various issues related to the safety of students in the school. Special cell of teachers as responsible persons for developing awareness in students & for safety of students was constructed during the workshop. Students were told about the unsafe situations they may face and the ways to come out of it safely. They were also told about the POCSO-E BOX created by NCPCR POCSO - Act 2012 and how they can use it.

Graphite School: Children's Day Celebration

The birth anniversary of Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru fondly known as Chacha Nehru was observed in school on the 14th November 2018 as Children’s Day. Emphasis of the celebration was to give love and affection to children.

This year the day was made memorable for students when the primary and the middle section students were taken out on a jaunt to Fun City Bhopal. Students of all classes were taken to the amusement park where the students enjoyed the day having fun on different rides. The objective of outing was to bond the teachers and students together giving both the parties a break from their hectic schedule. Students were taken out of the four walls of the school classroom to gain confidence to take on the world. A leisure activity having delicious foodies with their teachers and sharing their views with their friends was a joyous occasion for them.

The senior students were taken to TAWA DAM to see the hydroelectric project of HEG. As a part of an educational tour for them, students visited the Plant with their teachers and minutely observed & understood the working of the thermal project. Apart of the plant visit the visit was an outdoor interactions & experience of the world with expose to the outside world to give knowledge of cultural and geographical dimentions. Senior students had a lot of fun in the camp where they enjoyed the bonfire, danced and did fun activities with their teachers and friends. They also enjoyed boating where they danced and sang to the best music numbers and enjoyed the scenic beauty in and around the the dam. In all the outing was most enjoyed experience.

Graphite School: National Kho-Kho Championship

National Kho-Kho Championship was organised jointly by Kho-Kho Federation, HEG Ltd & Graphite School in Sports Ground Mandideep, Raisen. Madhya Pradesh from 1st to 6th December 2018. Total 28 teams from different states of India participated in the Kho-Kho Tounament. Students played well and exhibited excellent skills during the matches and showcased commendable game spirit throughout the event. The tournament was a huge success which motivated the Kho-Kho players to go further and opt it as a career option in their future life. 

The winning teams of the Tournament were; Winner: Maharashtra (Both Girls & Boys), Runner-up: Kolhapur (Boys) & Karnataka (Girls), Second Runner-up: Kerala & Karnataka (Boys) and Delhi & Gujrat (Girls). 

Some special category awards were also given to two students:

1. Veer Abhimanyu Award (Boys) – Mas. Rishabh Bagh – Maharastra Team.

2. Janaki Award (Girls) – Ku. Reshma Rathorte – Maharastra Team. 

Graphite School: State Kho-Kho Championship

State level Kho-Kho Championship was played at Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh in which teams of boys and girls from all the states of India participated and students exhibited wonderful skills of the game and stole the hearts of all. The tournament was a huge success and some new talent was also observed during the kho-kho matches. 

The students of Graphite School were selected for participating in National Kho-Kho Championship and they are:

1. Ku. Ritu Lodhi - Class - VIII

2. Ku. Priya Patel - Class - VIII

3. Mas. Rajat Chouksey - Class - VIII

All the selected players went to Rudrapur to play in National Kho-Kho Championship. They made their parents as well as school proud by achieving such an outstanding feat.

Graphite School: Health Awareness Week

As a part of the health and hygiene awareness week, lectures were conduct for girls in Graphite School to make them cautious about their health and hygiene as it is necessary for their well being. 

A lecture on health and personal hygiene was delivered by Smt Jyotsna Tiwari, Gynaecologist. The girls were given awareness on how they should keep their body clean and prevent illness and save themselves from infection, bacteria or virus. Girls were asked to follow simple ways to have good health like washing hands & keeping body & skin clean etc.

They were asked to always be careful about having bath regularly, washing hair often, using flush before and after using, wearing clean and dry clothes to keep themselves safe from infections of germs, keeping face hygiene & taking care of skin etc.The school principal also guided the students to lead a good healthy life by making them understand the value of good health and personal hygiene.

Graphite School: Deepawali Celebration

Celebration of Deepawali in Graphite School was a time to discover how one can be more loving, kind, respectable towards oneself & others as well and try to acknowledge and better understand the prejudices, negative behaviour and bad habits to transform ourselves in a good manner.

Various competitions were organised for students in school to break-up the hectic schedule of studying and make time for revelry. Competitions of  Rangoli & mehendi, making greeting cards, diyas, Candles and decorative items were the attractions of the celebration. Whole school was decked with lamps and colourful torans and wall hangings which were a colourful feast to the eyes of all. Students and teachers together worshipped Goddess Lakshmi which added religious fervor to the festive atmosphere. 

The principal in her address to the students wished them Happy Deepawali and told that the festival of lights symbolises the victory of righteousness and the lifting of spiritual darkness. She told the students not to fire crackers and save the environment from pollution and blessed them with good luck. She also told them that this Deepawali they should burn the bad time and enter into good time.   


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