Celebrations and Festivals

ADHPL: Fire Service Week

In order to enhance the awareness about the fire emergency situations, assess the availability of resources at hand and to deal with any unforeseen event, Fire Service Week was celebrated from 14-20 April, 2019 at ADHPL Prini. During the week, long program training on topics like firefighting, rescue & first aid were imparted to ADHPL employees, workers, rescue teams and ADHPL colony residents. Women and children were the target groups during this week long programs. The trainings were imparted by EHS&S department and also by Civil Firefighting Department-Manali  to tackle such emergency situations.

ADHPL: World Environment Day

The World Environment Day was celebrated at ADHPL unit on June 5th, 2019. The theme of World Environment Day was “CONTROL AIR POLLUTION”. The event provided a unique opportunity to raise awareness on environment among the public. The women of ADHPL residential colony, ADHPL staff & workers actively participated in the cleaning campaign from Admin block to Zero RD. Later saplings of Deodar were planted at TRT by employees of ADHPL. 

On this day, a drawing competition among the children was also organized and winners of the competition were given prizes by Sh. V.D. Bhatia. Mr. Pankaj Kapoor (AVP-O& M) and Mr. Arvind Sharma (AGM-Civil) addressed the gathering and gave them some tips to control pollution. Mr. V.D. Bhatia addressed all employees & workers on the occasion and praised ADHPL for conducting this type of activities in project premises. The  Environment day was also celebrated at transmission line offices Bhuntar, Sundernagar and Swarghat by carrying out cleaning campaign and plantation.

MPCL: World Environment Day

The World Environment Day was celebrated at MPCL Unit, Village Jari, Kullu on June 5th, 2019. On this occasion, the staff of Malana Power Company planted 130 plants of cedrusdeodara (deodar) near barrage site. The Plant in-charge delivered a lecture on environment protection with concept to reduce, reuse and recycle in front of MPCL staff members and a general awareness program on environment protection trainings were also imparted to department heads by Health, Safety & Environment (HSE) department. 

HEG: Annual Cultural Programme

An Annual Cultural function was organized at HEG, R&D Center in May, 2019. All the employees with their family had given their full support and co-ordinated very well, especially all HOD’s & Committee members, which was clearly visible throughout the program. The program started with traditional lamp lighting by our Chief guest - COO, Shri Manish Gulati. This event showcase felicitation of winners for their all-round participation in various activities carried throughout the year. During the event, various dance performances, skit, singing performances were given by employees children which was the main attraction of the night.

HEG: World Environment Day

The World Environment Day was celebrated on 5th June, 2019 at HEG, Mandideep unit with much enthusiasm among all the employees. On this day, 30 Neem trees were planted inside the plant & colony premises. HEG unit also participated in the campaign organized by MPPCB (Madhya Pradesh Pollution Control Board) Bhopal to check the air pollution in the area. The PUC check was also arranged for company’s official vehicles which was appreciated by all.

HEG: International Yoga Day

HEG joined the world in celebrating ‘International Yoga Day” on 21st June, 2019 where staff & executive turned out in large number to attend the session organized in Graphite Guest House, HEG. Shri Ramesh Sharma a yoga enthusiast himself, too participate, where he performed yoga along with other senior officials. The session was conducted to promote spiritual & mental well being among employees. The session concluded with the faith that all will embrace this discipline in everyday life.

LNJ Denim: World Environment Day

On 5th June, 2019, World Environment Day was celebrated at LNJ Nagar Gamdi Colony, Mordi. On this occasion, everyone around the world should take the ownership of their environment and to actively engage in the protection of our earth. At LNJ Nagar, the staff along with their family members had planted trees in the colony premises and each planted tree had given a unique name with caretaker. The campaign was concluded with refreshment for all staff of Denim & Fabric division. 

Mandapam: World Environment Day

On June 5th, 2019, Melange unit celebrated World Environment Day with great zeal and enthusiasm. Shri S.C. Garg, CEO, Shri Ashwani Mittal COO, HODs and staff members planted trees in the mill premises. All employees were reminded again to protect the environment by planting more and more tress and to stop the use of plastic bags as it is polluting our environment badly. The programme was well conducted & organized by Safety Officer, Mr. Anil Kumar Bishnoi.

Mandapam: International Yoga Day

An International Yoga day was celebrated at RSWM Limited, Mandapam unit on June 21st, 2019. The staff and their family members participated in the event with full enthusiasm. Shri M.P. Pareek was the Yoga instructor for the entire event. Shri S.P. Yadav, addressed the staff members regarding the importance of Yoga in day-to-day life and how it can cure big diseases with regular practice. Overall the session went well and everyone appreciated this initiative.

Rishabhdev: Hanuman Jayanti

The Hanuman Jayanti was celebrated on 19th April, 2019 at Rishabhdev unit by conducting a Sundarkand Path at nearby Hanuman Mandir. Staff members with their families participated in the “Sundarkand Path” in large numbers which ended with Aarti and Prasad distribution. Everyone out there prayed for well being of their families and for the progress of Rishabhdev unit.  

Rishabhdev: Hindu Nav Varsh

RSWM Staff Club celebrated Nav Varsh -`Vikram Samvat – 2076’ jointly with VKV, Rishabhdev School on  6th April, 2019. The Prabhat Pheri started from the school, went around the Mill campus and ended at Ganeshji mandir. A Special puja-archana was also held in the Mandir and everyone prayed for peace and progress during this Nav Varsh. Shri K B Khatod, COO greeted Nav Varsh to all the present students, teachers and the staff members of Rishabhdev unit.

Lodha: Hanuman Jayanti

The Hanuman Jayanti was celebrated on 19th April, 2019 with full of devotion, fondness & enthusiasm at Hanuman Temple in Orchard. All the staff along with their family members participated in the celebration. The Pooja & Yagya was performed by a team of renowned pandits from Khadagda under the leadership of Shri Dilip Pandya, member of Govardhan Vidhya Vihar, Sanskrit Mahavidhyalay.

The staff members offered ‘Aahuty’ for the prosperity of the group & prayed to lord hanuman for the betterment of plant and livelihood. The programme was followed by ‘Maha Prasad’ after ‘Poornahuti’. All the Sr. officers of Denim, Fabric and TPP participated in this program. Shri Sukesh Sharma, Chief Operating Officer was the Yajman for this poojan. 

Lodha: Ladies Club Theme Party

The Ladies Staff club, Mayur Nagar Lodha organized a Bengali theme party on 14th April, 2019. All staff members with their families enjoyed this special theme party evening. The delicious welcome drink and dinner was organized at the staff club for all. Some cultural activities were also organized during the ocassion and it turned out to be a memorable evening for all the presentees during this well organised party.

Ringas: Yoga Camp

On International Yoga Day, 21st June, 2019, a Yoga Camp was organised for well-being of RSWM Ringas Parivar. Ms. Ritu Mehta from Being Capable Organisation was the Chief Guest in this programme. The session was conducted to promote spiritual and mental well-being among employees. The session concluded with the faith that all will embrace this discipline in everyday life. The programme was attended by Staff Members and their families of Spinning and RPSF plant. Ms. Ritu Mehta delivered two separate sessions each for Males & Females.

Kharigram: Yoga Shivir

Raj Spin Staff Club, Kharigram organised a “Yoga-Shivir" on 21st June, 2019 and celebrated “International Yoga Day" in the presence of Shri VR Joshi, COO, Club President Mr Ashish Kumar Pandey & other Seniors. The staff and their families participated and enjoyed this Yoga Shivir with full enthusiasm. During this Shivir, Shri HL Dhanopia, certified Yoga Trainer from Patanjali Yogpeeth performed & taught various Yoga patterns and given health tips to be used in our daily routine life. At the end of the program, “Emblica & Aloe Vera Juices were distributed to all and the shivir concluded with a vote of thanks.

Kharigram: World Environment Day

On 5th June, 2019, RSWM Kharigram Pariwar celebrated World Environment Day with great zeal & enthusiasm. Shri V.R.Joshi, COO planted tree saplings in mill premises along with all HOD’s and staff members. Over 100 trees were planted in the factory premises. The tree saplings were also planted inside colony premises & in the presence of Smt. Bindu Joshi along with ladies of Staff Club members. All staff & family members were educated to protect environment through tree plantation and stop using the plastic bags.

Kharigram: Hanuman Jayanti

Lord Hanuman is the symbol of strength and energy and to commemorate the birth of Lord, the Hanuman Jayanti is celebrated every year by Kharigram Pariwar. On 19th April, 2019, Hanuman Janmostav was celebrated with great zeal and devotion in the staff colony temple. There was a special Bhajan Kirtan program, performed by ladies & their family members. The program was concluded with Maha Aarti and Prasad distribution to all.

Kharigram: Fire Service Day

The Fire Service Day was celebrated at Kharigram unit on 14th April, 2019. To make aware about fire & safety equipments, an exhibition on Fire Safety was organised in Manav Vikas Kendra under facilitation of Mr Dileep Chourasia, Safety Officer. Shri V.R. Joshi, COO inaugurated the exhibition along with HODs & Staff members and emphasized the importance of fire and safety equipments during work and emergency situations. All staff members voiced their commitment to follow the fire safety rules & regulations at workplace.

TPP: Hindu Nav Varsh

On 6th April, 2019 the celebration of Hindi Nav Varsh was started at TPP, Mordi with daily routine prayer and after that all staff members went to “Bhairo temple” to perform Bhairo Poojan at the temple premises with full devotion. Like every year, this year also “Neem juice” was prepared for each employees with sweet rock candy. All staff members and workers had taken the “Neem juice” as Prasad after the poojan. At the end, Shri N.K. Bahedia, COO-TPP wishes all the employees a shubh “NAV VARSH” and inspired them to work with renewed vigour.

BSL: World Environment Day

BSL Limited has celebrated 47th World Environment Day on 5th June, 2019 at Mandapam, Bhilwara (Rajasthan) with great enthusiasm to create Environment Conservation awareness among the BSL staff / workman, their families and nearby peoples. The Company organized some activities; such as distribution of fabric bags to nearby peoples aiming to avoid plastic / polythene bags and killing / beat air pollution, plantation at plant premises, environment protection posters & slogan competition between workman, employees & their children, environment awareness program to stress upon the importance of adopting eco-friendly attitude and practices amongst nearby residents.

On 5th June, 2019 at 11:00 AM, the program has started with distribution of fabric bags to villagers and appealed to avoid / stop the use of plastic bags & told people about pollution caused by its use. In this campaign our senior officials have contributed valuably and have taken active participation during the plantation drive in front of MD House situated at Mandapam unit.. 

BSL residential children and women have also actively participated in the Environment Day activities such as plantation and poster competition. The Main awareness programme  was started with the lamp lighting & God Prayer by Shri AK Mehta (Sr.Vice President-PD), Shri Paramjeet Singh Phogat (Vice President-Spg) and briefed about of significance of the celebration of World Environment Day established by the UN General Assembly in 1972.

The Sr. Vice President, Shri AK Mehta and Shri Paramjeet Singh Phogat have shared their valuable recommendations for stopping air pollution by our various routine activities and reducing single use of plastic. They said that in order to avoid the dangers caused by the use of plastic, we should start it ourselves, which is the responsibility of everyone.

Maral: World Environment Day

The World Environment Day, 5th June was celebrated at Maral Overseas Limited with a commitment to our nature to augment the greenery in and around the Plant premises during coming years. The theme of the celebration was “Prevent Air Pollution” and while addressing the employees Shri D.K. Mittal, President emphasized the need to prevent pollution so that we can breathe pollution free oxygen. Shri Ashok Akade, VP (Tech.) explained the major environmental effects of plastic pollution and requested all to refrain from using plastic. Other prominent speakers were Shri Rajkumar Gite, Sr. GM (HR&A), Mr. Banti Rathore, Safety Officer etc.

With a pledge to plant more trees and make the surroundings green & clean, an environmental march from ADM Block to the Cooperative stores held and cloth bags were distributed to the customers in Cooperative stores free of cost to create awareness on preventing pollution and appealed all to use cloth bags instead of polythene bags.

Maral: Shri Ram Mandir “Sthapna Divas”

The 13th annual day of Shri Ram Mandir has been celebrated on 10th May, 2019 with special Aarti at 12 Noon and after the poojan prasad was distributed to all. Lot of devotees attended the Aarti and took the blessings from Lord Shri Ram. It was great to see that people are coming and praying for peace and harmony at Shri Ram Mandir.

Maral: Ram Navmi Poojan

“Ram Navmi” the grand hindu festival commemorating the birth of Lord Shri Ram celebrated with great joy and devotional fervor on 13th April, 2019 at Shri Ram Mandir, Maral Sarovar. On this occasion, a “Hawan” was performed, which was attended by large number of devotees including senior officials, staff members and their families. A special pooja was also held at the mid-day followed by distribution of Maha Prasad and “Kanyabhoj”. During the evening Aarti, distribution of “Chhappan Bhog” prasad also arranged for all the presentees. 


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