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10 Beverages Beneficial for your Health

If you want to live a healthy life, you should be careful while eating and drinking. In addition to regular exercise, healthy food and healthy beverages should be two of your important focus areas. As far as beverages are concerned, water is undoubtedly a healthy and safe bet. However, what do you do when you want more options without straying from the healthy side of things? 

Here’re 10 beverages that will be beneficial to your health:

Hot Chocolate- Yes, you heard it right. Hot chocolate, prepared with raw cocoa powder, helps you deal with cramps as it is loaded with antioxidants, flavonoids as well as calcium.

Kombucha- Fizzy and fermented, kombucha is packed with probiotics. It promotes healthy bacteria in the gut that helps in digestion and the absorption of vitamins and minerals. It also helps in strengthening the immune system.

Kale Juice- The dark, leafy green Kale is packed with vitamins and minerals that help in improving bone health and regulating your bowels. Kale is loaded with powerful antioxidants like Quercetin and Kaempferol.

Cranberry Juice- Cranberry juice provides relief against Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) and kidney stones. It also protects your body against various types of cancer and heart diseases.

Green Tea- Green tea contains a high level of polyphenols that are packed with antioxidants which help prevent breast and prostate cancer. It also helps in reducing sharp increases in blood sugar after a meal.

Low Fat Milk- Low fat and skim milk are still great sources of protein and other essential micronutrients. It also contains much less saturated fat than reduced-fat milk or whole milk.

Ginger Tea- Ginger tea is helping in soothing an upset stomach, relieving motion sickness and pregnancy-related nausea, and easing digestion.

Pomegranate Juice- Pomegranate is full of hefty antioxidants and it helps prevent inflammation, heart disease, and cancer. It’s also rich in immune-boosting vitamin C to help fight off colds.

Beet Juice- Beets have zero trans and saturated fats and high magnesium, calcium, and iron levels. Beets help in lowering your blood pressure, increasing your stamina, increasing the blood flow to the brain in older adults.

Coconut Water- Coconut water keeps the body hydrated and provides a surprising amount of potassium that plays an important role in maintaining a healthy heartbeat and regulating blood pressure.

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