School Events

Teacher's Training Program

The teachers' training workshop was conducted at Aurobindo Ashram, New Delhi from 11th to 15th June, 2019. This Five‐day program was attended by 54 teachers and 4 principals from all the four schools of the LNJ Bhilwara Group. The objective of the program was to enhance the skills of lesson planning and implementation of teaching strategies for active classroom learning. The resource person Ms. Rupam Sah, an active educationist and Mr. Ashok Arora conducted sessions on Lesson Planning and Blooms taxonomy to enable teachers to enhance teaching learning quality in classes. The workshop was focused on improving teacher's professionalism, knowledgeable and enthusiastic learning sessions which acted as a catalyst for teachers in teaching and its effectiveness in the school.

Graphite School: Summer Camp Training

A summer camp training program for understanding the science subject was conducted by IISER, Bhopal for High School students from 6th to 11th May, 2019. The program was focused on inculcating aptitude to appreciate the role and contribution of science in the betterment of mankind by interactive lectures along with laboratory work. From Graphite School fifteen students were selected to attend the summer camp program which was a great learning for them. 

Graphite School: Principals & Leaders Conclave

Sahodaya Group of CBSE Schools, Bhopal conducted a training program for Principals & Leaders of Bhopal and its surrounding areas Schools on the 15th June, 2019 at HOTEL NEW INN BHOPAL. Smt C. Madhumati, Principal of Graphite School attended the training and understood the latest updates of CBSE. The topics covered during the training were; Transformational Leadership & Institutional Transformation by Mr. K. G. Mathew, Pedagogical Leadership by Ms. Kala Mohan, Artificial Intelligence by Dr. Dheeraj Mehrotra and True triumph of human life by Dr. Ashok Shah. The training session was a booster for Principals to enhance their leadership quality and to be an effective leader.

Graphite School: Brilliant Performance in CBSE 2019

In the session, 2018-19 students fared well in the CBSE board exams and added another feather in the cap by scoring high percentage in class X and XII.

The Class X Toppers were; Ku. Pooja Verma - 94%, Ku. Ritu Choudhary - 93.8% and Ku. Shristi Pal - 92.4%. Ku. Pooja Verma was the city topper in CBSE High School Examination 2019 which gave school as wells as their parents a big proud moment.

The Class XII Toppers were; Mast. Ayush Tiwari - 95.4%, Mast. Ashutosh Tripathi - 95.4%, Mast. Atul Patel - 92.8%.

The students showed incredible performances in academics and got selected in Competitive Exams of 2019 which were; NEET (Medical Entrance) by Ku. Priya Soni, CPT by Mast. Ayush Tiwari, IIT by Mast. Ashutosh Tiwari - Took admission in NIT Assam and Mast. Atul Patel - Took admission in NIT Jaipur.

Graphite School: World Earth Day

The World Earth Day was celebrated in Graphite School on 20th April, 2019. The program was made communicable to students in such a way that it can add on to the importance of the day and create the awareness of saving the natural resources. The program included the speech on necessity of Earth Day, Group Song, Mime play, pledge and principal’s speech. The song presentation is basically devoted to pay thanks to the Mother Earth for her blessing and making the life sustainable.

Students canvassed the necessity of trees through Mime show. The school Principal in her message told students that it was the moral duty of all to conserve natural resources. Through their eye-catching programs, students conveyed the message of saving trees and planting more trees, not wasting the resources of the earth & conserving them for future and keeping the environment healthier. 

Graphite School: International Yoga Day

A week long Yoga program was conducted in Graphite School in the month of June, 2019. The Yoga Day was celebrated fervently by all teachers and students of the school. The students were told about the importance and significance of yoga and meditation in one’s life. The week-long celebration included the presentations of different types of yoga, teaching the steps of yoga, meditation etc. The program was aimed to raise awareness world wide of the benefits of practicing yoga and the holistic solution of physical as well as mental wellness.

Graphite School: Student's Outreach Program

An Outreach Program for understanding science was conducted by IISER (Indian Institute of Science Education and Research Bhopal) for High School Students from 6th – 11th May, 2019. Ten students of Graphite School attended the program which focused on inculcating aptitude to appreciate the role and contribution of science in the betterment of mankind by interactive lectures along with laboratory work. The program included lectures by eminent scientists like Dr. Vinay Bajpai, Dr. Neeta Kalra, Dr. Sarika Singh, and Dr. Madhumita Mukherjee. 

The topics of the lectures were - periodic table matter, motion, cosmos, apple to string theory, cancer resistance in sight from long lived mammals etc. Some other activities included drawing competition, outdoor and indoor sports activities, movie show of Gully Boy. School student in the cultural activity Mas S. Kartik presented instrumental music on the Casio and girls presented a group dance program which was greatly appreciated. The program was a booster for students to learn and understand science better and to use it in their practical life.

VKV-Hurda: Outstanding CBSE Results

An outstanding performance in CBSE 2019 exams was exhibited by the students of Vivekananda Kendra Vidyalaya, Hurda School in Class X and XII.

In Class X, 1st Rank achieved by Gunjan Jain – 98.4%, 2nd Rank achieved by Siddhi Jain – 97.6% and 3rd Rank achieved jointly by Arpita Sharma & Isha Sharma with 95.4%. 

In Class XII - Science stream, 1st Rank achieved by Suhani Jain – 95.80%, 2nd Rank achieved by Sanjana Agrawal – 93% and 3rd Rank achieved by Sarthak Jain – 88.60%.

In Class XII - Commerce Stream, 1st Rank achieved by Aditi Kabra – 93.20%, 2nd Rank achieved by Aditya Kothari – 90.80% and 3rd Rank achieved by Lakshita Garg – 90%.

VKV-Hurda: IIT & NEET Entrance Selections

The students of VKV, Hurda School with their hard work & dedication have cleared IIT-JEE Advance & NEET Medical Entrance Exams 2019 and made school as well as their family proud. Mast. Aditya Badola secured AIR – 11 and joined IIT Mumbai, Ku. Palak Agiwal secured AIR – 2565 and joined IIT Kharagpur, Ku. Medha Agrawal secured AIR – 909 in NEET (Medical Entrance Exam) and Ku. Rajshree Baldi secured AIR – 11148 in NEET (Medical Entrance Exam). It was great to see that our school students are performing exceptionally well at All India Level.

VKV-Hurda: Water Color & Collage Workshop

The water color & collage workshop was organised for the students at VKV, Hurda school from 22nd to 26th April, 2019 – This workshop was conducted in two different sessions and overall 65 students participated in it under the guidance of Sri Sunil Mumbaian an artist from Mumbai. Students have painted and enjoyed a lot during this wonderful session on water color art & collage.

VKV-Hurda: Best Out of Waste Workshop

A six day workshop on “Best out of Waste” was conducted from 22nd to 27th April, 2019 in which 36 students of classes sixth to eighth participated. The use of waste paper was the theme of the workshop. During these 6 days students collected Newspapers, Old Books, Used Note Books etc. and used it to make carry bags, photo frames, cards, pencil holders and other stationery items. Students worked as a team and shared different ideas with each other. All the articles made during the workshop were exhibited on the last day of workshop.

VKV-Hurda: Air Weapon Shooting Workshop

An Air Weapon Shooting workshop was conducted at VKV, Hurda school premises for students on 27th April, 2019. During this workshop, 66 students of classes sixth to twelth participated with full of enthusiasm. Sri Vinod Sharma, the shooting coach from Jaipur trained the students and enhanced their skills & techniques in Air Weapon Shooting. The training session was really helpful and students learned a lot through this workshop.

VKV-Hurda: Dance Workshop

The Dance workshop for students was conducted from 22nd to 27th April, 2019 at VKV, Hurda School. The workshop was organised in two different groups. One group was formed of classes third to fifth and another was of classes sixth to eight. During this workshop, 45 girls participated and learnt two Rajasthani Folk Dances. Our teachers Smt. Kavita Kachhawha, Smt. Himanshu Bhardwaj, Smt. Nisha Bakliwal and Smt. Mamta Sharma guided the students and helped each other for smooth practice of dance sessions. 

VKV-Hurda: Flute Recital Workshop

The Flute Recital workshop was also organised at VKV, Hurda School premises. Shri Naresh Jangid, renowned Flute player from Jaipur taught ‘Sargam’ on the flute to students. Overall 19 students attended the workshop and learnt Sargam. It was great to see that our students were really enthusiastic about traditional singing/music style and they enjoyed a lot during this flute practice session.

VKV-Hurda: International Yoga Day

An International Yoga Day was conducted from 1st to 5th May, 2019 at VKV, Hurda School premises. Shri Heera Lal, a yoga trainer taught the Yoga Asans & Surya Namaskar to students and explained the importance of the Yoga in one’s life. All the students from classes’ sixth to ninth participated in this workshop with much enthusiasm.

VKV-Hurda: Athletics Workshop

The Athletics workshop was organised from 26th to 29th April, 2019 at VKV, Hurda School premises. Overall 125 students were benefited through this workshop and it was conducted in the guidance of Shri Satyander Sharma, a trainer from Kekri. The students learned important skills of athletics and performed fairly well during this workshop. 

VVV-Maral: Farewell Ceremony

Filled with zeal, students of class XI & teachers gathered to bid farewell to the outgoing class XII students on April 4, 2019. The program themed as ‘Lyrical Bollywood’ and all adorned in the get- up of bollywood characters. Students of passing out batch class XII enjoyed the dance performances by class XI and group of teachers themed on School Life. The prime attraction of the evening were the title awards of Miss EVE and Mr EVE, Miss Dreamer and Mr Dreamer, Awesome Attitude and Enthusiastic Learner. Some interesting and tricky games were played to pep up the environment and give the message of life to them. Class XII students shared their emotion-laden experiences about school life. The Principal and class teachers along with school faculty members wished them good luck for their future endeavors. The Documentary movie was the special feature of the program which showed the glimpses of the year spent by class XII.

VVV-Maral: Movie Show & Activities

Summer Vacation is a special time for children which started from 25th April, 2019 for VVV, Maral School students. Teachers made last day of the school before vacation, very special for the children, so that they would take home lot of fun and memories. They enjoyed dance in the assembly, ice breaking activities in the park and movie show in the classes with popcorn and chocolates. Overall the students on the last day before vacation enjoyed at their fullest.

VVV-Maral: CBSE Toppers 2019

An excellent performance in CBSE 2019 exams was showcased by the students of Vivekanand Vidya Vihar, Maral School. In class X, Ms. Neha Chouhan got 100 marks in Science, 95 marks in Maths and by scoring overall 91% secured first position in the school. Aniket Akade got 96 marks in English and by scoring overall 90% secured second position in the school.

In class XII, Mast. Daksh Kushwah scored 91% in Science section and secured first position in the school. He got 93 marks in Chemistry, 99 marks in Physical Education. Ms. Janhavi Yadav secured first position by scoring 86.8% in Commerce stream and she got 91 marks in Business Studies. Mast. Monil Patidar got highest 82 marks in Accountancy and Shivanshi scored 95 marks in Economics.

VVV-Maral: Adventure Teacher's Training

On 19th April, 2019 Vivekanand Vidya Vihar, Maral School organized one day Outdoor Adventure Workshop for school staff members at Safari Activity Park, Indore. The ‘out of box’ workshop was conducted by Mr Rakesh Jain – NLP Coach. Every moment of the workshop was loaded with good learnings, which enabled all the staff members to take lives towards new dimensions.

Learning from the workshop can be summarized in these points; Remove Ego - It's our ego which stops us to move forward and to make efforts to achieve the goals. Nothing is impossible - By making efforts we can do anything and everything. Teamwork - Alone we can do little, together we can do so much. We understood the meaning of this thought practically by playing team games. We realised that if we work together and help each other we will achieve our goals fast. Give100%, play safe, be fair - This is the SUCCESS MANTRA. These three points are the keys to success. We learnt to imbibe these in our nature. Mindset - We should think positive and have a growth mindset beacuse positive aura influences our surroundings.

VVV-Maral: Summer Camp

Vivekananda Vidya Vihar, Maral School organised a Summer Camp for all the students from 8th to 18th June, 2019. Many Students including other schools participated actively and enthusiastically in the camp. The expert art teachers of the school took sessions for yoga, sports & games, light vocal & instrumental music, Hip-Hop B-Boying, modern bollywood dance, painting, art & craft activities and provided them an opportunity to utilise and enjoy their hot summers.

VVV-Maral: Climate Olympiad

We are proud to share that in 1st Climate Olympiad, our student Mas. Shubham Raghuvanshi of VVV, Maral School secured 3rd rank at national level in senior category. He has been invited to attend 3rd NYC Green school conference 2019 at New York, USA and to receive the award there. This position at Climate Olympiad has a cash prize of Rs 5000/- which Mast. Shubham would receive at the conference. He made his parents and school very proud by achieving this outstanding feat.

VKV-Rishabhdev: CBSE 2019 Achievers

A brilliant performace was shown by students in the CBSE 2019 Results. Miss Dhwanee Jain was awarded the certificate of merit by "KARMA CHARITABLE TRUST" for securing first position with overall 95.2% in Class X CBSE Exams held in March 2019 at the school level and awarded with a cash prize of Rs.11000. Miss Khyati Jain and Miss Madhvi Suthar were awarded with the certificate of merit for securing second position with equally 94.2% and awarded with a cash prize of Rs.7500. It was really great to see that students are performing exceptionally well and really enthusiastic for their bright future.

VKV-Rishabhdev: Classical Dance Workshop

A one day Kathak Dance training programme was conducted in VKV, Rishabhdev School by Spic Macay Organisation. Famous Kathak Dancer Gauri Diwakar performed a breath taking dance presentation. She has been awarded with senior fellowship by Kalavahini Trust, Chennai this year. While in the year 2008, she was awarded with Ustad Bismillah Khan Yuva Puraskar by the Sangeet Natak Akadami. She was accompanied by Mohit Gangani on Tabla, Aashish Gangani on Pakhawaj, Faraz Ahmed on Vocal and Harmonium. 

The program began with a prayer of Lord Ganesha. She explained the students, the origin, history, meaning, taal, footwork, movement in an excellent manner. She tried to nurture and propagate the essence of Indian Classical dance through her performance. It was heartening to see different dance items. She used innovative ways of dance presentation and the entire programme was really enjoyable. She concluded her performance with our national song. In the end, they all were awarded with mementos by our School Principal.

VKV-Rishabhdev: Inter School Chess Tournament

A one day Inter School Chess Tournament took place at VKV Rishabhdev School in May, 2019. In this tournament different school's players participated with great enthusiasm and played with sportsman spirit. This event was played in 4 different age groups; U-11 boys/girls, U-15 boys/girls. Overall 22 players from VKV, Rishabhdev, 6 players from SVGMS, Kherwara and 12 players from Nobles School, Kherwara participated in this tournament and played extremely well. It was a SWISS format event with a time control of 30 minutes+30 seconds increment. VKV, Rishabhdev School secured 1st position in all the age group categories which was a great achievement for school students.

VKV-Rishabhdev: Inter School Badminton Tournament

An Inter School Badminton Tournament was organised on 2nd May, 2019 in VKV, Rishabhdev School premises. Overall 3 schools participated in this event with a combined strength of 31 players. This event was played in two categories U-14 (Boys/Girls) and U-17 (Boys/Girls). It was played in a team format in which 16 players participated from VKV, Rishabhdev School, 13 players from Nobles, Kherwara and 6 players from SVGMS, Kherwara. VKV, Rishabhdev won the event in both the categories of U-14 (Boys/Girls) and U-17 (Boys/Girls).

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