The Friendly Fiji Island – Our Bula Spirit Awaits You

In Fiji, 'Bula' is more than just a greeting. It’s a wish for happiness, good health and the energy of life.

A country in the South Pacific, is an archipelago of more than 300 islands. It's famed for rugged landscapes, palm-lined beaches and coral reefs with clear lagoons. Its major islands, Viti Levu and Vanua Levu, contain most of the population. Viti Levu is home to the capital, Suva, a port city with British colonial architecture. The Fiji Museum, in the Victorian-era Thurston Gardens, has ethnographic exhibits and so on…

Things to do:

The ultimate Bag packing adventure

With beautiful lush rainforests, vast coral reefs and an enlightening South Pacific cultural experience - Fiji is an epic destination for backpackers of all ages. You can make your Fijian backpacking holiday as relaxing or adventurous as you please. Here you can dive, surf and snorkel in our beautiful seas or just chill as time passes you by on a white sandy beach.

Island hopping throughout our 333 islands is a once in a lifetime experience. Fiji is home to dramatic volcanic landscapes, vivid blue lagoons, colourful reefs, spectacular sunsets and balmy tropical nights.

Discover the delights of the worlds ‘soft coral Capital’ - Diving

Stunning green islands meet warm coastal seas with vibrant coral reef cities filled with fish and coral. Fiji’s maze of brilliant coral reefs are now celebrated for their diversity of habitat and marine life. Kids as young as 8 are able to safely discover scuba with programs like ‘Bubblemaker’.

Family Fun

With incredible wildlife, stunning beaches and a huge range of adventure activities, Fiji is really just one big playground. Grab some snorkels and discover little critters on the reef or learn to dive at any of the many excellent dive spots. You can jump on a jet ski, kayak through mangroves or head inland to hidden waterfalls and float down rivers on a bamboo raft. Or simply let them swim and build sandcastles to their hearts content on long sandy beaches. Fiji's relatively small size means getting around is easy, so you can squeeze more activities into each day. 

Unique Coastal Golf Courses Galore

You’ll have no trouble finding a golf course to suit your skill level here in Fiji. There are over a dozen scattered throughout the islands.

Nature – where biodiversity and sustainability meet

Nature based tourism is an excellent way to educate people about environmental conservation. Fiji is a proud ambassador of sustainable tourism initiatives and many hotel operators work closely with national parks and environmental organisations. Make time to visit our amazing rainforests and participate in the numerous ocean-based activities that make a holiday in Fiji truly great!


Snorkelling in Fiji is always an outstanding venture. Our fringing coral reef eco-systems absolutely teem with a variety sea life! Here, you can easily swim to gorgeous reefs directly off a white sand beach or take a scenic boat ride to dramatic outer reefs.


With Fiji’s warm tropical waters, uncrowded surf breaks and waves to suit all skill levels, many find it hard say no to a surf trip here. While most of Fiji’s surf breaks are on reefs, there are a few beaches and surf resorts on Viti Levu where you can learn or improve your skills. Natadola Beach and the Sigatoka Sand Dunes are two beach breaks where you can easily learn to surf with one of Fiji’s surf tour operators.

Places to go:

Chase adventure and culture on the Coral Coast

Coral Coast’s brilliant palm-lined beaches and sparkling fringing reefs are scattered in little pockets along this stunning coast, sprawling family-friendly resorts rub shoulders with budget and boutique properties touting kids-clubs and fun-filled days out on the water snorkeling, diving and surfing. An exhilarating jetboat ride up the Sigatoka River to visit a rural village, riding the coastal railway on the word’s only solar-powered velocipede at Ecotrax or letting the kids play ranger with turtles and iguanas at Kula Wild Adventure Park. Stop by the Sigatoka Sand dunes – Fiji’s first national park to scour its towering slopes for beachy treasures and learn about some of Fiji’s first settlers, the Coral Coast ticks all the right boxes for a great getaway. The Coral Coast in Fiji begins 15kms south of Nadi Town with beautiful scenery of sugarcane fields, pine forests and amazing views of the South pacific ocean.

Denaru Island

Sprinkled with high-end resorts, sandy beaches, and an 18-hole golf course, Denarau Island offers luxury tourism at its finest. Located in Fiji’s tropical paradise-like setting, it’s one of the South Pacific’s most attractive destinations for holidaymakers in search of a little rest and relaxation. Denarau brims with accommodation options for every type of traveller. Excellent conference and wedding facilities with attendant event planners also make it a popular spot for weddings and events. There are heaps to do on the island. Play a round of golf, lounge by the pool or pamper yourself with a soothing massage at one of the island’s many award-winning spas. When the kids have exhausted their pool play, there are kids’ clubs galore and Fiji’s only land-based waterpark to keep them entertained.


Landscaped gardens of Fiji’s traditional tourist beat, Kadavu’s vine-tangled jungles, rocky headlands and isolated beaches feels wild and raw. The Great Astrolabe Reef - one of the largest barrier reefs in the world – hugs Kadavu’s southern border reaching up east to wrap around Ono and a cluster of other small islands in the archipelago. It’s heaven for snorkellers, divers and deep-sea fishermen; a watery Eden where you can swim alongside majestic manta rays, dive colourful coral gardens or explore remote bays on ocean-going kayaks. More adventures await you on land along hiking trails that are swallowed up by dense rainforest and re-emerge at spring-fed waterfalls and secluded white-sand beach.

Mamanuca Islands

Dangling off the coast of Nadi, this string of 20 idyllic islands are one of Fiji’s most popular and accessible islands destinations. Regular daily boat transfers from Port Denarau on Denarau Island and even shorter flights from Nadi Airport get you to the beach quickly with plenty of time to spare for exploring the island and its garland of coral reefs. With thriving reefs, epic waves and a tranquil lagoon at their doorstep, the region is a perfect playground for water babies. Get your pulse racing with a daring wreck dive, surf world-class waves at Cloudbreak or race across the lagoon on thrilling jetskis.

Best known for flawless beaches and showstopping sunsets, the Mamanuca islands can add its calm, clear lagoon to its long list of charms. Snorkelling is spectacular and diving is breath-taking. It’s an ideal spot for novice divers to take their first breath underwater. Even with a bit more bottom time under your belt, the reef’s enchanting soft corals, rich fish life and diverse dives (walls, caves, drifts and wrecks) still has plenty to keep you engrossed.

Nadi - the jet set hub

If you’re headed this way, it’s likely that Nadi will be your first (and last) stop. As the home of Fiji’s international airport, this multicultural town links Fiji to the world. It is also your transition port to other parts of Fiji. Whether you’re stopping off here at the start or end of your journey, or staying nearby - there’s lots to explore in Nadi. If you are in transit, you are encouraged to get out and explore the region if you have more than four hours between flights.

Fiji’s Outer Islands colonial charm meets quaint culture

The quiet, natural beauty of Fiji’s outer islands provide the perfect escape for curious adventurers and cultural connoisseurs. Despite being Viti Levu’s close neighbour, much of Lomaiviti’s seven large islands still feel like a secret. If you’re headed to these group of islands, it’s worth stopping over at Levuka – Fiji’s captivating colonial capital - on Ovalau island. Stay a day or two to really soak up the UNESCO World Heritage town’s dramatic scenery and intriguing history. The thriving reef is a huge attraction. Adorning Fiji’s eastern border, the fabulous Lau islands are about as far-flung as it gets in Fiji. Whilst transfer services these islands are limited, resorts like Vatuvara Private Islands Resort in the Lau group and The Wakaya Club in the Lomaiviti Group can conveniently connect guests to their private island with ease in their private planes to and from Nadi. If you’re one of the lucky few who make it to Lau, you’ll be rewarded with some of the most jaw-droppingly beautiful islands in Fiji.

Pacific Harbour and Beqa Island

This quiet leafy nook, sandwiched between a gorgeous stretch of coast and a championship golf course, packs a big adrenalin punch. With dramatic mountains, winding waterways and the spectacular Beqa Lagoon as it’s playground, the region is jam-packed with activities that will leave you salty-haired and rosy cheeked. Go waterfall hunting on 4WD jaunts into the jungle, zip through the canopy or battle rapids on the gorgeous Navua River. On the water there are jetski safaris to Beqa Island, big-game fishing and some of the best diving and surfing spots in Fiji to fill your days.

When you’ve had your fun, switch to low gear with a round of golf on the championship course then head to the Arts Village to wander the small shops and wind down with a beer and some nibbles by the lily-pond. Perfect for active families and even better for loved-up adventurers, Pacific Harbour is a place to go when you’re in the mood to let loose a little.

Savasavu and Surrounds

Picturesque Savusavu – a quaint coastal town built on the backs of the copra, beche-de-mer and sandalwood trades – is the island’s tourism hub. Fantastic resorts line the coast while holiday rentals hug steep hilltops overlooking the yacht strewn bay. Yachties use this little pocket of paradise to restock and mingle with the friendly locals before cruising Fiji’s remote Lau islands.

Spectacular reefs can be found minutes from the mainland so it’s no surprise that diving’s also huge here. Discover painted seascapes at the Namena Marine Reserve or admire the colourful coral on a snorkel at Split Rock. There’s plenty to tempt you into the rainforest and rivers too. Like a leisurely kayak around the Salt Lake, cool dips under a raging waterfall or a trek into the Waisali Rainforest reserve. On the island’s opposite coast there’s the lure of Labasa’s mysterious Snake rock temple and the chance to fill your bellies with some of Fiji’s tastiest Indo-Fijian cuisine. If you like your paradise laid back with a side of adventure, then you might be tempted to linger here a little longer.

Suva & Surrounds-experience history and heritage

Suva is one of the most cosmopolitan centres in the South Pacific, home to around a third of Fiji’s population. Suva is the economic, educational and diplomatic hub in the South Pacific region. As one of the primary ports-of-call for the cruise liners visiting Fiji, Suva is a great place for you to jump ship and explore the city, learn about Fiji and the region at the Fiji Museum located at the beautiful Thurston Gardens. The Fiji Museum is the best place to do a crash course in Fiji’s history or take a walking tour around the city to check out the small shops and markets full of handicrafts and fresh food.

Ocean escapes and nature based experiences - Yasawa Islands

Blessed with dramatic peaks and sun-drenched white sand beaches, the Yasawa Islands is the quintessential paradise that lies Northwest of the main island Viti Levu. The region is a haven for nature lovers and is definitely a mariner’s dream for an adventurous ocean escapade. The natural exotic beauty of the Islands has earned them spots on Hollywood movie sets and is a popular choice for reality shows. Even if you’ve committed to one island, there are secret beaches to discover, deserted bays to snorkel and scenic lookouts where you can watch the sun slip into the sea.

Getting Around Fiji

Getting around 333 remote islands can be daunting…but not in Fiji. Whether you fly, cruise or drive, you’ll find that paradise isn’t as far as you think. For intercity travel, Buses, taxis, car rentals, water taxis ferries etc. are available on a regular basis.


A 9% Government Value Added Tax (VAT) is applicable to all goods and services in Fiji. Visitors staying in hotels and resorts are subject to 6% Service Turnover Tax (STT) and Environment & Climate Adaptation Levy of 10%.

You can claim a Tourism VAT refund at the airport and be sure to have your original purchase receipt.

As a famously friendly nation, Fiji welcomes visitors by making the immigration process as pleasant as possible.

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