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Group Happenings

Rishabhdev: MD’s Visit

Shri Riju Jhunjhunwala visited Rishabhdev unit on 23rd July, 2016 during MBP meeting held at Rishabhdev from 21st to 23rd July, 2016,  He took round of the plant alongwith Shri Prakash Maheshwari and Senior Officers.

Maral Sarovar: “Shehnai” programme

In association with Spic Macay (Society for Promotion of Indian Classical Music & Culture Amongst Youth) a “Shehnai” program organized at Vivekanand Vidya Vihar, Maral Sarovar on 31st August ,2016 in which famous Shehnai Artists, Shri Sanjeev Shankar and Shri Ashwani Shankar performed.  Shri Udai Mazumdar provided Tabla accompaniment.  Spic Macay is a voluntary non-profit movement founded in the year 1977 by dedicated academicians and students, with a motive to conserve and promote Indian culture and introduce the rich and heterogeneous cultural tapestry to the youth of this country. 

Shri Shekhar Agarwal, M.D. of Maral Overseas Ltd., and Smt. Shashi Agarwal inaugurated the program.  The audience including students, teachers and parents enjoyed and applauded the program. 

Maral Sarovar: Cotton Muhurat pooja

Cotton “Muhurat pooja” for the new cotton season was performed at Maral Overseas Ltd, Maral Sarovar on 9th October 2016 by the Managing Director, Shri Shekhar Agarwal. Shri Suresh Maheshwari, President. Officers and staff members of Maral Overseas Ltd and few cotton suppliers were present in the pooja ceremony.  Pooja of the first truck load of new cotton was also done by Shri Shekhar Agarwal.  At the end of program, distribution of sweets took place.

Rishabhdev: Audit QMS /EMS/OHSAS

The Assessment and  Certification Audit of QMS, EMS & OHSAS          was held at Rishabhdev on 26th & 27th August, 2016.  A five member team in the leadership of Mr.Vijay Uppal conducted the audit successfully and have recommended for renewal of the Certificate.

Rishabhdev: ERP Meeting

ERP Go-live Assessment meeting / presentation was held at Rishabhdev on 2nd September, 2016.  Shri Hemant K.Singh, Vice President - Corporate IT & Chief Information Officer from HO along with Shri Rajiv Bhargava conducted the programme  which was attended by Sr. Officers and ERP team members.

Rishabhdev: ISO 50001:2011 AUDIT

The  Certification Assessment (Stage - 2) Audit  for ISO 50001:2011 (Energy Management System) was held at Rishabhdev from 27th July to 29th July, 2016 by BSI Auditors,  Shri Ashok Mathur and Shri Horilal Soni.  The audit was completed successfully and the Auditors have recommended for Certification for the unit.

Rishabhdev: Village Tour

Village Tour was held  in the months of July, August & September, 2016  at various villages nearby.  Sr.Officers from Personnel & Production Departments along with team visited the villages and have a fruitful discussion with the workers and  important personalities of that village  including the Sarpanch and  Ward Panch  regarding worker related matters like absenteeism, problems, if any, they are facing in the work place etc.

Rishabhdev: One Day Picnic

Staff Club of RSWM, Rishabhdev organized a One Day Picnic to Nagphany, a famous pilgrim place of  Jains,  in two batches - on 4th & 11th September, 2016.  Staff & family members, especially children  enjoyed the picnic  by taking bath in the river,   participating in  cultural & games activities and by taking delicious food prepared at the venue.

Rishabhdev: Pariwar Milan Programme

Pariwar Milan,  a worker friendly activity at Rishabhdev, was held in the month of July, August & September, 2016 at the residence of workers of nearby villages.  In  July month, the BSI Auditors, who came for Energy audit, also participated in the programme  and appreciated this unique activity of Rishabhdev unit.    

Rishabhdev: Quaterly Performance Review

Performance Review for the first quarter  April - June, 2016 was held  on 15th & 16th July, 2016.  HODs of all the departments presented their performance on Power Point.  The COO, in the concluding session,  appreciated all  for their efforts  for improvement and advised for using various tools / techniques, viz. 5S, Kaizen, QC, CIP, `Sankalp’ etc. for achieving the Operational Excellence.

Rishabhdev: Quality Life Programme

A two days programme on Quality Life was held at Rishabhdev on 28th  & 29th  September, 2016 organized by CBWE, Udaipur.  Twenty workers along with their spouses of village,  Kagdar attended the programme. Shri K. S. Yadav, Regional Director and Shri Gautam, Sr.Education Officer   took classes to the participants.   In the concluding session, Shri K. B. Khatod, COO and Shri M. S. Manilal, DGM (HR & IR)  addressed the participants.

Banswara: Birthday of The Executive Director

We celebrated birthday of Shri Prakash Maheshwari on 15th September, 2016 at Lodha.  It was a great function where all core and performance team members along with the ERP team gave their best wishes to the Executive Director by presenting a garland, bouquet of flowers and a memento. A letter from Khraigram team was read by Shri Aditya Sharma, AGM  (HR) and the program ended up with the blessings of Shri Prakash Maheshwari.

Mandpam - Customer Visit

Mr. Simon Hohmann from M/s. Remei AG, Switzerland visited the Mandpam plant located in Bhilwara, Rajasthan on 23rd  September, 2016. He inspected the plant as well as the Kanyakheri unit. Also, he initiated the  business discussions with Shri S.C Garg (BH) and Shri H. M. Vashisth, COO.

Mandpam - Inauguration of New Development Office

Inauguration of a newly constructed Development Office on 25th August, 2016 was done by Shri H.M. Vashisth, COO,and Shri Vinit Agarwal, Dy. COO, Kanyakheri in Mandpam unit. Ceremonial Pooja was performed and sweets were also distributed.

Denim, Mordi - IRANTEX Exhibition

“Irantex” an International Exhibition (Exhibition related to textile machinery, Raw Materials, Home Textiles, Embroidery machines and Textile products) was held from 3rd to  6th September, 2016 in Tehran, Iran. This event showcases product from Textile, Fabrics & Yarns industry.  Exhibitors from countries like China, India, Taiwan, Turkey, Germany, Pakistan, South Korea and Lebanon etc. had participated in the exhibition. From RSWM,  LNJ Denim & Mayur Fabric Division, Shri Yogesh Bhatt , Vice President (Marketing) had participated in the exhibition & presented exclusive products of LNJ Denim & Mayur Fabrics.

Denim, Mordi - Inauguration of New Bachelor Hostel at LNJ Nagar Gamdi Colony

This was the day when the wait came to an end. 05th September, 2016 became an auspicious day by inaugurating of our new Bachelor Hostel at LNJ Nagar Gamdi Colony in presence of our CEO - Shri Prabir   Bandyopadhyay. Before inauguration, Navchandi Paath, Hawan & Purna Aahuti was performed by a group of Pandits which made the environment very devotional owing to chanting Mantra. Bachelors indeed look happing moving to their new accommodation. 

Denim, Mordi - Competitions – Drawing, Mehendi & Food Mania

Owing to the Ganpati Festival, LNJ Nagar Gamdi Colony hosted three competitions. On dated 08th September, 2016 Drawing competition was organized. In which Denim & Fabric division staff member’s children had participated. Broadly we bifurcated it into two groups, one was 5 to 8 years age & 02nd one was 9 to 12 years age. There was a tough competition amongst children. Participants had presented their inner potential & creativity by drawing on chart. It created a lot of enthusiasm & discovered a new dimension in the skill set among the children’s.

On next day i.e. on 09th Sept,2016 Mehendi competition was organized. It was celebrated with full enthusiasm. Every participant tried to draw best mehendi  on her partners hand & win the best awards. A team of selectors had chosen the candidates according to their creativity & innovation and precision (accuracy), and according 3 prizes were given.

On dated 10th September, 2016 a Food competition had also been organized. There was a lot of enthusiasm was seen among the ladies because everyone was eager to make delicious food to win the competition. Infact many of them had made delicious food & presented in very good manner. The selectors were very much confused about to whom the best award would be given. On final day during Ganesh Visarjan, all the winners of above three competitions had been awarded 01st, 02nd & 03rd prize.

Ringas: Plantation campaign

On 2nd August 2016, the District Collector, Sikar Shri Kunj Bihar Gupta visited the RSWM Ringas Unit and took the round of Spinning & Fibre units both along with SDM Shri Sunil Arya, President & CTO, Shri Phalguni Mukhopadhyay, Dy.COO Shri Avinash Bhargava,  Shri Anil Bhandari and other  team members.

During his visit, the Collector started Plantation Campaign  in the mill complex. On this occasion, he addressed all the team members to treat the plants as part and parcel of their life and give equal importance as that of family members. In the message, he also informed that around 30 lac trees will be planted in the whole Sikar District.

Ringas: Bankers’ Consortium Meet

The Bankers’ Consortium Meet was held on 16th September 2016 at RSWM Ringas Unit. Senior officers’ of all leading banks including SBBJ, SBI,PNB, BOB, UBI , Axis,  attended the congregation. From the company side, Shri Brij Mohan Sharma (CFO) headed,  Shri Avinash Bhargava  (Dy.COO),  Shri Anil Bhandari (DGM) attended the meet. Shri Avinash Bhargava welcomed all and briefed about the Unit. They discussed various financial issues related to the Company and they took the round of Spinning & RCPF plants both.

The meeting ended with vote of thanks by Shri Anil Bhandari with proper understanding between RSWM members and Bank Consortium Members. The meeting between the representatives of both sides will go a long way to support the RSWM’s financial requirements.

Bagalur: Staff Club Tour

Bagalur  unit organized one day tour to Mekadatu in two batches on 07th & 14th of August, 2016. The place is located 240 Kms. away from Factory. A total of 25 family members participated and the tour was created a sense of unity, joyful and memorable experience.

Maral Sarovar: Legal Awareness Camp

A camp on Legal Awareness held at Maral Overseas Ltd, Maral Sarovar on 1st October, 2016.  In this camp, the District & Session Judge, Additional District & Session Judge and Magistrates of the district took part and they have enlightened the employees of Maral about various laws and regulations.  More than 500 members including staff and workers benefited out of this camp.  Shri Suresh Maheshwari, President of Maral Overseas Limited also addressed the audience and thanked the dignitaries for conducting this camp at Maral Overseas Limited. 

Maral Sarovar - Rooftop Solar Power Plant

This September 2016, in line with the values of the LNJ Bhilwara Group and its commitments to sustainability, Maral Overseas Ltd has commissioned a state-of-the-art 1.011 MW Rooftop Captive Solar Plant at its Madhya Pradesh Premises. The Solar plant is situated entirely within the company's premises and does not use any Government Infrastructure, thus avoiding any interference from Government.  Agencies or ad-hoc charges being levied by state bodies. Over the 25 years life of the solar plant, the landed cost of power through Solar Plant is well below the IEX, CoGen and Grid, yielding material cost savings from Day One. 

Maral Overseas chose Mumbai based Solar Square Energy Pvt. Ltd., as its turn-key technology Partner to implement a first-of-its-kind project in Madhya Pradesh, where the Solar Plant is synchronized with the Electricity Grid as well as the Captive CoGen plant. By the use of smart electronics and intelligent system design, any risk of harming Government Grid infrastructure has been eliminated. 

Under the guidance of Shri Shantanu Agarwal, Maral Overseas Ltd., chose to implement the most advanced third generation inverters from Solar Edge Technologies (USA, Israel), which sit at the heart of the Solar Plant. 

Spread over 3,100 Canadian Solar Modules (#1 module in PTC ratings), the sophisticated Power Electronics enable monitoring of each individual module and provide a modularity that is 200 times better than the next best comparable technology available. This translates into a mind-boggling 5-6% higher performance than normal and increases the useful life of the project considerably.

Despite working at heights on sloping roofs and during monsoons, the entire project was executed without any safety incidence, thus maintaining Maral Overseas Ltd's impeccable safety track record.

HEG: Quality Circle Competition - CII Indore

Quality Circle Teams Eagle & Jagran participated in CII 27th Madhya Pradesh State Level Quality Circle Competition held at Indore on 4th August, 2016 and exhibited their exemplary efforts through the presentation skills and case studies. Both the teams competed with 12 other Teams in the internal QC Convention held in the plant to get selected for participation in external competitions. Teams were greatly appreciated not only by the Judges but also other teams and the audience for their exceptional problem solving skills and contribution towards innovative quality initiatives to improve the process reliability of their respective shop floors.

HEG: Instant Recognition & Appreciation

In creating high performance work place, recognition is a motivating factor that provides employees with increased job satisfaction and encouragement to perform their jobs more effectively. HR L & D launched “Instant Reward Policy” back in 2013, where any exceptional work / special tasks performed by the employee or a team, is recognized & rewarded on the spot by Plant Senior Officials. This Quarter (July - September, 2016) a total of 17 rewards have been disbursed in various activities covered under Quality, Productivity, Cost and delivered by Operations & Maintenance Team.

HEG: Chess & Carrom Tournament

Over the past years, HEG Limited has not only focused on improving the quality of its products but also the overall development and encouragement of its employees through various games and activities. A Chess & Carom tournament was organized in the month of August, 2016, where over 30 players participated from various departments of plant. The event was categorized as Singles and Doubles. It was inaugurated by plant’s senior officials, who graced the occasion, applauding and commending the participants and the teams to put up brilliant show.

Team of Shri Barelal & Nusrat Ali won the Doubles Carom award, while Shri  Ramesh Vishwakarma won the Carom Singles.  Shri Bhagwan Singh Maran won the Chess Tournament.

ADHPL : EQHS manual released

ADHPL is already ISO 14001: 2015 &  OHSAS 18001: 2008 and going for another leap in the Management System Certification of ISO 9001: 2015. The Integrated Management System EQHS manuals were released by the project In-charge and distributed amongst all the section heads on July 1, 2016.

ADHPL: Sports Meet

Sports meet was organized at ADHPL from September 22 - 24, 2016 (Volley Ball Championship) and September 29 - October 01, 2016 (Badminton Championships). Both the events went off well between departmental teams from ADHPL and MPCL, with commitment and sportsmen spirit. It was an honor and motivating factor for all employees. The winners were facilitated on October 2, 2016 by giving them trophies.

Banswara: One Day Picnic

Staff club, Mayur Nagar, Lodha organized a one day picnic for the staff at Kshetrapal ji, Khadagda, Galiyakot Dargah, Sitalamata temple, Galiyakot and Goreshwar Mahadev at Moral Rever  in two batches on 28th August ,2016 &  4th September, 2016 . Most of the staff members with their families enjoyed with all the locations and got blessed from well known temples. The delicious breakfast & Lunch was organized at the place. Cultural activities and Housie game were also organised during the picnic and it turn out to be a memorable one day picnic.

Fabric Unit: Launch of Cannello

To cater to the aspirational new-age consumers who are increasingly opting for high-end products, country’s leading textile manufacturer, RSWM Ltd.  has launched a luxury Suitings & Shirtings fabric brand " Cannello".

Cannello is a premium segment brand and will be marketed by Mayur Suitings which is one of country’s leading and flagship brand of RSWM Ltd. RSWM is eyeing to acquire over 10% of the total market share in this premium fabrics segment in next three years.

The new age Cannello has several features like tweed for winter jacketing with warmth of Pure Wool, Polywool for all season fabric for Trousers and Suits, Terry Rayon for best high class suits and party wear which gives a super soft and elegant look and Giza Cotton that provides super softness to its customers.

Mumbai Office - Annual Tour

RSWM Mumbai Office had a great time at the 2016 Annual Picnic held at Hyderabad in the month of August. They went in two batches: 5th to 10th Aug, 2016 &12th to 17th Aug, 2016. 34 Staff members participated along with their family members, comprising to 106 in numeral.

While at the picnic they managed to glance through Charminar, Golconda Fort, Birla Mandir, Snow World, Lumbini Park, Ramoji Film City, Salar Jung Museum, Mecca Masjid, Chowmahalla palace, Wonder la etc.  It has come out as the memorable snapshot of Hyderabad City Tour.

Corporate Office: Annual Tour to Gangtok

LNJ Bhilwara Group HO had conducted annual tour to Gangtok from 13th August to 18 th August 2016.

Gangtok is the capital and the largest town of the Indian state of Sikkim. It also is the headquarters of the East Sikkim district. Gangtok is located in the eastern Himalayan range, at an elevation of 1,650 m (5,410 ft). The town's population of 1,00,000 belongs to different ethnicities such as Nepali, Lepchas and Bhutia. Nestled within higher peaks of the Himalaya and enjoying a year-round mild temperate climate, Gangtok is at the centre of Sikkim's tourism industry.

Officials from the Noida office enthusiastically participated in the tour. This was indeed a well organised trip and each and every person enjoyed alot.

BSL: EnMS Surveillance Audit - ISO 5001:2011

Mr. Samar Kanti Ghosh - SGS Auditor successfully completed 1st EnMS Surveillance Audit - ISO 50001:2011 of BSL Ltd. from 2nd & 3rd Sept.’16 and found no NC during this audit. SGS recommended BSL Ltd. for continuation of Energy Management System Certification.

ADHPL: Re-certification of Audit ISO/OHSAS

Re-certification audit of integrated management system was successfully completed. The audit was held on 15th & 16th September, 2016.  Re-certification audit has been carried out by the lead auditor of certifying agency, KVQA. The entire plant has been audited by the top management. A brief presentation on implementation and achievements during the last three years was also given by the management representative in the opening meeting. ADHPL is already ISO 14001: 2015 & OHSAS 18001: 2008 and going for next level of Management System Certification of ISO 9001: 2015.

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