Message from Chairman

We started 2018 with a lot of hope and enthusiasm so that we could put the developments of 2017 behind us. We wanted to continue to display the same resilience that the industry had shown over the last seven decades to continuously get bigger and better. I am happy to report that despite several challenges still looming over our industry, we still continue on our determined progress towards growth.

One of the biggest deterrents for us over the last one year has been the Goods and Services Tax (GST). After sustained efforts by us and other industries, the Government did announce some duty drawbacks in January 2018, but the textile industry was sadly left out of the list of industries which got some relief.

Letter from Editor-in-Chief

It seems just yesterday when we were ushering in the new year 2018 with a lot of hope and dreams. The first quarter of the calendar year has gone by in a flash, and we deserve to take a step back and look at what we have achieved and where we are headed.

The team that works together wins together. The choppy seas we are sailing through now make it imperative that all the engines of our ship fire together in a cohesive manner, instead of pulling the ship in different directions. Inter departmental cooperation is something that we need to make a way of life at LNJ, not a one-off event happening only for a specific project.

Our market facing teams will have to keep talking to our customers, our distribution channels, and even our competitors to make sure they have the pulse of the market. It is in difficult times that a winner stands out, and I am sure that we will prove ourselves up to the task. I am expecting great support to those  from our internal teams so that we can delight the market and keep growing steadily.

Editorial Team

Copy Editor: U. Padma Latha

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  • O. P. Ajmera
  • Manish Gulati
  • Manoj Sharma
  • Sanjay Sharma
  • Mohit Maheshwari
  • Jyoti Gupta




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