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Learning and Development

HEG Limited: Workshop on Time Management

Time is the most valuable asset one can have, yet it's price cannot be assigned. There could be no other better way to start the New Year by understanding the value of time and sharing few tips on time management.

HR-L&D organised a session on Time Management for its employees which was facilitated by Dr Vijay Agarwal, a retired IAS who has served as a Personal Secretary to former President of India, Dr Shankar Dayal Sharma.

Dr Agarwal explained how ordinary people became extra-ordinary just by acknowledging the importance of Time & finding ways to manage this limited resource. He also elaborated on how to take charge of our time which will lead to effective execution, decision making and reducing stress in our day-to-day life.

A large number of senior officials attended and appreciated the efforts of the organizing team.

Shri R Trisal, VP, SCM gave a vote of thanks to Dr Agarwal for sharing his insights on Time Management.

HEG Limited: Workshop on Leadership & Managerial Skills

In today’s era of creating strengths based organizations, where our leadership has to keep aside the common management notion that “an employee can become competent at anything if he/she is trained properly”, and instead of believing that each person’s talents are enduring and unique.

Hence, a workshop on “Leadership & Managerial Skills” was organized with sole purpose of making our leaders believe that each employee’s greatest room for growth is in their area of greatest strengths and thus not by improving their weakness.

Mr. Rajeev Agarwal felicitated the workshop. He also talked about leadership working across the boundaries of department & sections which will help them solve problem and help create innovative environments. This was the initiative of HR – L&D under leadership development program.

HEG Limited: Hydra Training

Hydra Training from M/s Escorts was organised on March 13, 2017 in which people from different work backgrounds including contractual workmen participated. It was a one-day training session that had both Class Room Training as well as On Job Training.  

HEG Limited: Stress Management Workshop

Everybody experiences stress in life, whether it is a short term or a long term. It may be due to personal problems or professional reasons. Stress is not only unpleasant but can also affect person’s health and work capacity to a great extent. Hence, it becomes necessary for us to manage, retain productivity & look after mental and physical well-being.

HR, L&D along with faculties from Heartfulness Bhopal, organized a 3-day Meditation Camp for HEG employees to equip them with tools and techniques for eliminating and suppressing stress symptoms.

The faculties explained how to deal with stressful situations and guided employees on various exercises that can be opted to maintain their calm.

This workshop received positive responses. People requested to conduct such programs on a regular basis so that the employess can benefit.

HEG Limited: Workshop on Presentation Skills

Effective Presentation Skills and Public Speaking Skills are very important aspects of work. Creating an opportunity to hone their presentation skills, HR, L&D organized a workshop for 2 days. Various aspects of presentations were covered starting from PowerPoint presentations to overcoming the fear of public speaking. Workshop facilitator Shri Rajeev Agarwal gave tips on engaging audiences and emphasized on why practice is the most important part in presentation by sharing stories and personal experiences.

A presentation session was held at the end of the workshop where participants were given general topics on which they were asked to prepare and present. Everyone enjoyed the session and participated enthusiastically.

The workshop ended with a feedback session on all presentations that were given by the participants. They learned about where & how do they need to improve. 

HEG Limited: Training on Bar Coding (Traceability)

Working on improvements in shop-floor’s real time bottlenecks, HR, L&D initiated a knowledge sharing session for the workmen & shift in-charges, where they were taught about basics of traceability of our products (electrodes & nipples) during their process-wise improvements.

Our IT team along with Plant Senior Officials developed in-house technique for the traceability which resolved major issues regarding product movement.

HEG Limited: Training on QC Presentations (HEG & TAWA)

Opportunities for development are adequately provided to our employees. Be it through trainings or platforms in various conventions.

HR, L&D organized a training program exclusively for improving presentation skills among members of quality circles. Training facilitator Shri D K Sinha covered various aspects from 'How to Start Presentation'  to 'Addressing the Queries' of audiences and seniors. Participants learned a lot and applied it in QC Convention that was conducted in the month of January. This convention saw boosted levels of confidence and presentation skills of the QC team members that in turn was appreciated alot by the plant officials.

Fabric: Industrial Visit of Students


The students from Classic Public School, Ganora visited the Fabric Division on December 14, 2016.

Students from Std 6 to 8 visited our unit under their Business Education Program. Mr S. N. Singh (Sr Executive - Grey) coordinated and guided them to understand fabric formation from yarn to grey fabric as well as grey fabric to finish fabric.

After the plant visit, tea & snacks were arranged for the students. At last, Mr. P. K. Bhatt (HR Head) interacted with them and briefed about LNJ Bhilwara Group.

Overall, the visit was very fruitful for the students.

Fabric: Quarterly Review Meeting

A power point presentation of performance for the quarterly session July-September, 2016 of Rishabhdev unit was held on November 5, 2016. After seeing the performances of each department, the COO appreciated their efforts for achievements in this quarter and also advised for concentrating on the areas where target was not achieved while he was concluding

Fabric: Supervisory Development Training

To enhance supervisory skills among all staff members, a training program on “Supervisory Development Skill” was conducted at Fabric Division on February 7, 2017. As per our customs, before starting any program, a “Sarsvati Vandana” followed by Deep Prajjvalan is done. This time, Shri R K Choudhary (Advisor- Marketing) and Shri P K Bhatt (DGM- P&A) did the same. Training was imparted by Mr Ankush Kumar and was considered to be a very participative session. During the training, two-way communication was observed. Mr Ankush explained the topic with some experiential learning like games, videos and daily life examples.

Fabric: Emergency Preparedness and Response Training

Emergency Preparedness & Response Training was organized on March 30, 2017. The training was given by Mr Chandan Kumar Mishra (Safety Officer). He explained about onsite & offsite emergency, responsibility of each person during an emergency, assembly point, control room, hydrant line and how to operate fire extinguisher etc.

Finally, Mr Mishra elaborated about the fire and gas emergency separately and procedure to control both situations.

Fabric: Occupational Health Training

A training session regarding the occupational health was conducted at Fabric Division on November 26, 2016 to aware people. Shri Chandan Mishra (Safety Officer) chaired the session and illustrated the importance of occupational health at workplace with a power point presentation.

Shri Chandan briefed about Dos & Dont’s at workplace, safety instructions, PPE’s and various dieases which may occur due to carelessness at workplace.


Kharigram: Poster and Banner Exhibition

To aware people about the Yarn Quality and Market Complaints, a four day exhibition was organised by Training Department. Shri Naresh Maheshwari, COO and Shri Vinay Srivastav, Deputy COO inaugurated the exhibition and praised this concept. This exhibition covered safety aspects too. All staffs and workers visited and gave their appreciation feedback about the event. The COO expressed that it should be done on a regular basis with presentations. Shri Ambuj Saxena,Training Incharge arranged the event.

Kharigram: Supervisors Development program

One day training on Supervisors Development Program was conducted by Shri Ankush Kumar from HO on February 8, 2017. Total 22 participants attended this training program. During this program, he briefed about supervision skills, team spirit and leadership qualities

Karigram: Trainees Promotion Function

To promote and motivate the workmen, a Trainee's Promotion Function was organised by the Training Department. Shri M P Pareek, General Manager, HR; Shri K N Mathur, AGM P & A and Shri Ambuj Saxena, Sr Executive, Training congratulated them and explained about their responsibilities and role of full rate workers. The event concluded with light snacks. This function is organised every month at unit level.

Kharigram: SA 8000: 2014 training

The SA8000: 2008 version will expire in 2017 in our group units. To upgrade this certificate into SA8000: 2014 version, a six day workshop was organised from March 6 to 11, 2017 at Kharigram. Mr K P Mishra, consultant reviewed manual and other relevant documents in presence of representative of Lodha, Ringas, Mordi units. He conducted a workshop on new version for HODs, Performance Team and an Internal Auditor Training Programme for all unit representatives during this workshop.

Kharigram: Quality Awareness Training

As a part of worker training, three quality awareness programmes were organized by the Training Department. Shri Ambuj Saxena arranged the program with help of technical HODs from Spinning and Post Spinning Departments. This will aware workers about quality and production.

Kharigram: Safety Training

In the month of March 2017, a safety awareness training programme was arranged by Safety Officer, Shri Dileep Chourasia. He covered Staff officers of Engineering, Maintenance and Securty Departments. Topics covered in the programme were Fire Fighting, Safety at Work Place, Chemical Handling, Tools Handling etc.

Dr. Naresh Maheshwari, COO also attended the same and advised all personnels to follow safety rules. He also advised to do such kind of trainings for all workers and staff members.

Rishabhdev: Fire Fighting Training

A fire fighting training programme was conducted at RSWM Rishabhdev on January 11, 2017. Shri Kalu Singh Shakhawat, Training Instructor from Fire & Safety College, Udaipur gave class room training to all fire fighters. A mock drill was also done by the security team.

Rishabhdev: Supervisor's Development Program


Mr Ankush Kumar from Corporate HR conducted a one day programme on Supervisors' Development on February 10, 2017. Selected staffs from all departments participated in the programme. The program was appreciated by all.

Rishabhdev: Workshop on Quality

A two day workshop on Quality Life was held on January 20 & 21, 2017 at Rishabhdev.  Twenty workers from various departments participated in the workshop along with their respective spouses of Parai Village. Shri K S Yadav, Regional Director & Shri Punit Goutam from CBWE, Udaipur conducted the programme. The closing session on January 21 was attended by the COO and Senior Officers of the unit.

Rishabhdev: Self Development

A monthly HR activity, Speak What you Know was held at Rishabhdev on January 27, 2017. Four selected staffs spoke on various subjects for 5-10 minutes in presence of large number of staff members who attended. the program. Thereafter, a group discussion on current affairs was held and everybody enjoyed it to great extent.

HEG Limited: Science Day Workshop at R&D Center

On the eve of National Science Day, a Science workshop was organised by the R&D Center on February 28, 2017. The theme of the workshop was Physics & Chemistry of Carbon & Graphite.

The workshop consisted of two parts. In the first part, Science students of local Graphite Higher Secondary School gave presentations on various topics of recent interest such as all otropes of carbon, glassy carbon, carbon nanotubes, carbon sequestration, soil organic carbon of agriculture, environmental effect of carbon usage, activated carbon, and carbon footprint. In the second part of the workshop, R&D scientists gave pedagogic presentations on relevant topics of Physics & Chemistry of Carbon & Graphite; Materials and method of Graphite manufacturing; Usage of graphite electrodes in electric arc furnaces; and other applications of graphite in various fields.

The workshop was attended by the HEG Unit Head - Mr Raju Rustogi, HR / Admin Head - Mr Sanjay Singh, Power Plant Head - Mr Mahesh Gupta, R&D Head - Dr Mukul Kumar, Principal, Mrs Vineeta Mishra and Science teachers & students of Graphite School, Mandideep. Students’ presentations were evaluated and awarded by the R & D Head. All presentations by the R & D Scientists were appreciated very much. Two young Scientists, Ms Ruchi Sharma and Mr Vijay Thapa received instant spot recognition award for their excellent performance in the workshop.

National Science Day is celebrated in India on February 28 each year to mark the discovery of  Raman Effect by Indian Physicist, Sir Chandrashekhara Venkata Raman on 28 February, 1928. For this discovery, Sir C V Raman was awarded with Nobel Prize in Physics in the year 1930.

Lodha: Training Program on Quality Circle and OPEX

Shri Sushil Pahua (BMD) conducted a training program on Quality Circle at Lodha and all the staff members attended the programme. The main theme of this session was "How to improve work through Kaizen, 5’s and Quality Circle."  The Content of the program was appreciated by the participants.

ADHPL: Fire Fighting Mock Drill
MPCL: Fire Emergency Mock Drill

MPCL conducted a tier 3 fire emergency mock drill on February 23, 2017 that involved all project components to test its Emergency Preparedness & Response Planning. The Scenario of the mock drill was an accident of electrical short circuiting in generator excitation transformer which resulted into a big flash and one person got injured. MPCL Fire crew and rescue team rushed to the incident site within satisfactory time limits. The Plant Incharge of MPCL activated emergency notification and response plan (ENRP) about the incident and subsequently real time mock drill was conducted.

MPCL: Earthquake mock drill

On March 4, 2017, Earthquake mock drill was conducted at  La Montessori School. All the school staff and students participated in this mock drill. A lecture was conducted on earthquake, natural calamities & other emergencies. The school children and staff were also briefed about safety measures to be taken during earthquake. In this mock drill, rescue team of class 10 students saved lives of 4 students inside the school building. The drill was declared over after head countings of school children were done. Students were briefed about how to use various types of fire extinguishers.

Lodha: Quality Circle meeting

A new initiative was taken by RSWM Lodha to involve bottom line workmen and staffs in development activities through quality circles. A total 14 quality circles have been formed and more than 75 workers are involved in the journey of continuous improvement. One quality circle named Shri Ganesh delivered a presentation in front of Senior Officials of RSWM Lodha and Senior GM (OPEX) Shri Hemant Gupta on February 4, 2017.

Lodha: First aid training

First Aid training program was conducted on February 9, 2017 at RSWM Lodha . It was a full day training session. Dr Keerti Singh Solanki, trainer demonstrated on how to handle fractures, cures, bleeding and CPR. She also demonstrated on how to carryout First Aid treatment in case of emergency. A total 30 employees participated from different departments in the training session. This training session was co-ordinated by Shri Satyendra Singh Sloanki, Safety Officer.

Mandpam - Training Program on use of Fire Fighting and use of fire hydrant

A training programme on Fire Safety & use of Fire Hydrant System was organized at Mandpam Unit on February 25, 2017. The main objective of this programme was to create awareness on how to use fire hydrant systems at the time of fire. Mr Anil Bishnoi (Executive, Fire & Safety) was the faculty for this training programme.

LNJ Denim - Supervisory Development Programme

Learning & development is a lifelong process. Keeping a view in mind, a training session on “Supervisor’s Development Program” was conducted at Spinning Conference Hall on February 9, 2017 by Mr Ankush Kumar, Corporate HR.

Several topics on Supervisory Development Programs were discussed like individual growth pattern, Kano Model, Product life cycle, Team Building, Tuckman Model of team life cycle, leadership, time management, perfection with effective communication, communication gap, barriers in effective communication, mindset & growth, emotional intelligence etc.

The management appreciated this program. A total twenty three staff members attended this training session.

Lodha: School visit

A large group of  students of Bohra community visited Lodha on February 25, 2017. Students and Teachers were highly impressed to see the plant and campus environment. Shri Aditya Shrma (AGM-HR) welcomed the students. These students witnessed the production process of Yarn manufacturing. Students enjoyed the visit .

Maral Sarovar: Release of School Magazine - Rewa

Vivekanand Vidya Vihar’s annual magazine “Rewa” was released on January 12, 2017 by the School Management Committee headed by Shri Suresh Maheshwari in a solemn function. It was released in the presence of District Collector Shri Ashok Verma, School Principal Mr Sandeep Panat, teachers, students & parents.

Maral Sarovar: Graduation ceremony

The Graduation ceremony for outgoing Class XII students was organized on February 15, 2017 at Vivekanand Vidya Vihar, Maral Sarovar. Class XI students welcomed their seniors with a cultural program which was followed by snacks. Principal Mr Sandeep Panat wished all the best for a bright career to the outgoing students and appealed to Class XI students to do their best so that the school achieves brilliant results in future.

Graphite School: E-Dac Training Programme For Teachers

With an aim to bring a favourable change in teaching & learning system for students, a two-day training program for teachers of E-DAC Publication was held in the month of March 2017. E-DAC is an innovative learning system designed to make learning a joyous, engaging, experiential, meaningful and creative process for all children. This training was conducted by Resource Person from E- DAC Shri Ashish Khanjanche on March 7 & 8, 2017. School teachers participated in the program and gained a great deal of understanding on how to teach students of Kindergarten level and Primary Section. 

The training included methodology of teaching by focusing more on how to be creative & innovative so that the students learn with interest & fun. This helped in grooming the teachers through which they can bring concrete development in the field of scholastic as well as non- scholastic fields. Teacher participants of this training program were Smt Anshu Shrivastava, Smt Rohini Rout, Smt Susheela Shah, Smt Kiran Durafe, Smt Santoshi Parsai, Smt Vanita Upasini, Smt C Madhumati, Smt Deepti Mishra, Smt Shruti Shrivastava, Smt Anamika Mishra, Smt Lalitha Jaymon, Smt Kunda Landge and Smt Hemalata Rai from Primary Section. The teachers from the Kindergarten Section were Smt Namita Dixit ,Smt Anchal Mishra, Smt Shibani Sen, Smt Priyanka Divedi, Smt Neeta Chourey and Ms Tulsi. The programme was a booster for teachers. This may help them to begin the new session with great zeal and spirit.

Graphite School: Masters Trainers Program in English Core

CBSE’s CBP for Masters Trainers in English Core collaborated with COE Pune and organized a two-day long workshop on March 3 & 4, 2017 at Gyan Ganga International School, Jabalpur.

Ms Lalita Jaymon from Graphite Higher Secondary School attended the workshop as a representative. The main objective of this capacity building program for Master Trainers in English Core class XII was to interact and resolve the regular and common problems that a teacher as well as a student encounter during lectures.

Smt Jayshree Venkatraman, resource person focused on how effectively can we use english for study purpose and integrate the use of four language skills i.e Reading, Listening, Speaking and Writing.

Bloom’s taxonomy was also discussed and n number of activities were done to understand it. Every participant was awarded with certificate of participation in the last session of the workshop.

Editorial Team

Editor-in-Chief: Sudhir Sood

Copy Editor: U. Padma Latha

Editorial Board:

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