Group Happenings

Kharigram: MD's Visit

Shri Riju Jhunjhunwala, MD, RSWM Ltd. visited Kharigram unit on 28th May, 2019. In Kharigram, Shri Rajeev Jain, Business Head - YB, Shri Manoj Sharma, CHRO, Shri VR Joshi, COO welcomed him. During his visit, he visited Grey & Dyed units and SJ-11 area to check the overall developments and also inspected the machines. A meeting was also organized with core team members of Kharigram unit & Shri Riju Jhunjhunwala interacted with all the staff members and motivated them to put in combined efforts, determination, passion and sincerity in their work so that RSWM Ltd. will become an industry leader in the market with respect to the future scenario.

Kharigram: Visit of M/s Farrahi Carpet Co, Iran

Mr. Ali Farrahi (Owner) and Dr. Khashayar Shojai (R&D Person) visited Kharigram unit on 19th April, 2018. Mr. V R Joshi, COO & Mr. Sandeep Rohilla, DGM-NPD welcomed them. They visited dyed and grey units including SJ-11 unit. They were very happy with our hospitality and to see our modern setup and commented “Everything is well organised & Excellent setup".

Kharigram: Visit of M/s Golden Diamond Fiber Limited, Taiwan

Mr. Wu Li-Chung from Golden Diamond Fiber Limited, Taiwan visited Kharigram unit on 18th May, 2019. Mr. Sandeep Rohilla, DGM-NPD welcomed him with grace. He visited our dyed and grey units and after seeing the SJ-11 unit, he congratulated us for having such latest and state of the art technology with remarks “The environment is very clean and safe. The equipments are all new and the best. “Perfect”.

Kharigram: Bankers Consortium Meeting

RSWM's Bankers Consortium meeting was held at Kharigram unit on 19th June, 2019 in presence of Shri B.M. Sharma -JMD and Shri J.K. Manghani, Dy.CFO to review Company's performance. The meeting was attended by 11 senior officers from 8 consortium member of banks and 5 executives from the Company. While review, bankers appreciated the Company's efforts to improve top and bottom line. Bankers also visited SJ-11 plant and NPD cell and appreciated about good environment and working of plant and speciality products developed by NPD Cell.

LNJ Denim: Customer visit from Cintas USA

On 2nd April, 2019, Mr. Samir Oueslati from Cintas, USA visited our LNJ Denim unit. Shri Piyush Chandarana, COO welcomed him and were taken through the Denim facility to get him understand the entire denim process. The client appreciated the latest facilities and products of the unit and he was very much impressed by seeing various new products and great working environment.

LNJ Denim: Banker’s Visit

On 30th May, 2019, Mr. A K Singh & Team SBI Bank visited our unit for reviewing the company. Shri Piyush Chandarana, COO & Shri M. K. Jha, GM, HR&IR welcomed them and were taken through the Denim facility to get them understand the entire denim process.

During their visit, the client appreciated about the facilities, products, cleaniness, etc. They were hugely impressed by seeing our various machineries, new products and perfect working environment throughout the unit.

LNJ Denim: Surveillance SA 8000 Audit

LNJ Denim Unit went through unannounced Surveillance SA 8000 audit  from 03rd to 05th June, 2019. Shri Pardeep Kumar Chuttani  audited the systems and processes of the entire unit for three days and certification continues after successful completion of the audit. It was supported by HODs and their respective teams for successful conduct of the audit. 

LNJ Denim: Meeting with Col P S Bhatnagar

Col P. S. Bhatnagar had visited LNJ Denim unit from 6th to11th June, 2019. During his visit, he met with staff members & workers in the colony & factory premises and got to know about current facilities & system provided by company for their employees. Throughout his visit, it was a good interactive sessions with workers & staff members of Col P. S. Bhatnagar.     

LNJ Denim: International Brand Customer Visit

On 12th June 2019, Ms. Rakhi Vashisth & Mr. Sahil Sharma from Kontoor visited LNJ Denim unit. Shri Suketu Shah – Chief Executive/Business Head welcomed them and were taken through the Denim facility to get them understand the entire denim manufacturing process.

The clients from Kontoor appreciated the facilities of the Denim unit and were very impressed by seeing various new innovative products and loved the working environment.

HO: Eye Check-up Camp

An Eye Check-up camp was organised at HO, Noida in the month of June, 2019. The two day camp witnessed many people who came to consult eye specialists regarding their eye related problems. In the eye camp experienced professional doctors provided the best of the check-up sessions and advices to employees on 'how to take care of their eyes'. Many employees have also bought new frames and lenses to change their old spectacles on a discounted rates. Overall, it was a successful and well organised eye check-up camp which is appreciated by all.

Mandapam: One Day Picnic

The Staff Club, Melange, organised a one day picnic for the staff and their families to Fun City Water Park, Bhilwara in two batches on 17th and 24th June, 2019. All the staff members with their families enjoyed themselves duing this beautiful trip. A delicious breakfast and lunch was also organised for all of them. Everyone was really happy and feeling refreshed with their loved ones during this outing.

Mandapam: Movie Shows

Two movie shows were organized by the Melange Staff club of Mandapam unit on 6th April, 2019 (Movie- Manikarnika) and 18th May, 2019 (Movie - Simmba) for making a lively atmosphere inside the colony premises. All the staff members enjoyed the movie show with their family members while having tea and snacks. Everyone liked the movies and appreciated this effort of staff club.

Rishabhdev: Fourth Quarter Performance Review

The department wise performance of Rishabhdev unit for the quarter January-March, 2019  was reviewed through power point presentation on 22nd & 23rd April, 2019.  HODs of all the departments presented the data related to individual departments. While summing up the two days presentation, the COO in his address emphasized the need for reducing the operating  cost and thereby reduce the losses which is a matter of concern. Keeping this in mind, a new concept 'Sahyog-2019' has been introduced for year 2019-20 and 11 teams have been formed. They started working to achieve the goal and to improve the performance of the unit.

Rishabhdev: New Staff Club Committee

The new Executive Committee for Staff Club for year 2019-20 for RSWM, Rishabhdev was officially declared in a function held on 8th May, 2019. Members took oath of office and committed themselves for performing with best of his/her ability for better performance of the Club for the year 19-20. Shri K B Khatod, COO conveyed best wishes to the new committee members. The programme ended with a delicious dinner.

Rishabhdev: Poojan for New Machinery Installation

At Rishabhdev unit, pooja ceremony of new machines, installed in Mill No.2, viz. TFO, SSM Winding & PS Jumbo Cheese Winding, was held on 1st June, 2019 where large number of employees were present on this occasion. After the poojan, prasad has been distributed to all and everyone wished for prosperity of the unit after successful installation of the new machine.   

Lodha: Sakora Distribution

The Utsav Foundation, Banswara is a very renowned NGO working in Banswara District. They approached the RSWM management to distribute the water pot (Sakora), to the staff and workers. During summer the birds and other flora and fauna find it very difficult to have drinking water. To provide them drinking water facility this imitative was taken jointly. More than 75 staff members received the water pots to hang at their houses. The COO Shri Sukesh Sharma, staff club team & management of RSWM thanked the Utsav foundation for this noble cause.      

Lodha: Visit of Shri Prasanna Sagar

The procession of the great Jain Muni Shri Prasanna Sagar welcomed by Shri R P Mundra, Shri Ashok Sodani, Shri Ajay Praksh Jain, Shri Aditya Kumar Sharma, Shri R K Arora and all the officers and staff members along with their family members at Lodha, Banswara unit. The Aarti was performed by Mr & Mrs A.P.Jain, Mrs Mani Jain and many other devotees. All the staff members got the blessing of Muni Shri Prasanna Sagar.

Lodha: 7th Group Safety Meeting

Group Safety meeting was held on 13th April, 2019 at Lodha, Banswara unit. The meeting was headed by Shri V.K.Yadav – CTSC. During the meeting, presentations were given by all the safety heads and discussed working process and fulfill all compliance of Govt. Body i.e. reduce the number of incident cases, improvement in safety culture & reduce the unsafe condition / action of the plants.

Ringas: Energy Conservation Cell Meeting

Followed by Energy conservation week, Ringas Spinning unit has conducted Energy Conservation Cell meeting on 3rd April, 2019. During the meeting, various energy conservation measures like - use of compressed air, minimization of idle spindles, use of condensate water, various measures for conservation of water were discussed. Shri K.B.Khatod, COO, Rishabhdev headed the meeting & Shri Avinash Bhargava, COO of Ringas unit during vote of thanks explained in detail that how they identified many potential areas to reduce energy consumption in Ringas unit.

Ringas: Free Dental Check-up Camp

A free Dental Check-up camp was organized on 21st June, 2019 for Staff and workmen. Dr. Vandana Gill from Viva Gill’s Root Canal Orthodontic Centre, Jaipur along with her team deliberated with staff Members, their families and workers during the course of which she did the dental check-up and conveyed about disadvantage of Gutka & Tobacco chewing. Members of Ladies Club of RSWM Ltd presented a bouquet to her on the successful completion of this highly beneficial camp.

Maral: Legal Awareness Camp

On 1st May 2019, a Legal Awareness Camp was organized at Maral Sarovar unit for its employees by the District Administration, Khargone. The session was chaired by District & Session Judge and other distinguished guests included Chief Judicial Magistrate, First-Class Magistrate, District Collector, Superintendent of Police, SDM, DSP, Tehsildar, T.I. etc. In the camp, the employees got benefited with various laws available to protect their fundamental rights. From Maral Overseas Ltd, Shri D.K. Mittal, President addressed the audience and thanked the District Administration for organising such an informative & learning session.

Maral: Voters Awareness Campaign

Keeping in view the General Elections to the 17th Lok Sabha, 2019, a campaign to create awareness on casting votes by people of that area was organized at Maral Sarovar unit on 1st May, 2019. The workers, staff and their family members were given awareness session on the importance of casting their votes righteously which would decide the development of the country in the right direction. 


Shri V.S. Bhati, Managing Director of AVVNL visited Thermal Power Plant, Mordi, Banswara on 25th June, 2019. On this occasion, Shri N.K. Bahedia, Chief Operating Officer gave him a warm welcome and introduced to all the staff members of TPP. He spent an hour with TPP team and planted a tree. He appreciated the efforts of company towards environmental care. While he admired green belt at all plants of RSWM Ltd, commented that, he never observed so clean and green thermal power plant like RSWM's despite huge amount of coal, fly ash and dust.  

TPP: Solar Power Plant Commissioning

RSWM Ltd, Power Division, Thermal power plant at Mordi has commissioned 10 MW solar power plant (8.80 MW DC capacity of inverters) on 27th May, 2019 in the presence of officers from RRECL, RVPN and AVVNL. A small poojan of lord "SURYA DEV" was performed by Shri N K Bahedia, COO- Power. With this commissioning, RSWM Ltd is operating 21.50 MW DC capacity and soon 1.20 MW roof top solar power plant will be commissioned at Ringas plant. Total capacity with RSWM will be 22.70 MW DC. 11.20% of total electricity requirement will be sourced through renewable energy.

A 10 MW solar power plant at Mordi is designed to operate in synchronization with TPP through duel mode of operation; Auto & Manual. This is the biggest capacity in India which is operating with thermal power plant for captive use. The operational designing was also done by TPP team.        

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