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ADHPL: Mock Drill on Earthquake Safety Measures and Rescue Operation

A tier II Mock drill on earthquake safety measures and rescue operations was organized on June 25, 2019 to check the emergency preparedness, planning and response of the ADHPL employees & associated stakeholders and also checked the effectiveness of the existing rescue and training system. In the mock drill, wherein the situation of earthquake was created by raising the alarm, all employees and colony members ran for the safety, to the designated assembly points. Rescue operations were conducted through the designated accessible routes. The Govt. High School Prini and Civil Firefighting department actively participated in the mock drill. All ADHPL departments participated in the mock drill enthusiastically and made the mock drill a success.

ADHPL: 2nd EQHS Management Review Committee Meeting

The 2nd EQHS management review committee meeting of IMS for the certification year 2018-19 was held in April 2019, at ADHPL Prini. All section in-charges (committee members) presented the EQHS performance of their departments in MRCM. The observations of the EQHS audit were discussed in detail in the meeting.

ADHPL: 3rd EQHS Internal Audit

The 3rd EQHS internal audit of IMS for the certification year 2018-19 was conducted from 28th to 31st May, 2019. The internal audit of integrated management system was carried out clause wise by trained internal auditors. In this audit, clause Nos. 8.5.1 to 10.2.2 were audited through all departments. Some minor observations were recorded during the audit process by the auditors. Overall the audit process went well at ADHPL unit.

MPCL: Mock Drill on Flash Flood

Mock drill on flash flood was conducted at MPCL barrage site on June 28th, 2019 by the employees to check the emergency preparedness planning, responses of the rescue team and effectiveness of the existing training system. The planned scenario with tentative timeline was discussed and conveyed to all the concerned in the morning meeting. Before execution of actual drill, scenario discussed with the concerned members to ensure safety of the individuals involved directly or indirectly in the mock drill.  

HEG: Workshop on UDAY

In Order to strengthen the cultural/behavioral aspects among workmen, L&D team initiated a series of workshop by the name ‘UDAY’. It commenced in April, 2019 and this was the 5th batch. This workshop addresses cultural issues and their remedies, teamwork, discipline, communication, motivation, knowledge sharing and discussion. The purpose of this workshop is to ensure that learning and understanding permeates to all levels.

HEG: World No Tobacco Day

On the occasion of “World No Tobacco day” which comes every year on 31st May, 2019. A special campaign was organized at HEG Limited to spread awareness among the employees about the dangers and bad effects of tobacco on health and environment. During the program, Dr. Shyam Agrawal (Cancer Specialist) explained tobacco genetic diseases with examples, Dr. Shyam Agrawal shown video clips on consequences of using tobacco and appealed to the employees to say No to Tobacco to make tobacco free society.

HEG: Awareness Session on Contract Labour Act

HR Team is regularly in touch with workmen and deals with contract labors on a daily basis. They need to be aware of basic labour laws for understanding legal obligations to employees and the differences between the right and wrong practices. HR L&D organized awareness session on Contract Labour Act which was facilitated by Mr. Sunil Choudhary, the facilitators covered various aspects of Labour Act i.e. Registration of Establishment, Licensing of Contractors, mandatory documents to be maintained by establishment and contractor. A doubt clearing session was also followed after the main workshop, which made the overall session effective and useful for participants.

HEG: Instant Recognition & Appreciation

In creating high performance work place, recognition is a motivating factor that provides employees with increased job satisfaction and encouragement to perform their jobs more effectively. HR L&D launched “Instant Reward Policy” back in 2013, where any exceptional work/special tasks performed by the employee or a team, is recognized & rewarded on the spot by plant Senior Officials. This Quarter (April-June 2019) a total of 40 rewards have been disbursed in various activities covered under Quality, Productivity, Cost, etc. The rewards were given by plant's Operations Team & Maintenance Team to the workers/employees.

HEG: Training At Shop Floor

Working on improvements in shop-floors real time bottlenecks, HR - L&D continued the drive - through knowledge sharing sessions for the workmen, where they taught the basics of awareness on Care Scrap of our products (electrodes & nipples) during their process-wise improvements. Our team along with plant senior officials developed an in-house technique for the Care Scrap which has resolved the major issues regarding product movement. 

HEG: Technical Session on Industrial Hydraulics

Learning & Development team provided a platform to our maintenance team for external training workshop on Industrial Hydraulics at Ahmedabad, Mr. Saikat Pal & Mr. Shibu attended the 5 days training and got the knowledge on Fundamentals of Hydraulics covering elements of Hydraulics system. By sharing these improved technical skills with our employees, it helped them out to understand the hierarchy of Industrial Hydraulics in June, 2019. This platform included sessions of mutual discussions and review of case studies from different areas of plant in terms of Industrial Hydraulics following which monthly sessions are planned and executed for continuous improvement in technical skills of the field team.

HEG: Effective Management of Transformer & Generator

Learning & Development team provided a platform to our maintenance team for knowledge sharing and improving their technical skills in Management of Transformer & Generator in June, 2019. This session would help in enhancing the practical assistance of construction, operation, inspection, testing, maintenance and troubleshooting of Transformers & Generators, Important parameters and characteristics of transformers, Critical parts of transformers & generators and their significance, Inspection techniques including condition monitoring and test report analysis. 

In discussions and review of Case studies from different areas of plant. Mr. RSM Rao & Ratnesh (TAWA), conducted the session. The concerned senior officials attended and appreciated the initiatives by emphasizing on increasing the frequency of such sessions, following which monthly sessions are planned and executed for continuous improvement of technical skills of field team.

HEG: Awareness Session on POSH & WBP

Timely refreshers on Organization’s Policy and Code of Conduct are necessary for employees to stay in touch with updates and have awareness about do’s & don’ts, also equipped with better information employees can be more engaged and contributing their part in business growth. HR L&D, conducted a session on Plant Policies with Female Staff, to make them aware of their rights and duties. Session covered awareness about Whistle Blower Policy and Policy on Sexual Harassment in Plant premises.               

HEG: Recertification Audit By M/S Bureau Veritas

The successful recertification audits carried out by M/S Bureau Veritas as per latest standard i.e. ISO 45001:2018, ISO 14001:2015 & surveillance audit (SAII) of ISO 9001:2015 from 2nd to 6th April, 2019 in Graphite, CPP Plant & Marketing offices. The internal auditor certificates of ISO 45001:2018 were also awarded to those candidates who has successfully cleared the written examination.    

HEG: Training on Crane Maintenance & Safety Practices

Training programme on Crane Maintenance & Safety practices was conducted from 19th to 20th June, 2019 by AME consultants at HEG, Mandideep unit. The trainers were came from BHEL, Bhopal. The participants in the training were from Maintenance, Production & Safety departments. Overall the training was very much beneficial for plant staff members.

LNJ Denim: Training on Dyeing & Spinning Quality

A training session was conducted on Quality related aspect of Dyeing & Spinning on 17th May, 2019. It was very much effective for staff members to think over the end user of our product. Total 22 participants had attended & got a good learning exposure on quality aspects. The overall training was given by Shri Shashi Kumar Dubey.


LNJ Denim: Fire & Safety Training

A special training on fire prevention and safety was conducted on 25th June, 2019 at LNJ Denim plant. The two hour training program was provided to the staff and security guards. The demonstration was on how and when to use required equipment’s with all the possible safety measures. The main objective of the training was to create awareness about the use of firefighting equipment’s at the time of fire emergency. The training was given by Shri Trilok Vyas, Safety Officer of the unit.

Rishabhdev: Workshop for Staff

Dr. Pankaj Shukla & team from BEING CAPABLE organization conducted a one day Seminar-cum-workshop on `Life Management & Mind power’ for Rishabhdev staff members on 18th April, 2019. It was a motivational lecture cum demonstration seminar attended by approx. 40 staff of Rishabhdev unit and got benefitted.

Lodha: Mock Drill Session

A Mock Drill rehearsal on fire emergency preparedness was conducted at Lodha unit. Shri R. K. Agrawal, Shri Aditya Kumar Sharma, Shri R. K. Shrimali, Shri Devendra Tank, Shri Prem Singh, Shri Shankar Lal and Security officer Shri Dasarath Singh were present in the mock drill. During this drill, the On-Site emergency plan was reviewed with a view of utilization of available resources at site and involvement of all persons. The whole program was well-coordinated by Shri Satyendra Singh Solanki, Safety Officer at Lodha unit. 

Lodha: Quality of Life Program

The director of the CBWE – Central Board of Workers Education, Udaipur, Mr K.S.Yadav and EO - Mr J.J. Patel conducted a training program on Quality of life on 25th April, 2019 at Lodha unit. Total 30 class trainees were participated in the program. The content of the program was very much appreciated by the participants. The session was concluded by the Vice president (Commercial) Shri R.P. Mundra with an assurance that management would like to repeat such programs after a regular interval.

Kharigram: Training on “Phobia Buster & Self Transformation”

The HR depatment, Kharigram conducted a full day external program on “Phobia Buster & Self Transformation” on 11th April, 2019, which was presented by Dr. Pankaj Shukla, Life Management Guru, Being Capable Organization. During workshop many topics were covered like Change Mindset, Phobia from change, Learning and Retention Pyramid, Practical Relaxation Techniques, Working together through games and activties. This programme was very interesting and all the participants enjoyed a lot with great learning experience. Total 37 senior staff were covered in this program from Kharigram unit.

Kharigram: 5S Training Implementation at Workplace

The 5S training programs were organized in the month of April & May at Gyan Mandir, Kharigram unit. Total 73 Officers from various departments were covered in this 5S program. Shri Vinod Kumar Purohit - CTSC explained about 5S process and its practical aspects at workplace. He emphasized mainly to make 5S a habit, by this way we can achieve good result in all respect. All the participants encouraged to organise the same periodically for all staff members and 5S oath was also taken.

Kharigram: Workshop on Quality Circle

A workshop on Qulaity Circle (QC) was organised on 27th April, 2019 at Kharigram unit. This program was meant for HODs and Process Owners. During training session, Shri Vinod Kumar Purohit - CTSC briefed about QC aspects in running projects at department/unit level. He also explained abut basics, uses of quality concepts, techniques and its importance. This program was very useful in terms of higher productivity and cost saving aspects.

Kharigram: Training on Role of Behaviour & It’s Impact on Performance

A soft skill development program on “Role of Behaviour and its Impact on Performance” was conducted on 16th May, 2019 for supervisory level Staff. Mr. Vinod Purohit-CTSC explained how behavioural aspects can affect performance & productivity and how we can improve it. Total 32 shift officers and section heads attended this program and got benefited.

Kharigram: Technical Training on Fuji Electric Products

On 20th May, 2019, a technical workshop was organised by Fuji Electric at Kharigram unit for staff and workers. Representative from Fuji team explained about modernization, various use of new products, cost saving techniques, etc. to our technical team. Total 26 staff members from technical departments got benefited and this program was appreciated by all.

Kharigram: Safety Systems and Good Practices Training

On 16th May, 2019 a training programme was conducted on Safety Systems and Good Practices at Kahrigram unit. Mr. Dileep Chourasia - Safety Officer explained various safety systems, Use of PPE’s, Type of Fire Extinguishers and best practices to avoid any accident during the working hours by showing some safety videos and practical activities. Total 25 Shift officers got benefited from this valuable training on safety systems.

BSL: Safety Training

BSL organized an introductory training program on the topic of proper Use of Personnel Protective Equipment’s (PPEs) and Live Demonstration which had been scheduled for creating and enhancing awareness about workplace safety & importance of PPEs. In the program, we have covered various topics, which includes:

  • Major processes in manufacturing of PPEs.
  • Typical hazards & effects of exposure on the body.
  • Selecting an appropriate Protective Equipment, with respect to applications.
  • How to use, maintain and replace the protective equipment.
  • A & Q.

For this programme, we have invited M/s Karam Industries Limited for conducting the training programme and their team reached at our site with “Safe India Drive” campaign which is a joint initiative between DGFASLI, Ministry of Labour and Govt. of India.

The Vice President (Spinning) Shri Pramajeet Singh Phogat inaugurated this programme and approx. 200 working people have taken part in such an awareness & practical programme. In the programme, senior officials have also taken active participation with much enthusiasm.

Maral: Workshop on Industrial Workmen & Management Relations

On the occasion of May Day, in association with the District Administration, a workshop on the relations between Industrial workmen and Management was organized at Maral unit. The speakers in the workshop included notable guests from the District Administration and President of MOL, Maral Sarovar Shri D.K. Mittal. The workshop was attended by large number of workers and officers. The workmen as well as staff and officers jointly taken oath to respect each other's rights. It is hoped that the bonding between workmen and the management will further strengthen with this workshop.


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