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School Events

Open Chess Tournament

Ghaziabad: Under the guidance of Shri L.N. Jhunjhunwala, school chess teams participated in FIDE Rated Chess Tournaments across the country and performed fairly well. During September, 2018 Chess Team of Graphite School, VKV Hurda and VKV Rishabhdev participated in The 1st Nattle on the board open FIDE Rating Chess Tournament” which was held at Ghaziabad. Two of the star players from VKV Hurda played very well against the rated players in the tournament and as a result Master Sankalp Lodha achieved his FIDE rating as 1010 while Master Shreyansh Maheshwari achieved ranking as 1052.

Chess Coaches from Graphite School, Mr. Vivek Sharma achieved 6 points while Mr Richeen Jain achieved 6.5 points and ranked 80th & 40th position respectively. Both the Coaches played & performed very well in the tournament. It’s a dream of Shri L.N. Jhunjhunwala that our school should produce few Grand Masters in coming years.


Udaipur: Total 180 players have participated from sixteen schools in Open Fide Rating Chess Competition (under 19) years held at Udaipur from 31st August to 2nd September, 2018. Six students from VKV, Hurda have participated and secured second position in the tournament. Sankalp Lodha of Class X won the match. He was declared as the best unrated player and was awarded a cash prize of INR 1500.

Graphite School: Interschool Chess Tournament

Interschool chess tournament was inaugurated on July 5th, 2018, in Graphite School premises. LNJ Group schools participated and showcased their skills of the game of chess. During the two days, the students shared their experiences and learnt to work in team. They gathered new ideas and understanding of the game. The best players of the schools were Master Daksh Maran, VKV Rishabhdev, Rajasthan, Master Vicky Malviya, Graphite School Mandideep, Raisen and Master Sujal Jain, VKV Rishabhdev, Rajasthan.            

Graphite School: Investiture and Prize Distribution Ceremony

Investiture Ceremony, formal ceremony of conferring the authority of responsibilities to the students was organized in school. Students were prepared to don the mantle of leadership and discharge the responsibilities entrusted upon them by the school with commitment, confidence & competence.

Shri Badri Prasad Chouhan, President Nagar Palika - Mandideep was the chief guest of the program. He addressed the students and asked them to be committed while discharging their duties given to them in the school and shoulder the responsibilities of maintaining the discipline in the school.  

Shri Sanjay Singh SR. GM-HR & Admin HEG presented the slashes and badges to all the members of the cabinet. Oath was administered to the council members signaling the beginning of the year of leadership. The members were told that they were the torchbearers of all the values that the school stands for and urged them to take up the responsibility with commitment and integrity. Students pledged to keep the honor of the school and help their teachers in all respects.

In the program, prizes were also distributed to the meritorious students of the school and board exam of year 2017-18.

Graphite School: Health and Hygiene

HEALTH AND HYGIENE is one of the most important aspect of any child’s life as a healthy mind is only found in a healthy body. Good health is only found in the students when they follow good eating habit and also take care to keep a balance in eating food.

In the morning assembly activity, teachers created awareness in students and told them to regularly check their nails, have a proper haircut, regularly have bath and wear  clean clothes. 

Students were told that the environment in which they live must be hygienically good and safe for them. They were told about the proper way of disposing the waste and creating compost in their home.

In the assembly activity students were told  on the importance of being careful  of health and hygiene  and  told to be vigilant and careful while taking food which is made & sold in the open. Also adviced to avoid junk food as they are harmful and hazardous for their health. They were told to include green vegetables & fruits in their daily meals.

Graphite School: Implementation of AIL in Classroom

AIL workshop was organized for teachers of Graphite School on 20th July 2018. Ms. Pawan Sudhir Head DEAA (Dept. of education in Arts and Aesthetics) interacted with the teachers and collected information on how the AIL learning was being implemented in the classrooms by teachers of the pre-primary and the primary section and the improvements noticed in students after the implementation. 

Teachers showed their presentation of how they used Art Integrated Learning in the workshop. She interacted with teachers and gave valuable guidance to them. Interaction was useful for teachers to share their experiences with her and get guidance for better teaching and best concept building in students.

Graphite School: National Reading Day

READING WEEK 23rd TO 28th JULY                                     

In the assembly activity students of all classes were briefed about the importance of reading books. The activities conducted were reading by all students and teachers in assembly, share a read, quiz on famous authors and best sellers. Students presented themselves as famous Characters. Poetry recitation, Mini Newspaper presentation &, Book Review were other attractions of the weeklong program. Teachers shared valuable information on reading and its importance for the students. Students were asked to form a small library in their home and also develop the habit of reading a book before going to bed. They were asked to always keep a book at the bed side.

Graphite School: Interschool Folk Song Competition

Interschool folk song competition was organized at Sagar Public School Bhopal.

Graphite School participated in the competition and presented Bundelkhandi folk song. Students were trained under the able guidance of the school music teacher. The presentation was greatly appreciated for its lyrics and melody.

By participating in the competition the students learnt different ways of presenting song, ways of rendering and gained confidence for better performance in the future. 

Graphite School: Start up India

Start up India concept presentation program was organized at RABINDRANATH TAGORE UNIVERSITY BHOPAL. Students were invited to present their new start up ideas. Students of many school of Raisen District and Bhopal took part in the program and presented their own ideas of Startup and collected applauses from all.

Mast Nishant Sharma student of class 9th of Graphite Hr. Sec. School was selected for his presentation of unique concept ‘Use of activated carbon to reduce pollution by making carbon curtain’.

He was further invited to participate in the program at INDORE where he was again selected and felicitated with citation and cash prize of Rs.75,000/- and invited by other companies.

He was appreciated for his achievement by the school management and school also felicitated and blessed him to be successful in his future ventures.

Graphite School is proud of the student’s achievement .

Graphite School: 64th Divisional Ball Badminton Match

64th Divisional level ball badminton tournament under 14, under 17 and 19 years was held at Model School, Bhopal in which students played with sportsman spirit and added a feather in their cap by excelling in the following events; Under 14 & 19 year boys – Bhopal won over Raisen, Under 14, 17 & 19 year girls – Raisen won over Bhopal and Under 17 year boys – Raisen won the match. 

Graphite School: International Youth Day

Youth are the future and assets of the nation. Academically strong and aware youth will make the nation progress towards prosperity. Youth Day was celebrated to help the young generation to know their strength and use it in the right direction and recognize the importance and hard work of the youth of the world and how they have made a difference to the society. Students were asked to use their strength in the right direction to develop their knowledge and use it to make the nation proud & progress.

The day was celebrated to promote ways to engage the young people and help them to contribute even more to their communities and to the society in general. Students were asked to be vigilant and cautious of what happens around them. During the assembly students presented speech & skit to make the students understand their  importance for the nation and asked them to be valuable assets of the nation.

Graphite School: Sanskrit Week Activity

Sanskrit is a beautiful language and it personifies India’s rich cultural heritage. To spread awareness about sanskrit language and educate the students about the impact &  importance of sanskrit language, sanskrit week was organised in school in the third week of August 2018.

Many activities were conducted for the students during the morning assembly on the 17th & 18th of August. Students presented activities which included skits, songs, quiz competitions in which the students participated and performed in sanskrit language. Posters, banners and cut outs were made by the students to create awareness for sanskrit language.     

Graphite School: World Photography Day

World Photography Day was celebrated in school wherein students were told about photography. Students celebrated the day with zeal and enthusiasm. Students were inspired to understand the importance of photography by sharing the stories of photographers from all around the world through photographs. The upcoming generation was motivated to brush their skills under the guidance of learned scholars from this field.

Teachers told students about the scientist Alfred Noble and his photograph was shown and explained about his works. A quiz was conducted for students who came to know about many facts of photography including origin, need, importance and necessity of photography.

Principal Smt. Vinita Mishra conducted an Open Forum. A platform of how the students feel and for safe, open discussion on issues relevant to studies, needs, improvement in school & problems they face at school, home and all other problems they face in their daily life. She interacted with students and discussed their issues and gave her suggestions. Open Forum helped the teachers to get to know about the problems of students as they openly spoke about their issues of studies, discipline & their needs etc. The issues raised in the open forum were resolved.

Graphite School: Rights and Duties of Citizens

As an assembly activity students were briefed on the importance of constitution, fundamental rights and duties. Students showcased their knowledge of the constitution, fundamental rights and duties. It was a great occasion to share views and revise rules and laws of constitution and how they should respect and follow them.

Students presented speech, skit and discussed on the need and importance of the constitution in the nation.

Graphite School: Life Skills Activity

Medical Checkup was conducted for the students of the school. Dr. Rahul Dubey BHMS from Bhopal conducted the medical checkup of the staff and the students. Students were checked for their eyes, general health conditions and medicines were given to them for immediate relief and were advised to contact the specialist.

Students were asked to be always cautious with their surrounding, conditions and sanitation. Doctor advised them to drink boiled water and not to take junk food. General first aid help which can be given immediately before reaching to the doctor was explained to the students. They were told about snake bite, dog bite etc and explained what they can do immediately without wasting time before reaching the doctor for further help. Students understood the first aid process and learnt basic medical assistance that they can give to the injured and the sick. The camp was an eye opener for the students about many issues of health. 

Graphite School: Teachers Day Celebration

Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan birth anniversary - Teachers Day, honoring teachers and showing gratitude to them and seeking blessings from them has always been the way of Graphite School.

Shri Sanjay Singh Sr. GM, HR & Admin was the Chief Guest of the program. Students arranged a very warm welcome of the guest and the teachers by presenting a spectacular band show and a feast of programs for the teachers and made them feel comfortable and respected. They showcased their gratitude & greeted all the teachers with tokens of greetings & gifts and made teachers feel proud.

The special feature of the celebration was special awards presented to the teachers with outstanding performance for the exemplary performances .The teachers were presented with mementos & certificates and they were; Smt Vinita Mishra – Appreciation award in recognition of Outstanding Excellence, Smt C. Madhumati – All time Achievement Award, Smt Lalitha Jaymon – All Rounder Award, Smt Neeta Bhansali – Best Problem Solving Award, Smt Anshu Shrivasatava – Best Artistic Award, Smt Ramalakshmi B – Best Artistic Award.

All the teachers felt highly prestigious and honored on this day by the respects paid to them by their students.

Graphite School: Swatchta Pakhwada

Swatchta Pakhwada was observed in school to aware the students on the importance of clean environment and the ways to maintain it. Students and teachers were motivated for maintaining cleanliness.

Many activities were conducted in the school during morning assembly to make the students understand the value of keeping the surroundings clean. Activities like Green school drive, proper waste management (proper disposal of waste using green and red bin for disposing the wet and dry waste).

Using garbage for composting and enhance the fertility of soil, using paper bags and avoiding polythene bags, informing the student about hygiene and sanitation and extensive cleaning of the school premises. Students understood the value of keeping the surrounding clean. Hand wash day was also observed and the students were told about the proper method of washing hands. Students were also told about hygiene and sanitation and its a need for good health.

Students presented a talk & skit on cleanliness and pledged to keep their surroundings clean. School cabinet inspected the sanitation facilities in school and presented a report of it to the school principal.

Graphite School: LIC Award Presentation Function

LIC Branch Mandideep organized a prize distribution ceremony for the students of the school.

Essay writing, drawing competition & elocution competition were conducted for the students. A great deal of enthusiasm was seen in the students and they showed their own way of depicting their knowledge in the field. In the elocution competition students presented a wide range of information and shared the benefits of Life Insurance.

The meritorious students of school exam and board exams and the winners of the essay, drawing & elocution competitions were felicitated by awards and certificates.

Chief Guest of the program Mr.Sanjay Kumar, Marketing Manager LIC Bhopal division & Guest of Honour Shri. Sanjay Singh SR. GM HR&ADMIN and Special Guest of the program Mr. Amrendra Vashishth Chief Manager LIC BHOPAL appreciated the students for their outstanding performances and told the students the importance of Life Insurance for securing their life and blessed them for a bright future.

The chief guest appreciated the students for their presentations in essay, drawing and elocution competitons and told them about the benefits of adopting LIC in their life.

Graphite School: Doctors & Chartered Accountants Day

Doctors Day was celebrated in the remembrance of legendry physician Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy. The day was celebrated to highlight the value, importance of doctors in our lives. Students were told about the responsibilities of doctors. They paid honor to the entire medical profession and remembered the priceless, dedicated service and commitment of the doctors.

Chartered Accountants Day was celebrated to honor the hard work and huge contribution of the chartered accountants in building the nation’s economy and the future. Experts in the field of Doctor and Chartered Accountant were invited on the day. They interacted with students and told them about their work, importance and need.  

Weeklong class wise activity was conducted so that students can understand and know the importance of Doctors and Chartered Accountants. They presented speech & skits and made posters showing the work done by these people. The students came to know about selfless and dedicated work of the doctors for the people and the work of Chartered Accountants for the society and thanked them for their contribution.

VKV-Hurda: Spic-Macay Programme

Spic-Macay – “Flute Recital” – programme was conducted on August 9th, 2018 at VKV, Hurda School. The world renowned artist Sri Praveen Godkhindi and Sri Kiran Godkhindi performed and played various ragas on flute and mesmerized the audience with their performances.

VKV-Hurda: Swachhata Pakhwara

Swachhata Pakhwara was organized from September 1st to 15th, 2018 as per the CBSE circular. On the Swachhata Shapatha day, students and teachers took oath during the prayer. Speeches regarding swachhata awareness were given by some of our teachers during the prayer. Green School Drive activity was conducted and students participated actively in plantation programme. Painting competition was also conducted, and students made the paintings on cleanliness.

“Hand wash day” was also celebrated and students were explained by the teachers about the importance of Hand Wash. Teachers also told the students about personal hygiene in their respective classes. Cleaning of classes and school was done by the students of all the classes. Sloganeering and Rally was conducted by the students and the teachers of class III – VIII. During the campaign, students made dust bins by using the waste materials and displayed in their respective classes. 

VKV-Hurda: Basket Ball Tournment

Its a moment of pride for all of us. Vivekananda Kendra Vidyalaya, Hurda secured IInd position at District Basket Ball Tournament for Girls (under 19) held at Noble School, Bhilwara. Four Girls have been selected for the State Basket Ball team which is a big achievement for school and they were; Monika Rathore, Avishi Shah, Nidhi Yadav, Pooja Gurjar of class XII standard.


VKV-Hurda: Shooting Competition

District level (Bhilwara) Air Weapon Shooting Competition from August 10 to 12, 2018 was hosted by Vivekananda Kendra Vidyalaya, Hurda. The programme was inaugurated by Bhilwara Collector Ms. Shuchi Tyagi. She visited and appreciated the activities being conducted by various departments in the school and addressed the VKV staff and students.

Overall 60 students from different schools of Bhilwara participated, out of 33 students of VKV, Hurda. 12 won gold medal, 12 won silver medal and 9 won the bronze medals. One of the gold medalists Farheen Khan, Class XII participated in 17th State Open Championship and has been qualified for Nationals. It’s a matter of pride for all of us. Recently she participated in CBSE West Zone Cluster Rifle shooting held at Ajmer and qualified for Nationals to be held at Omprakash Bansal Model School, Govindgarh, Punjab.

VVV-Maral: Investiture Ceremony and Independence Day Celebration

Viveknand Vidya Vihar, Maral Sarovar, celebrated Independence day with zeal and spirit befitting the occasion and spreading the message of clean environment through street play and green living through Yoga dance. 

School Council was installed for the session 2018-19, with oath of upholding the values of school bestowed to students in the investiture ceremony presided over by the Chairman SMC Mr. Dinesh Kumar Mittal President - Maral Overseas Limited in the presence of other esteemed School Managing Committee members. It was conducted with the high degree of earnestness and passion signifying the reliance and confidence that the school consigned in the newly invested council.

The young kids of Pre Primary and Primary classes celebrated Independence Day upholding the constitutional value of "Secularism" of our nation. They dressed up as various national leaders and visited 4 religious places- Temple, Mosques, Church and Gurudwara in the vicinity- learning the highest value of acceptance and respecting different religious beliefs. The tender minds got impacted for life long lesson of inclusion, sharing their tricolor home-brought foodies with all and getting blessings from all chiefs of these 4 religious places.

VVV-Maral: Participation & Competition

In the Interschool Painting Competition "Quest Expressions II", Vivekanand Vidya Vihar, Maral Sarovar students brought laurels to school by clinching 2 best painting awards out of 3 in senior category and 1 best painting award in junior category. They created wonderful pieces of painting giving expressions to awakening message of religious harmony and national solidarity.

Vivekanand Vidya Vihar students participated in Design Campionship, supported by NASSCOM organised at National level in four zones. Projects of 3 teams - in Logo Design and Industrial Design categories - from the school were selected for further rounds. Logo Design Project of Anchal Paswan of class XI got selected in 2 zones - Noida and Hyderabad, as finalist - one among 49 finalists out of 399 nation wide entries. It is a pride moment to share that this project guided by Mr Anshul Atre - PGT CS is the only entry from the state Madhya Pradesh to reach National final level in 2 zones.

VVV-Maral: Educational Trip

Vivekanand Vidya Vihar, Maral Sarovar hostel students went on an educational trip to the historical town of Madav (City of Joy); a complete nature paradise situated on 2,079 feet high of Vindhya plateau, overlooking the plateau of Malwa to the north and the valley of the Narmada River to the south. Students spent the whole day learning history, heritage and architecture of that era. Mandav has 61 protected buildings of which seven are conserved by state archaeological department. Students also visited the Dinosaur Fossil Museum in Dhar district exhibiting all folklore and myths linked with dinosaurs.

VVV-Maral: Teachers Day

Students of senior classes shouldered the responsibility of class conduction in junior classes, easing their teachers off, on the occasion of Teachers' day and playing the role of their ideal teachers in classrooms. They also expressed their gratitude and regard by holding felicitation ceremony for all teachers, thanking them to guide and mentor for life lessons alongside content knowledge.

School Management honored the teachers and extended a rejuvenating trip to them at Nammadus - a 5 star resort on Narmada Banks - so that that they could enjoy their special day and re-energize themselves for providing better influence & guidance to students in their education.

VVV-Maral: Ganapati Pooja Celebration

Ganpati Celebration was marked by students, learning to make eco friendly Ganpati in school and installing the idol for 10 day long celebration in school campus. Students and school staff members following different religious beliefs, hosted Lord Ganesha - the God of Intelligence beyond all boundaries of caste and religion. Various cultural programmes and competitions were organised for the students and staff members to participate and build cohesion.

VVV-Maral: Music Workshop

Vivekanad Vidya Vihar Students got the privilege of 2 day long exclusive workshop by renowned vocalist Shri Bhuvnesh Komkali ji 'Grandson of Pt Kumar Gnadharv '. The children were guided for honing their skills in Vocal music & Percussion and Keyboard Instruments. This enabled students to take their passion to the next level and develop the caliber to pursue it further. This music workshop was very much beneficial and a great learning for those students who want to make their future in the music industry. 

VVV-Maral: Life Skills Training

Teachers of Vivekanand Vidya Vihar, Maral Sarovar, got the on-spot mentoring guidance by Eternal Ganges editors Ms Padmamalini Rao and Ms Protima Naidu during their day long visit to school. The mentors were delighted to note the creativity and involvement of teachers in executing the life skills programme based on 17 sustainable developmental goals given by UN. The reflection of this programme could be seen in behavioral and attitudinal change in students, taking decisions and making choices for various measures of environmental safety and keeping the planet greener.

VVV-Maral: Smart Class Training

Enabling the teachers to make maximum beneficial use of technology enabled classrooms, a day long Smart Class training was organised at Vivekanand Vidya Vihar, Maral Sarovar school for teachers by one of the best solution provider "Educomp". The teachers practiced lesson teaching, integrating smart class solutions like Mimio and implemented the same in their daily classroom teaching methods for better results in the learning process of students.


VKV-Rishabhdev: Archery Session

To create interest towards our ancient Sport - Archery, a group of six trainers were invited in our school VKV, Rishabhdev in the month of July 2018. Presently they are appointed in Rajasthan Police Force. They are taking training of archery under Shri Limbaram. The trainers told about the history of archery in student life such as recreation, concentration, being fit and healthy, hitting the target, confidence, patience etc. Thus the session was very fruitful, inspiring and motivating for the students in their future journey.

VKV-Rishabhdev: Classical Dance and Music Performance

To develop respect for our culture and inculcate spirit of dedication & service towards enriching our Indian culture, an Artist’s show was arranged in our school on 18th July 2018. The Artists from the SpicMacay Society which works for the promotions of Indian Classical Music and culture amongst youth - Mrs. Rachitha Ravi and Group performed Kerala’s famous dance Mohiniyattam and Leelamma. The students were overjoyed to see their wonderful performance.


VKV-Rishabhdev: Drama Presentation

The drama - ‘CharandasChor’ written by Vijay Dan Detha staged in our school by the artists from SpicMacay organisation Bhopal in the month of August. ChorCharandas has taken five oaths and he follows till his death. In every situation, the thief Charandas - how he fulfils his duties, it is shown in this play. This play got the first prize in the ‘World Drama Festival in the year 1982. In the end the students were given some tips that how to perform on stage. The artists were honoured with mementos by the Principal.

VKV-Rishabhdev: Investiture Ceremony

To inculcate the leadership qualities in students and to give them a feel of functioning of the administrative body a school cabinet was formed and investiture ceremony was held on 20th July 2018 at VKV, Rishabhdev. Students were highly motivated & interested being a part of this investiture ceremony. Students loved the roles and responsibilty which have been given to them and they handled the same with great zeal and enthusiasm.

VKV-Rishabhdev: Puppet Making Competition

Puppet Making competition was organised at VKV, Rishabhdev School on 4th August 2018 for the students of class I to V. This was a great learning for students as they got to know so many ways of puppet making from paper as well as from old & scrap materials. The competition was a huge success and students paticipated with full enthusiasm.

VKV-Rishabhdev: Extempore Competition

The final round of Hindi Poem Recitation Competition and Hindi Story Telling Competition for classes I to V was held on 21st July, 2018 at VKV, Rishabhdev school and it was one of the memorable competition as the students enjoyed a lot during the same with lots good hindi stories which gave life lessons to all the students who were present over there.

The English Extempore competition for classes IX & X was also held on 28th July, 2018 at VKV, Rishabhdev and students paticipated in the extempore to showcase their english speaking skills and vocabulary. 

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