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ADHPL: Mock Drill on Avalanche Protection and Rescue Operation

A Mock drill on Avalanche Protection & Rescue Operations was organized on January 4, 2019 to check the emergency preparedness, planning, responses of the rescue team and effectiveness of the existing training system. Total 35 participants attended the drill wherein the situation of avalanche was created resulting in injury to the team leader. ENRP system was activated and the rescue team reached the site for help and assistance.

ADHPL: Surprise Mock Drill on Slipping of Vehicle at RD 15500 Allain Barrage

A tier 1 surprise mock drill was conducted on 9th January 2019 on Allain Barrage road. The scenario of the mock drill was created wherein the vehicle which was coming down the slope had to apply brakes suddenly to save a stray dog. The vehicle hit against the breast wall, as the road was slippery due to ice formation (snow). The driver got injured with glass splinters and first aid treatment was provided to the injured immediately at site.

ADHPL: 1st EQHS Management Review Committee Meeting

The first EQHS management review committee meeting of IMS for certification year 2018-19 was held on January 17th 2019. All section in-charges (committee members) presented the EQHS performances of their departments in MRCM. The observations of the EQHS audit were discussed in detail during the meeting.

Rishabhdev: Quarterly Performance Review

The performance review of the quarter October-December, 2018 of Rishabhdev unit  was held on 12th & 14th January, 2019 at HR Centre through power point presentation by HODs of all departments. In the concluding session, the COO mentioned that the market situation is yet to show any positive signal and  therefore, need to concentrate  more on cost reduction and operational excellence.

Rishabhdev: Quality Exhibition

The Quality Assurance department at Rishabhdev organized a Quality Awareness Exhibition from 5th to 8th February, 2019. Workers from Blow Room to Packing, Engineering, Maintenance & SQC departments were shown the defective fabrics and yarn cones received from customers and briefed about their reasons and solutions by quality and technical personnel.

Lodha: Fire & Safety Training

A training Program on Fire & Safety was conducted by our Safety Officer Shri Satyendra Singh Solanki at Lodha unit. Total 38 sessions were conducted during this training programme. The session was attended by the entire Male & Female workstaff in different groups to attain some valuable knowledge. The training program was organised by Shri Vikram Singh.   

HEG: Workshop on Basics of MS Excel

HR-L&D organized a 4 days’ workshop on MS Excel basics for their employees, where they were taught about presentation and analysis of Performing Calculations, Modifying a Worksheet, Copying Formulas and Functions, Displaying Formulas, Relative, Absolute, and Mixed Cell Reference etc. The workshop was conducted in batches (Afternoon), where a total of 24 employees participated. In this given series of MS Excel knowledge up gradation among employees, the next workshop is also planned with advanced excel functions in the forthcoming quarter.

The HR-L&D organized a 4 days’ workshop on MS Excel basics for their employees, where they were taught about presentation and analysis of Performing Calculations, Modifying a Worksheet, Copying Formulas and Functions, Displaying Formulas, Relative, Absolute, and Mixed Cell Reference etc. The workshop was conducted in batches (Afternoon), where a total of 24 employees participated. In this given series of MS Excel knowledge up gradation among employees, the next workshop is also planned with advanced excel functions in the forthcoming quarter.

HEG: Workshop on Interpersonal Skills

In an ongoing process of Talent Management, where Behavior Event Interviews (BEIs) of Plant Managers were taken, to access their competencies with respect to desired competencies, an individual development plans were prepared with HODs inputs, after which lots of developmental activities are being scheduled and carried out as part of the same. One of the major findings was the scope of improvement in employee’s Interpersonal Skills. HR-L&D organized a workshop where the importance of Interpersonal skills was shared. The facilitator especially focused on practical tips on improvements, where he involved the participants in role plays and case studies through which he stressed on importance of improving relations.

HEG: TM IDP’s Group Discussion Session

Another part of developmental activities under the talent management program is to improve the generic competencies of plant managers. The HR-L&D initiated a monthly Group Discussion session, where a general topic is given to the participants and they are assessed on Communication Skills and subject wise competencies, on required parameters. A panel of senior officials is developed as assessors for this exercise. This will be a part of continuous developmental activities under IDPs and Group Developmental Plans. 

HEG: Quality Circle Convention

HR-L&D organized Internal Quality Circle Convention for the Year 18-19 on 16th Mar-19, where a total of 9 teams participated in the event by showcasing their exemplary efforts in completing the projects undertaken through knowledge tests & case study presentations.

Shri Vivek Matha, QCFI, was present as a judge at the event, where he applauded the efforts of teams for various improvements brought from the last convention. Our Vice President, Shri Ranadeep Chakraborty was also present along with all senior officials to grace the occasion where he stressed on striving for best quality standards and wished the team’s a good luck in their journey of continuous improvement. The QC teams were greatly appreciated for their exceptional problem solving skills and contribution towards quality initiatives.

HEG: Instant Recognition & Appreciation

In creating high performance work place, recognition is a motivating factor that provides employees with increased job satisfaction and encouragement to perform their jobs more effectively. HR-L&D launched “Instant Reward Policy” back in 2013, where any exceptional work/special tasks performed by the employee or a team, is recognized & rewarded on the spot by plant Senior Officials. This Quarter (Jan-Mar 2019) a total of 15 rewards have been disbursed in various activities covered under Quality, Productivity, Cost, and delivered by plants’ Operations & Maintenance Team.

HEG: Awareness Session on POSH & WBP

Timely refreshers on Organization’s Policy and Code of Conduct are necessary for employees to stay in touch with updates and have awareness about dos & don’ts. Equipped with better information, employees can be more engaged and will contribute their part in the business growth. HR-L&D conducted a session on Plant Policies with Female Staff, to make them aware of their rights and duties. The session covered awareness about Whistle Blower Policy and Policy on Sexual Harassment inside the plant premises.

HEG: Training on QC Presentations

Opportunities for development are adequately provided to our employees. Be it through training or platforms in various conventions. The HR-L&D organized a training program exclusively for improving presentation skills among members of quality circles.

Training facilitator, Shri Vivek Matha covered aspects from ‘How to start Presentation’ to ‘Addressing the Queries’ of audiences and seniors. Participants learned a lot and applied it in QC Convention that was conducted in the month of March. This convention saw boosted levels of confidence and presentation skills of the QC team members that in turns were appreciated a lot by the plant officials.

HEG: Compressor & Energy Saving Workshop

The most expensive component in the total cost of compressed air is energy. In fact, over the lifespan of a typical compressor, energy typically costs several times more than the purchase price of the compressor. The bottom line is maximizing energy efficiency saves you money. HEG Limited had organized a training programme on Compressor and energy system, where participants understood different methods of energy saving techniques from the compressor.

HEG: Internal Auditor Training

M/s Bureau Veritas gave Internal Auditor Training on 1st and 2nd February, 2019 to understand the requirements of new version of ISO 45001:2018. Total 22 members from different functions and departments underwent this training programme & were awarded with the certificates. The training was appreciated by the employees and they understood the requirements of this new version of ISO 45001:2018.

HEG: Internal Audit Meeting

The Internal Audit meeting was conducted from 14th - 16th March’ 2019 at HEG Limited to understand ISO 14001:2015, ISO 9001:2015 & ISO 45001:2018 standards and what are the new requirements and versions of the same. The audit went successful with lots of new learning and understanding of ISO at plant level.

Kharigram: Fire Safety & Fire Fighting Training

An awareness cum training programme on Fire Safety & Fire Fighting Preparedness was organised on 18th  January, 2019 at Kharigram unit and it was presented & organised by Shri Dileep Chourasia, Safety Officer. During the workshop Engineering, Maintenance, Security, Commercial and Production departments were covered. They also covered topics like - Fire Fighting, Safety at Work Place, Chemical Handling, Fire Fighting Tools Handling etc. during that session.

Kharigram: Training Session on Technology Upgradation

Training cum awareness session on Technology upgradation was conducted on 18th Janurary, 2019 at Kharigram unit. The LMW experts explained about various new products and technology development in spinning machineries reduce of energy deficiency, cost optimization and quality improvement etc. All staff members from Engineering, Maintenance, and Production departments were covered in this programme and they got benefited with the same. This training was appreciated by all the employees who participated.

Kharigram: Internal Auditor Training on SA 8000 :2014

A two day’s training programme on Internal Auditor Training on SA 8000:2014 was organised on 28th to 29th January, 2019 at Kharigram unit. Shri K.P. Mishra from M/s Shreeya Consultancy explained about SA 8000:2014 version. The 30 staff members, SPT team of Kharigram and Ringas location benefited from this programme. During this training programme the method of Internal Audit and its theoretical & practical aspect, behavioural approach, statutory obligations, role of SPT team etc. being covered.

Kharigram: Training on “5S System”

On 5th  February, 2019 an awareness cum training programme was organized on 5S at Kharigram unit. Shri Dileep Kumar Chourasia, Dy. Manager - Safety and Shri Vinod Kumar Purohit, Dy. Manager - CTSC explained about the 5S and its audit systems to manage workplace in a very practical manner. Total 30 Staff Officers benefited from this programme.

Kharigram: Training Programme on Quality Circle

On 25th February, 2019 a training programme was organized on Quality Circle. Shri Vinod Purohit, Dy. Manager-CTSC facilitated this programme and explained about QC tools methods to implement the Quality Circle system in respective work areas. All the HOD and Section heads were present and attended this programme. It was well organised and conducted by the Shri Vinod Purohit for the employees of Kharigram unit.

Kharigram: External Training on Safety

An external training program on Safety was conducted during safety week. Shri Arun Kumar Pandey and Shri Sachin Yadav from Apex Quality Certifications Pvt. Ltd. covered the topics like - Fire Protection and Control, Electrical Safety, Chemical Hazard & Control, Safe Work Culture etc. Total 27 Staff members from various departments attended this programme and got benefited.

Kharigram: Learning Session on Emotional Intelligence

In the continuation of Experience Sharing series, a learning session on Emotional Intelligence was conducted on 20th March, 2019. Shri J.K. Manghani, Dy. CFO explained & shared the various ways to improve the EQ level. He highlighted its importance and explained about concepts of Self-Management, Self-Awareness, Social Management & Relationship Management which is very useful in improving our EQ level for our professional and personal life.

All Section in-charges participated in this programme. During the programme, an open discussion cum interaction session wrt practical aspects i.e. Identifying/Understanding about emotions of people, self-talk, to admit self-responsibility, Blaming, Divert attention etc. were very interesting.


The Mandpam unit went through SA:8000 audit on 30th & 31st January, 2019. The Management Representative Mr. Sanjay Miglani was ably supported by all the HODs and their respective teams for successful completion of the Audit by the Certification Agency – M/s. BSI Group India Pvt Ltd. The auditors, Mr. Pardeep Chuttani, Ms. Sammi Singh audited the systems and processes of the entire unit for 2 days and the certification continued after successful completion of the audit.

Mandpam: Fire Safety & Fighting Training

A training programme on Fire Safety & use of Fire Hydrant System was organized at Mandpam Unit on 09th March 2019. The main objective was to create awareness for use of fire hydrant systems at the time of fire. Mr. Anil Bishnoi (Executive –Fire & Safety) was the faculty for this training programme.


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