Group Happenings

HEG: Chairman Emeritus Syt L.N. Jhunjhunwala Visit

We were absolutely proud and delighted to receive our founder and Chairman Emeritus Syt L.N. Jhunjhunwala to Mandideep on 24th January after almost 15 years. Syt L.N Jhunjhunwala brought with him an esteemed Professor of IIT Delhi, Prof. Bodhraj Mehta to see our R&D centre.

Syt L.N.Jhunjhunwala enquired with ED Mr. Manish Gulati about our progress in quality and how do we rate ourselves with global competitors. Syt LN Jhunbjhunwala was pleased to know that today our quality has reached to a level where we can compete with US, Japanese and German competitors. Today, HEG supplies Graphite Electrodes to most of the top steel companies in the world. Syt L.N.Jhunjhunwala was also visibly pleased to see the upkeep of gardens at plant and guest houses, being a nature lover himself.

LNJ Denim: Visit of Shri Riju Jhunjhunwala

Shri Riju Jhunjhunwala, CMD, RSWM Ltd. visited LNJ Denim & Fabric Division on 18th February, 2020. Shri Suketu Shah – Business Head welcomed him. During his visit, he visited both the units and inspected all the machines. A meeting was also organized with core team members of LNJ Denim & Fabric Division unit. Shri Riju Jhunjhunwala interacted with all the core team members and motivated them to work harder & smarter for the growth of plant as well as the organisation.

LNJ Denim: Melange Challenger Cup Cricket Tournament 2020

Under Employee engagement activities, a great initiative taken by LNJ Group to play Cricket tournament.

It was a very long journey to win the wonderful momento for Denim Plant so far in RSWM Group. The Final cricket match scheduled at Bhilwara between Denim Plant & Melange Plant on 1st March, 2020. Every one of Denim unit was so excited to attend & to win this at any cost. A lot of ups & down came in during the match. Denim’s players had played very well with a great support & hooting/cheered by Denim Staff & other team members. At the end, LNJ Denim secured Runner-up position in the tournament. The Melange challenger cup cricket tournament was successfully organized by the Organizing committee with great facilities.

LNJ Denim: Inter-Departmental Workers Volleyball Tournment

A Volleyball Tournament for workers was organized in the month of February & March, 2020. Department wise team were made & all the workers were so excited to participate in the tournament's final match held between Spinning and Inspection & QA Lab Department’s team on 6th March, 2020. In a neck to neck contest, Inspection & QA Lab team won the tournament. Shri Suketu Shah – Business Head & Shri Manoj Kumar Jha – Head HR & IR expressed their views on value of games in our life. The prizes were distributed to winners and runner ups.

LNJ Denim: Surveillance SA8000 & OHSAS Audit

LNJ Denim unit went through unannounced Surveillance SA 8000 & OHSAS audit from 16th to 18th March, 2020. BSI auditors, Shri Pardeep Kumar Chuttani & team audited the systems and processes of the entire unit for three days and certification continues after successful completion of the audit. Shri Pardeep Chuttani focused on all major aspects of Social Accountability, Roles & Responsibility of SPT Members, Process of Internal Audit, Risk Assessment, and Compliances etc.

During Audit, COVID-19 & current situation was also discussed that WHO declared Novel Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) outbreak as a pandemic and reiterated the call for countries to take immediate actions and scale up response to treat, detect and reduce transmission to save people’s lives. To overcome this situation the action initiated by our group was also explained to them. It was supported by HODs and their respective teams for successful conduct of the audit.

LNJ Denim: Intertek Social Audit

LNJ Denim unit went through Intertek Social audit on 19th & 20th March, 2020. Shri Tuebirth Marak & Jitendra Sharma successfully conducted the audit with the support of all concerned departments. Some minor NCs and few suggestions/observations were raised as there are no major NCs observed. Auditors also audited the initiative taken by our Group to overcome the COVID-19. It was duly supported by HODs and their respective teams for successful conduct of the audit. 

LNJ Denim: Customer Visit

On 12th May 2020, Mr. Bharat Sahni & on 14th May 2020, Akshay Sahni from Wear Well India Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi visited our unit. Shri Suketu Shah – Business Head welcomed them and were taken through the Denim facility to get them understand the entire denim manufacturing process.

The clients appreciated the facilities and products. They were very impressed by seeing various new products and appreciated the working environment of the unit.

LNJ Denim: Visit of I.G. Police, Udaipur

On 30th May 2020, Inspector General of Police Udaipur, Mrs. Vinita Thakur visited our unit along with senior dignitaries of police department. Shri Suketu Shah – Business Head welcomed her with team and were taken through the Denim facility to get her understand the entire denim manufacturing process.

Mrs. Vinita Thakur appreciated the facility and products of the unit. She was impressed by seeing various new products and company’s facilities with advanced technology and also appreciated the working environment.

LNJ Denim: Corona Warriors Honour Ceremony

The whole world is facing pandemic of “COVID-19” and Administration, Police, Medical authorities have put their best possible efforts to control the spread of COVID-19. India has been able to control in best possible manner as compared to other countries. For controlling this pandemic, Our Corona Warriors also been able to control “COVID-19” in our plant & colony. For thanking all the Corona Warriors, they have been invited by our Business Head, Shri Suketu Shah on 19th May, 2020 in front of Spinning Garden of LNJ Denim. He asserted & appreciated their excellent work & effort made during the Lockdown period, how they had given their valuable time to company to control the spread of COVID-19.

One another programme was also conducted on 26th June, 2020 in the Honour of Corona Yoddha where each Yoddha were given appreciation letter by Shri Suketu Shah. During the programme all preventive measures were taken like - social or physical distancing, wearing of mask etc.

Kharigram: Sports Day at Shramik Colony

In order to encourage healthy atmosphere amongst all workers, Annual Sports Day was organised in the Raj Spin Shramik Colony. Volleyball, Kabaddi, Race and many more games were organised and workers participated in all the events with great zeal and sportsman spirit. In the closing ceremony Shri V.R. Joshi, COO motivated all the workers in his address to stay fit & healthy. He also appreciated for organizing such events. The event ended with prizes distribution and delicious dinner.

Kharigram: Customer Visit of M/s Synergy Sourcing, Bangladesh

On 18th February 2020, Mr Avijit Roy of M/s Synergy Sourcing, Bangladesh and Mr. Mohit Bhatt from Square Corporation visited our plant. Shri B.K.Verma, DGM-Production and Sh Sandeep Rohilla-DGM-NPD welcomed the delegation. The visit started from Unit SJ-11 and concluded at NPD. They were very much impressed by seeing the large variety of new products. They were overwhelmed with praising “Nice Setup and Surprised, Well Organised & Happy to Visit.”

Kharigram: Campus Interview

With a philosophy and vision of RSWM Group to include young and dynamic freshers in our team and further developing & nurturing them in all respect to be a part in our main stream, the Campus Interview under the guidance of Corporate HR conducted in prestigious colleges for textile Graduates. A panel of HR & technical team visited at MLVTEC, Bhilwara, NITRA Ghaziabad, DKTE, Ichalkaranji, MSU, Baroda, GCTI, Kanpur, TIT Bhiwani, NIT, Jalandhar, SVITS, Indore, IICT, Bhadoi. The Campus Interviews followed by Written Test, Group Discussion & face to face round and total 40 Textile Graduates selected for all Group Units. Sh Manoj Sharma, CHRO was also present during the interview process at NITRA.

Kharigram: Inter Unit Cricket Tournament

During the Meelange Challenger Cricket Tournament, 2019-20, four league matches from 22nd to 23rd Feb, 2020 were organised on a very professional developed cricket ground at Kharigram. The team of Kharigram, Ringas, Kanyakheri, Mandpam and BSL played their matches with full sportsman spirit in presence of Seniors, Staff & the family members of Kharigram. All the players enjoyed the beautiful venue of Kharigram and appreciated the maintenance of this lush green cricket playground. The in-house crowd enjoyed all matches with a buzz of loud cheers, iconic songs etc. and showed support to all cricket players.

Kharigram: Ladies Cricket Match

A friendly Ladies Cricket match was organised on 26th Janurary at Staff Club, Kharigram. Two cricket teams were formed named ”Urja” and “Chetna”. They came in well dressed and played with full of sportsman spirit in presence of Seniors, Staff & their family members of Kharigram. The in-house crowd enjoyed matches with a buzz of loud cheers, iconic songs etc. At the end, the prizes of all categories were distributed by Sh Manoj Sharma, President & CHRO and Shri VR Joshi-COO, thereafter all Kharigram pariwar enjoyed delicious lunch.

Kharigram: Ladies Club Members Visit to Village School

The Ladies Club of Kharigram visited to Govt. Secondary School at nearby village, Kaniya. The school staff welcomed them and a small cultural program performed by the children. Ladies club members distributed gifts and motivated the girls for their career future and to think about life skills. Towards the end of the programme, Lunch was served for all.

Kharigram: "ABHIVYAKTI" Inaugural Ceremony

“ABHIVYAKTI” Suggestion Scheme inaugural ceremony was witnessed at RSWM Kharigram unit on 22nd June, 2020. The employees participated in this inaugural session with much interest and focused on suggestions given during the briefing session. Overall the event went well and everyone appreciated the same.

Kharigram: Homage to Corona Warriors

During the tough time of Covid-19 pandemic, our Shop floor task force has done the tremendous job without hesitation of taking their breaths in danger.

Therefore, to encourage, boost of their resolution and belongingness to the company, a felicitation ceremony was organised to recognize their contribution. A certificate of Appreciation was given to the COVID YODDHA followed by high tea to all who are from our force like Sweepers, Guards, Electrician, General Admin., Cooks, Drivers, Plumber and other Supportive Staff etc.

Ringas: Visit of CMD

Shri Riju Jhunjhunuwala, CMD, RSWM Ltd visited Ringas unit on 30th January, 2020. In Ringas, Shri B.M.Sharma - JMD, Shri Rajeev Jain - Business Head–YB, Shri Avinash Bhargava –CFO and Shri M.K.Yogi – COO(RPSF) welcomed him. He visited Spining and RPSF Units to check the overall progress & developments and also met with local Union Office bearers.It was the first visit in line with new year 2020 message to the Company officers.

A meeting was also organized with Senior team members of Ringas and Shri Riju Jhunjhunuwala interacted with all Senior team members and motivated them to put in combied efforts, determination, passion and sincerity in their work so that RSWM Ltd will become an industry leader in the market with respect to the future scenario.

Ringas: Visit of Secretary, Skill, Employment and Entrepreneurship

The Secretary, Skill, Employment and Entrepreneurship Shri Naveen Jain, visited Ringas unit on 1st January, 2020 on surprise check of Industries. Senior Officers of RSWM Ltd greeted the Secretary with garlands.

He praised about Management and Trade Union relations as they interacted with office bearers of local INTUC Union. Mr. Naveen Jain along with Shri Mukesh Jain - Chief Inspector Factories and Boilers visited Spinning and RPSF plants.

In the end, Shri Avinash Bhargava presented handmade paintings made by female Workers to Shri Naveen Jain and Shri Mukesh Jain.

Ringas: Customer Visit

Shri Ishwar Chandra Rastogi, President of Thai Polytex Co., Ltd., Bangkok has visited RSWM, Ringas on 02nd March, 2020. He was accompanied by Shri Piyush Verma. He was welcomed by Shri Avinash Bhargava and term. After the visit, client appreciated the technology and product range at RSWM Ringas plant. He also appreciated the working of plant apart from holding technical team business discussions.

Ringas: Appreciation Certificate to COVID Yoddhas

During the hard time of Covid-19 epidemic, our Shop floor task force has done the remarkable work without hesitation of taking their breaths in risk.

Therefore, to encourage, boost of their resolution and belongingness to the company, a felicitation ceremony was organised to recognize their valuable contribution. A Certificate of Appreciation was given to the COVID YODDHA followed by high tea in which all our force like Sweepers, Guards, Electrician, General Admin., Cooks, Drivers, Plumber and other Supportive Staff were invited. It was heartening to see their proud faces.

Banswara: Village Tour (Worker Recruitment & Grievance Handling)

RSWM Lodha unit, Shri. S K Mittal, Shri B C Gupta, Shri. R K Dixit, Shri Aditya Sharma, Shri Vikram Singh, Shri Dilip Singh, Shri Gajendra Singh, Ms Shayama Kunwar, Mrs Neeru and Trainers were visited village Bhilwan on 11th January, 2020.

This team had a meeting with local Villagers and Sarpanch regarding below agenda:

  • Increased Attendance of workman.
  • Increased Recruitment of male.
  • Increased Female Recruitment.
  • Rejoin left workman.
  • Awareness of company facilities.
Banswara: Visit of CMD

There was a get-together organised by Lodha team in Orchard to welcome Shri Riju Jhunjhunwala, CMD, RSWM Limited. All the senior officials with core team members of the plant joined this get-together. They all discussed their points related to new developments etc. with Shri Riju ji during this meet. 

Banswara: Annual Games and Sports for Workmen

The inauguration of annual games and sports events for the year 2020 was done by Chief Operating Officer Shri Sukesh Sharma. In his opening speech, he expressed his views on the values of games in our life. Total 8 teams participated in volley ball and kabaddi during this event. Hand ball competition for the females was the best among all the matches and one & all enjoyed this particular competition. Finally the event ended with the prize distribution ceremony and towards end Shri R.K. Dixit delivered vote of thanks.

Banswara: Master’s Shen Milan Program

Master’s Sneh Milan was celebrated on 14th March 2020. Shri Dilip Singh of personnel department started the program with welcome address. During the program Chief Operating officer Shri Sukesh Sharma gave an inspiring speech. He shared the achievements of Lodha plant for the year 2019-20. The schemes what we started in 2019 and benefits of it were discussed with the Masters team. The union representatives expressed their thanks to the Management for various incentive schemes.

Sh. R K Dixit GM – P&A addressed to the masters group to increase the on roll position. The union representatives and masters group assured the management to increase the average attendance of their shift. Finally the programme was ended with a delicious dinner.

Banswara: Sports Day

RSWM Staff club arranged one day sports on 26th January 2020. All the staff & family members participated in various sports and games. The function was inaugurated by the Chief Operating Officer Shri Sukesh Sharma and all the staff along with family ran with Mashal from ADM to Play Ground. In his opening message, he wished all the participants best of luck and expressed his thanks to the organiser club committee.

Different games for different age group of gents, ladies and children were organised. The Prizes were distributed to the winners and towards the end Chief Operating Officer Shri Sukesh Sharma and president of the club Shri Ashok Sodani expressed their vote of thanks. Everyone thanked to the club committee for their best effort to organise such a memorable program.

Banswara: Thakur Baba Mandir Pooja

As per tradition, this year also a Bhajan Sandhya was organised at Thakur baba temple. The Bhajan Sandhya started with pooja of Thakur baba by Chief Operating Officer Shri Sukesh Sharma. The Bhajan Sandhya team was welcomed by Shri Sukesh Sharma, Shri Ajay Sharma, Shri S K Mittal, Shri R K Gagrani, Shri Satyanaran and Sampat Contractor. The staff members / masters / workers and contract workers enjoyed the program till morning. Next day, Prashadi (Lunch) was organised outside the temple. It was attendant by all Sr. officers of LNJ Denim, Fabric, BMD and TPP units.

Mandpam: Melange Challenger Cup Cricket Tournment - 2020

The “Melange Challenger Cup Cricket Tournament -2020” was organized jointly by Mandpam unit from 14th February, 2020 to 01th March, 2020. The league matches were held at three locations i.e., Banswara, Kharigram and Bhilwara and total 11 teams in two groups participated in the tournament. The Final Match was played at Sukhadiya Stadium, Bhilwara on 01st March 2020 between RSWM Mandpam and RSWM Denim. RSWM Mandpam team defeated Denim team in a thrilling & interesting match.

The tournament through out was well organized by Shri Ashwani Mittal, Shri S.P. Yadav, Shri Pritam Gurjar and organization committees under the able guidance of Shri S C Garg and the participating teams appreciated all arrangements made during the tournament.

In the words of Shri Ashwani Mittal, the tournament was an earnest effort to integrate people working at our different units and create an environment of cohesiveness among them, apart from providing motivation and a platform to perform exceedingly well to achieve the goals collectively. He also hoped that other units would take lead in organizing such tournaments within the group in future.

Mandpam: New Workers Hostel Poojan

A poojan & hawan was performed on the inaugural ceremony of New Workers Hostel building at RSWM Mandpam unit. Staff and senior officials were present on this occasion. After the poojan, prasad was distributed to all and everyone congratulated on this new development. 

Birthday Celebration of Shri Riju Jhunjhunwala at Bhilwara

A small gathering to celebrate the birthday of Shri Riju Jhunjhunwala, CMD, RSWM was done at Hamirgarh in Bhilwara by few supporters and Intec union leaders. They all wished Shri Riju Jhunjhunwala years of success and happiness on this special day.

Among those present were; Shri Deepak Vyas, President Intec Bhilwara, Shri Shiv Kumar Bansal, General Secretary DCC Ajmer, Shri Navin Kachhava, President Youth Congress Ajmer, Shri Mohit Goswami, Shri Dharmendra Kotari, Shri Kan Singh and Shri Rajnish Kumar, OSD, LNJ Bhilwara Group.

Rishabhdev: Customer Visit - M/s Valdese Weavers, USA

Mr. Mohd. Ashraff Azziz from M/s.Valdese Weavers, USA visited Rishabhdev plant on 13th January, 2020. He had discussions with the Business Head Shri Rajeev Jain and also visited the overall plant. He appreciated the practices followed by the unit and also the safety guidelines.

Rishabhdev: "ABHIVYAKTI" Suggestion Scheme Inaugural

A kick off function was held on the inaugural ceremony of “ABHIVYAKTI” Suggestion Scheme, 22nd June, 2020. During this function, a meeting was also organised for employees where they briefed about all the suggestions related to “ABHIVYAKTI” scheme. It was really heartening to see that employees participated in great numbers and they all loved the session. 

Rishabhdev: Appreciation Certificate to COVID Yodhas

A certificate of appreciation “COVID Yodha” was given to all the COVID Warriors who fought with fortitude and endurance against this coronavirus pandemic. These warriors have helped the people round the clock in every manner and set an example of good & responsible citizen of the country.

Lodha: Certificate of Appreciation to COVID Yodhas

To encourage, boost of their confidence and belongingness to the company, a felicitation ceremony was organised to recognize the valuable contribution of COVID Yoddhas. During Covid-19 epidemic, our Shop floor task force has done the significant job without any hesitation of taking their breaths in threat.

A Certificate of Appreciation was given to the COVID YODDHAS followed by high tea in which all our force like Sweepers, Guards, Electrician, General Admin., Cooks, Drivers, Plumber and other Supportive Staff were invited and honored. They all were really happy that their work is being recognised in such a way.  

Kanyakheri: Suggestion Scheme "ABHIVYAKTI" Inaugural

An inaugural ceremony “ABHIVYAKTI” Suggestion Scheme was organised at RSWM Kanyakheri unit in the month of June 2020 and employees participated in it with full enthusiasm. The briefing session went well and everyone appreciated this suggestion scheme.

TPP: Corona Warriors Homage Function

A function was organised to honour the Corona Warriors at RSWM TPP unit with much enthusiasm. The function went really good and the Corona Yodhas were appreciated in a great manner. It was organised to boost up the morale of the warriors who performed their duties in this raging COVID-19 spread which is commendable.  

HO: Mask Distribution

During the COVID-19 epidemic, LNJ Bhilwara Group had distributed masks to drivers, facility, security & pantry staff at HO, Noida. These masks were made of weaved clothing that can be washed and reused easily. Instructions to wear the masks during working hours were also given to them to check the spread of Novel Coronavirus.

RSWM Inks Strategic Partnership with HeiQ to offer Anti-COVID Fabric

By offering consumers a secure solution against Covid-19, textile manufacturer RSWM Ltd. has announced the launch of anti-viral fabric range ‘ViroSecure’. The new range has been launched through a strategic technology partnership with HeiQ* that lends its antiviral Viroblock** technology to formulate a protective coating on the fabric to offer 99.99% protection against SARS-CoV-2 in 30 minutes. 

Suketu Shah, CEO and Business Head, Mayur Suiting and LNJ Denim, said, “As the world reels under Covid-19 impact, we as a company have the responsibility towards our consumers, and are committed to equipping them with the resources to adapt to this new normal. With a legacy of over five decades, RSWM has been offering innovative solutions in the suiting as well as denim segment and meeting the fabric demands of our discerning consumers. Towards this, we are pleased to launch the ViroSecure fabric range that offers Anti-Covid protection against the spread and transmission of the pathogen. Together with our partner HeiQ, we aim to become a reliable choice for consumers to bring in a seamless continuity to our lifestyle, enabling a secure and future-ready environment. There is a significant uptake in the demand for the anti-viral fabric technology and with this; we are targeting 20% of the sales from the ViroSecure fabric in this fiscal.”


RSWM Introduced Antimicrobial Face Mask

RSWM Ltd. under its brand MAYUR, launched triple layer fabric face mask to safeguard ourselves & others from raging spread of COVID-19 pandemic. The fabric of the mask is antimicrobial and water repellent (98.75% BEF).

Following are some details of the mask fabric:

  • Single fabric made of 3 different layers
  • Effective protection from Virus, Bacteria & Floating particles
  • Breathable & Comfortable
  • Soft, skin friendly
  • Durable to wash
  • Reusable
  • Attractive patters
Inauguration of Veer Mata Manik Kanwar statue at Shahpura

Statue of Veer Mata Manik Kanwar  was inaugurated at Shahpura in a small social gathering by Amar Pratap Baharat Sansthan organisation which  has been working from last several years to promote Baharat Bandhu contribution done in freedom struggle movement and their inspiration for the new generation to know how and in what situation they had sacrifice their entire family during freedom struggle.


The statue was inaugurated by Religious leader of Ram Snehi aashram and Shrimati Kiran Toshniwal chairperson Nagar Parishad Shahpura

 Among those present where baharat Bandhu family members and several family members of freedom fighter from different parts of the country along with local leaders

 The statue will be inspiration for young and budding girl students to be strong enough in any type of situation and be ready to contribute to the society if required

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