School Events

Graphite School: Visit of Shri LN Jhunjhunwala

Chairman Emeritus of LNJ Bhilwara group, Syt L.N. Jhunjhunwala and Mrs. Shashi Agrawal visited the Graphite School accompanied with Dr. B.R. Mehta, Director IIT Delhi and Ms. Rashmi Baveja Principal, Vivekanand School, Maral on 25th January 2020. 

The purpose of the visit was to see the working of the school and to attend the demonstration of the learning of Coding for students. They visited the school and the labs and saw the working atmosphere of the school and interacted with the school students. They attended the special assembly and witnessed the programs presented by the students. In his address, Shri LN Jhunjhunwala interacted with students and facilitators to share his vision and his keen expectation that the school must achieve new heights of excellence. He blessed the children a bright future ahead.

Mrs Shashi Agrawal visited the whole school and specially attended the demonstration of Coding Class by outclass academy. She appreciated the enthusiasm of students towards learning & adapting new technology.

Dr. B.R. Mehta, Director IIT Delhi, interacted with the students of grade 5th, 9th &12th. He aspired the students and conveyed that the opportunities are vast these days, bars cannot set by the institution you enter, but it is all about, an individual’s passion and determination how much they wish to excel and the courage they possess to achieve their aim. He also apprised them about studyat IIT, entrance exam and future prospects of the higher education.

While interacting with students of science stream, Syt LN Jhunjhunwala  & Dr. Mehta told them about the simple principles behind the working of Solar Cell, Energy Band Gap, Energy Transformation, Force & Atoms. Students enjoyed, learned and collected a rich information of the topics. Overall, this visit was monumental for the Graphite school family.

Graphite School: E-learning for Students

As we know that ‘OUT OF DIVERSITY COMES OPPORTUNITY’ and keeping this in mind Graphite School teachers and students started the new learning medium with a hope that “we Shall Overcome This Race of This Adverse Testing Time Also” with calm, maintaining coordination between health and studies.

Teachers plan their lesson plans according to online mode of teaching and classes are scheduled by inviting the students to zoom meeting by giving them time schedules for all subjects. Pre-recorded videos, pictures, PPT’s are shared with students. Teachers interacted with students by sharing screen with content and used tools like clap, chat, raise hands, Q&A etc. to make their teaching interactive and enjoyable.

Apart from teaching the subjects inclusion of sports, yoga, meditation, value education has demonstrated higher engagement and increased motivation towards learning especially among young learners making them truly fall in love with e-learning. To break the monotony, students were taught to do meditation, yoga and also to keep the children stress free while boosting their spirits & creating positive atmosphere.

Graphite School: Teachers Enrichment Programs

Webinars and enrichment programs have made the teachers to boost their knowledge of using the technology efficiently and make teaching more interesting, involving and enjoyable for their students by creative learning contents to suit the present situation and carry forward the work of teaching with ease, create interest in students. 

To enhance professional development digitally, technology enabled teacher development programs/training were conducted in a wide variety of forms with concomitant advantages of convenience, scalability and adaptability. All the teachers were guided and informed about various webinars conducted by CoE, CBSE and other private/public forums. The whole purpose behind motivating teachers to participate in webinars and online trainings is to fulfill three fold objectives i.e. to Enable teachers to teach better and lead improved learning outcomes, Help teachers revise and refresh the knowledge that has already been provided to them in their regular training and make it more crisp and practical. Few remarkable series of webinars attended by teachers are webinars organised by FICCI, Chrysalis, Highr, IELTS and many more. 

Graphite School: Art Integrated Learning (AIL)

Art Integrated Learning (AIL) is a teaching- learning model which is based on learning ‘through the arts’ and ‘with the arts’: it is a process where art becomes the medium of teaching-learning, a key to understanding concepts within any subject of the curriculum.

As an impact of an AIL session given by Dr. Pawan Sudhir during COVID-19 in class I to III, an activity was conducted by teachers among students. This activity was about depicting various animals, patterns, creatures with the help of leaves and other parts of plants.

With the help of this activity students were happy to get engaged in some productive work and they learned about different body parts of animals, birds and other creatures. It also helped them to improve their gross motor skills.

Also, as a summer break activity in primary classes, students had learned many learnings by performing virtual tour of given places. In this activity they have explored various local and national tourist places.

Graphite School: Inter Class Competition

Various competitions were conducted online and 100% student participation was ascertained to change their mood and do creative work through activities of art work from best out of waste, dancing, singing, awareness speech, slogans, poster making bookmark competition and created their own creative pieces and showed their art pieces.Through their activity they spread awareness of social distancing ,wearing masks, using sanitizers, not moving out of the house, washing hands often, eating nutritious food to boost immunity etc.

On 5th June 2020, International Earth Day was digitally celebrated by staff & students of school. On this occasion photography competition, poster making competition, essay writing competition was conducted. Students have showcased great interest in performing these activities.

On 21st June International Yoga Day was celebrated at Graphite School family. An online session was conducted by Mrs. Arti Sharma (Faculty of Sanskrit). This session was commonly organised for teachers & students both. A session on meditation was also conducted for all of them. 

Graphite School: Life Skill Education

At Graphite School to develop life skill education, we have adopted two programs which were; Life Skill Curriculum by Eternal Ganges from Pre-primary to 5th standard and another one is Awakened Citizen Program by Ramakrishna Mission from 6th to 9th standard.

During lock down period Life skill learning was continued by using these programs. In primary section, students were motivated to perform some activities e.g. helping parents in their day to day work, folding of bed, tree plantation and caring of plants, also caring of pets at home.

Graphite School: Awakened Citizen Program

Today due to the Corona Virus pandemic fear has overlapped the lives of all effecting young minds also. The value based digital program of Awakened Citizen program was implemented to make students understand values in this testing time and be calm, courageous, stay positive, develop hygiene etc. Values like helping the poor & needy by giving them food and donating for good cause was also told to them. They were counselled for health and wellness as well. Videos of Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, Swami Vivekananda etc. have influenced to adopt the life style of these personalities and students are taking the the learning seriously.

Graphite School: CBSE XII Exams Toppers 2020

This year in Class XII, CBSE 2020 exams, Graphite Higher Secondary School has been significant in many ways.

In Commerce stream, Ms Shraddha Ghoshi has secured 1st position in the class with 94.2%, Ms Geeta Dawande secured 2nd position with 94% and Ms Phalak Devnani with 93.6% has secured 3rd position.

In Science stream, Ms Akshita Khandelwal has secured 1st position with 89.2% marks.

Many congratulations to all above students for showing incredible performance in CBSE 2020 Exams and we wish them for their bright future in academics.

Graphite School: CBSE X Exams Toppers 2020

The Graphite Higher Secondary School students have performed extremely well in CBSE Class X Exams 2020.

Ms Khushi Rathore has secured 1st position with 87.2%, Master Singupalli Kartik has secured 2nd position with 86.6% and Master Parv Jain & Ms Divya Parmar have together secured 3rd position with 86.2% marks.

Congratulations to the students for showing good results in their CBSE 2020 Xth Exams. Wishing you all successful career and a bright future. 

Graphite School: Race To Space Round - II

A national level online quiz competition 'Race to Space-II' conducted by The Hindu Group in the month of January. This competition was conducted in two rounds, from our school Mast. Atiksh Jain and Mast. Mohit Chaturvedi of std. II, Mast. Sujal Gupta & Mast. Ayush Pal of std. VIII, Mast. Ayush Malviya of std. IX and Ku. Sanjana Tomar std. X had secured position in top 10 and were awarded with gold medal & certificates.

Graphite School: National Consumer Day

The Consumer Day was observed in school and it was celebrated to provide individuals an opportunity to highlight the importance of the consumer movement and the need to make every consumer more aware of the rights and responsibilities. Message procedure of case filing in consumer forum was spread among the students through a small skit.

Students presented a presentation to highlight the importance of the consumer’s rights and duties. The whole presentation was convened by students & teachers of commerce department.

Graphite School: Republic Day

The Republic Day was celebrated in school on 26th January, 2020 with great patriotic fervor reaffirming the faith in the Indian Constitution. Col. Sunil Kataria General Manager Administration, HEG Ltd. was the chief guest on the occasion. In his address, he shared his experience of his life as an army man and told the students how they can make their career in Army through SSB, NDA & CDS exam entrances.

Students were told about the significance of the day & memories of the freedom struggle and the sacrifices of the freedom fighters were highlighted. They were asked to be loyal towards their country.

Graphite School: Farewell Ceremony

A farewell ceremony was organized in honor of the outgoing students of std. 12th of Graphite School on 31st January 2020. The students of grade XI organized a function with great enthusiasm. The program included melodious songs, captivating dances and the students of class XI endeavored to leave a trail of nostalgia behind for their seniors. The students were offered welcome cards and were invited in a traditional way.

Later the students of class XII presented their feelings that were heart touching. They expressed deep love and gratitude to the teachers for their teachings. Teachers blessed the students for bright future and asked them to prepare themselves to serve the nation. Students were also given titles and token gifts.

Students were elegantly dressed up in their finery for the valedictory ceremony. The fiesta was a day of mixed feelings devoted to the years spent together with friends & teachers and to reminisce joyous moments. Master Parivesh Vishwakarma and Ku. Nandini Shrivastava were awarded as Mr. Graphite and Ms. Graphite respectively. Students expressed their gratitude to their teachers for their devoted teaching and untiring help extended to them and promised to do well in their life ahead and make their school proud.

Graphite School: First Alumni Meet

With a view to greet the old students of Graphite school, a meet was organized for thosealumni of school who passed out from school between 1985 to 2019. Students took part in the meet and a core committee of Alumni was made to study and to make efforts to sustain relationship of the old students in the functioning and strength of the school.

Students shared their memories of the school days and told about the achievements of their life. They thanked their school teachers for grooming them to be ideal citizens and to be the best in their life. It was a great time for the old Graphitians to be in school campus after a long time and exchange their memories and achievements with their friends.

Graphite School: Young Grapharities Go For A Jaunt

The primary section of the school was taken a day out of school for excursion, enjoyment and leisure to Childrens Park, BHEL, Bhopal in the last week of January. It was the most awaited day of merriment with full of fun and frolic for students to spend time out of school with friends and teachers away from the hectic schedule of studies. Escorted with their teachers students had great time spending in the swings, rides etc. They played games and had garden party with friends and teachers, ate their favorite foodies and strengthened the bond between them.

Graphite School: CBSE - Happy Classroom Workshop

A Happy Classroom workshop was conducted in Red Rose School, Lambakheda on the 23rd December, 2019. Five teachers of Graphite School, Ms. Keerti Khapre, Ms. Chandrakala Mandloi, Ms. Anshu Shrivastava, Mr. Nitin Dasondhi and Ms. Anamika Mishra attended the workshop which was conducted by resource persons; Ms. Kala Mohan and Ms. Subrata Banerjee. The Workshop was conducted in three segments;

1. Emotional Intelligence - Self awareness, self management, social awareness, relationship management.

2. Behavior and Misbehavior - FBA (Functional Behavior Analysis).

3. Ways to Foster Happiness in Classroom.

The training equipped the teachers with skills to manage their classrooms very well and make students learn the subjects with conceptual gains .

Graphite School: Library Workshop

Workshop of Librarians to inculcate reading habit in kids was held in collaboration with Scholastic India Pvt Ltd on 9th January, 2020. It was held at Amer Palace, Bhopal. The resource persons were; Ms. Suruchi Gupta and Shri Vishal Kotasthane.

Two teachers Smt. Vanita Upasini and Smt. Pooja Solanki attended the workshop and understood the innovative way of managing the library and to inculcate the habit of reading in students of the school. Topics presented during this workshop were; To read books anywhere and everywhere; Pictures of authors, scientists, leaders; Poster making; Book fair; Author visit and Class library.

The workshop helped the librarian to make the library informative space for the kids as well as the secondary students to collect information on various topics, A career corner is developed in the library to make the students to know the latest update of career options in various subjects.

VVV MARAL: Educational Tour

Students made a memorable trip to Agnihotra ashram at Ladvi, Maheshwar on the occasion of Swami Vivekanand Jayanti and learned about this unique process. Agnihotra reduces stress, leads to greater clarity of thought, improves overall health, gives one increased energy, and makes the mind full of love. The researchers from Germany and Australia at the ashram oriented the students about the process and organic farming. They also got acquainted with forest culture and its development.

VVV MARAL: Swami Vivekanand Jayanti

On the birth anniversary of swami vivekanand, vvv maral students of 7th, 8th and 9th class, presented a drama on the life of Swami Vivekanand depicting many aspects and events of Swami Vivekananda's life and preaching. In the act of 40 minutes, the 35 participating students impressively enacted various scenes and illustrated Swami jis philosophy, thus spreading the learning on the occasion of World Youth Day.

VVV MARAL: Makar Sakranti Celebration

A beautiful, bright and delighted day was observed on Makar Sakranti. The pre-primary and primary kids celebrated this festival with full enthusiasm. They enjoyed kite making and kite flying activities. Their smiling faces shows that how they are happy and excited about these activities. Sharing of food and sweets with each other made the festival fun double.

VVV MARAL: School Picnic

The most awaited day of the year was the school picnic to Jalkoti (Shiv Datta Dham), Maheshwar. It was for the students of Nursery to Grade IV. The Maral Sarovar school gave an experience to students of being surrounded by greenery and the beauty of nature. The trip started at 9:15 a.m. The students were extremely excited and kept singing songs in the bus till they reached the venue.

Shiv Datta Dham, the temple of lord Datta Trey is a piece of architecture spread over many acres. The gate and parikarma attracts everybody. The temple is situated at the bank of Narmada River. There's beautiful idols of Lord Ek Mukhi Datta, Lord Ganesha and Goddess Maa Narmada. Lunch was also served to all and the students expressed a desire to revisit the place again. Indeed it was a great day for all the students and teachers, as it strengthened the bond between the students and their teachers. It was a sound and safe return trip by ,1.30 pm. “Cheers”.

VVV MARAL: Republic Day Celebration

The 71st Republic Day was celebrated on January 26 at Vivekanand Vidya Vihar, students took pride in glorifying and celebrating the spirit of unity and brotherhood. The event began with the hoisting of the National Flag by the Chief Guest of the day Shri S N Goyal President Maral Overseas Limited and Chairman School SMC, followed by the National Anthem. The school echoed with patriotic fervor as the children of Jr. and Sr. grades danced to the tunes of patriotism and displayed Rajsthani, Punjabi culture, presented patriotic songs & demonstrated Yogasans.

The students who won in the various Curriculum and Co-curriculum events held during the year were felicitated by the Chief guest and members of SMC. The Chief Guest in his address highlighted the significance of the day, and made the children aware that the future of their country lies in their hands, hence they need to study well now and inculcate good values in life.
Principal and Head Girl acknowledged the efforts of the Students, Teachers, and Supporting Staff and thanked the esteemed guests for their precious time and presence.

VVV MARAL: Basant Panchami

Basant Panchami is celebrated in reverence to the Hindu deity Goddess Saraswati, epitome of learning, music & art. People celebrate this day by visiting temples, flying kites, and donating to the needy. To celebrate this festival, the students of the Vivekanand Vidya Vihar held a Special Assembly. Prayer, pledge, school vision & mission were followed by a divine rendition of Shlokas & Diya lightening. The spring of divine happiness took over when a prayer ceremony worshiping Goddess Saraswati was led by offerings of spring flowers by all the students & staff of the school and the mythological significance of Festival since ancient India shared by Mr Piyush Sharma and distribution of Prasad amongst all. The Principal Mrs. Rashmi Kaushal Baveja motivated the students to be progressive learners, setting big goals and putting dedicated efforts as a promising & flourishing human harvest.

VVV MARAL: Patriotic Song Competition

VVVians have added a new feather by winning second prize with their excellent presentation in Inter School Patriotic Song Competition organized by Nimar Sahodaya Group of CBSE schools which was held in Kawartara School at Mandleshwar. Each student of the group was awarded with a certificate and trophy for the school.

VVV MARAL: Annual Parent Teacher Meeting

Annual Parents Teacher Meeting for classes I to IX and XI was held on 8th March, 2020 to discuss the performance of students with their parents. Parents were given feedback on their ward’s performances in term end Annual Exam 2019-20. It was a great interaction between the teacher and the parents for the development of their children where they discussed both the strengths and areas of improvements. The progress report shown to the parents and their suggestions were noted. Any sign of a child failing to make progress, regardless of where they are in the lower, middle or higher range is questioned and addressed. The PTM came to an end with the conclusion that joint effort, mutual understanding and co-operation of parents and teachers is very important for the proper nourishment and progress of students.

VVV MARAL: Climate Olympiad National Competition

Any transition is easier if you believe in yourself and your talent.

VVVian Satyam Singh of class VII  bagged the 1st position at National Level while showcasing his critical thinking and talent in the National Climate Olympiad Competition 2019 organized by Green Mentor, powered by Law of Nature. He has been awarded as National Climate Champion Award-2019 and a cash award of Rs 10,000. Maral Sarovar School management congratulates Master Satyam for his unbeatable success.

VVV MARAL: Teachers Training

Vivekanand Vidya Vihar has organized a workshop on 'Teachers Motivation and 21st Century Smart Skill', for educators. The resource persons, Mr. Gaurav Singh Solanki and his colleague Mr. Gourav Sharma discussed about the role of teacher in student's life and being teacher How a teacher should be? The main objective of the workshop cum discussion was to understand the competency needed to be built throughout the school journey of a student to make him/her develop the right set of skills and a general aptitude for new opportunities outside the traditional teaching and learning methods. Critical thinking focuses on possibilities and involves a lot of experimentation. It begins with questioning, embraces ambiguity and deals with the challenges of learning. The workshop was quite informative and a great learning experience for teachers.

VVV MARAL: Online Classes and Webinar

Vivekanand Vidya Vihar has taken initiative in creating mass awareness in public by way of memes on digital platforms, issuing guidelines to students and parents for creating awareness about Corona Virus and its prevention.

“We live in a digital ecosystem, and it is vital that educational institutions adapt” by Carla Dawson. 

VVV is sharing information about CBSE e-content for various subjects available on DIKSHA and UMANG apps. It is proving very useful for students who are now at home as their classes have been suspended due to CoronaVirus outbreak. VVV's digital platform is being made available which includes e-class, educational contents, discussion, assignments, worksheets etc. The e-content strategy of School is being carried successfully by the encouragement and continuous support of principal and Maral Sarovar school management.

VVV MARAL: Children Creativity During Lockdown


The COVID-19 pandemic has forced government to lockdwon the entire nation to check the spread of Coronavirus in the country. During this period, all schools were closed and students attending online classes & sessions. One of our school student, Yatharth Kushwah made a simple face shield/mask to stay safe against COVID-19 epidemic and shared the picture of the same with school teachers & friends. 

VVV MARAL: Lockdown Positivity By Vivekians


A positive thinking is more than just a tagline and it changes the way we behave. We firmly believe that when we are positive, it not only makes us better, but also uplifts those around us. Our school students were spreading cheer and happiness through their dance incredible moves which somehow uplifts the moral and brings positivity between people.  


VVV MARAL: CBSE Toppers 2020

An excellent performance was performed by the students of Vivekanand Vidya Vihar, Maral Sarovar School in CBSE 2020 Examinations.

In Science stream, Master Raghav Purohit has secured 1st position in the class with 92%, Ms Anchal Paswan has secured 2nd position with 90.8% and Ms Ameya Anil with 90.6% has secured 3rd position in the class (Ms Ameya has scored 100 marks in Physical Education).

In Commerce stream, Master Uttam A Yadav has secured 1st position in the class with 87.2%, Master Shivam Singh secured 2nd position with 85.8% and Master Utkarsh Pandey with 83.6% has secured 3rd position.

In Class X, Ms Aliya Gupta secured 1st position with 92.6%, Master Pratham Singh has secured 2nd position with 89.2% and Ms Rewa Takazare with 87.2% has secured 3rd position.

We congratulate all above students for doing exceptionally well in CBSE 2020 Exams and it is heartening to see that students are enthusiastic for their brighter future in academics.

VVV MARAL: World Environment Day


We think a lot about leaving a better planet for our next generation and what do we do about it! Students of Vivekanand Vidya Vihar are giving the message of saving and enriching the environment on this World Environment Day. They also planted trees at various locations to make this environment cleaner and greener.

VVV MARAL: Online Mothers Day Celebration


God cannot be present everywhere therefore, he created Mother on this planet. VVV Maral wishes and expresses deep respect to all dear mothers. They are the first teacher of the child with lots of responsibilities. Mother's love, the beautiful bond of mother-child shared in abundance with us by students and parents. Children shared their album of collections with sweet memories.

VVV MARAL: Online Photography Competition

VVV Maral students grabbed their cameras with their alarm clocks in the morning and clicked their favorite view of the morning (sunrise) for Maral School photography contest titled "The Morning Angle". Some beautiful pictures were clicked by students by showing their photography skills. 

VVV MARAL: Online Poster Making

A poster making competition was organized by Vivekanand Vidya Vihar, Maral School on April 19, 2020 for Sr. Group (IX-XII) based on the theme – ‘Living with Nature' to show our deep gratitude towards beautiful nature. The main objective of the event was to give an opportunity to our budding talents to explore their hidden skills. The students showed their abilities through art where in they expressed their feelings in the form of quotations, paintings, sketches etc.

VVV MARAL: Online Story Based Learning

Story illustration - worthwhile use of time and the value of expression with puppets. You can see a wonderful and creative presentation of story by one of our student Saumya Patidar. Saumya proved that the puppets can enhance the value of your expression and creativity.

VVV MARAL: Online Team Building Session

"Individual commitment to a group effort, that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work." - Vince Lombardi.

At VVV Maral, Mind Mangement Workshop was organised where individuals undertake the responsibility of self development to make their team of colleagues and students soar to the heights of excellence. The dedication is what they stand for always.

VVV MARAL: Good Educator Explains But Superior Demonstrates

"We talk so much about leaving a better planet for children…let us focus on leaving happier and better children for the planet...more aware, enlightened, knowledgeable and not just informed". In the war of humans against the Coronavirus, to highlight the sector that has been affected the most and yet ignored is the Education sector. To share practices and experience on bringing up solutions for the hindrances caused on the Education System, SciComm brought out a Talk by Ms Rashmi Kaushal Baveja, Principal, Vivekanad Vidya Vihar, Maral Sarovar live on facebook May 1, 2020. 

VVV MARAL: Rank in "First in Math" National Programme
VVV MARAL: Online News Room


An exemplary confidence of VVV Maral students displayed through the news presentation, thus developing their pronunciation, confidence and awareness. This kind of activities boost up children's confidence and keeps them updated in every manner. Its a great initiative taken by Maral School for their students.

VVV MARAL: Online Art Sessions

An online art session was organised for students with splendid ideas to make and enjoy the finger puppets. Students could design their own puppet show at their home while following very easy steps to make puppets. These puppets proved helpful in various activities and children could perform small puppet shows & could plan games too. Even the teachers could use these puppets as teaching aids.  

VKV-Hurda: Sports Meet

Sports day for classes LKG to VIII was organised on 21st January at the sprawling and decorated grounds of the school. It was a day filled with thrills and cheers.

The sports meet started with the races and the athletes participated with full energy. It was a delight to see the excitement with which the students challenged themselves to attempt a variety of events, such as 100 & 200 meters race, Lemon and Spoon race, Jalebi/Relay race, Long jump, Shot put throw etc. The winners were rewarded with the certificates.

VKV-Hurda: Science Exhibition

Science exhibition was held on 4th & 5th February, 2020 at Hurda School and Sri Rajesh Saxena principal of Zinc Vidyalaya inaugurated the exhibition, wherein students showcased various static and working models which can be used for learning scientific concepts. Two hundred students form classes III to IX participated and made Still models, Working models such as drone, Eco-Cooler, Waste Water Management plan, Smoke Observer, Formation of Bio-Gas etc. to present their topics. Students were encouraged to develop the qualities of analytical and critical thinking. 

VKV-Hurda: Cultural Week

In the nursery section, a Cultural Week was celebrated from 28th February to 7th March, 2020. Various activities were organized like Storytelling, Action Songs, Dance and Fancy dress competition. In Fancy dress students costumed in various dresses and themes like - patriotic leaders, vendors save the environment, reuse and recycle, refuse the plastic etc.

The activities were conducted in the form of intra-class competition and the winners were awarded with the certificate of appreciation.

VKV-Hurda: Swami Vivekanand Birth Anniversary

157th Birth Anniversary of Swami Vivekananda which is marked as a National Youth Day was celebrated on 11th Jan, 2020. The celebration commenced with the lighting of the lamp before Swamiji’s Portrait. On the occasion, slogan recitation and elocution competitions were conducted. Students from classes III to IX participated in it. It was a spectacular performance in the elocution competition where students threw light on the life of Swami Vivekananda.

One more activity was conducted in Nursery Section in which students dressed as Swami ji and quoted his words. Fifteen students participated in it with much enthusiasm. Later Director, Smt. Vasantha T. and Principal Smt. Asha Goyal distributed prizes to the students who excelled in the competition.

VKV-Hurda: Republic Day

The Republic Day was celebrated On 26th, January at school campus. The program started with the flag hoisting followed by the march past by students.

Students presented cultural programs, in which one big group of students played a patriotic tune on orchestra and the Girls of classes VI & VII presented a dance show which was followed by the patriotic song.

VKV-Hurda: Schools Are Closed, Learning Continues...

During the lockdown period declared due to COVID-19. Online zoom classes were conducted, Class Whatsapp/Broadcast group were formed and study material was shared with the students.
Morning prayers, Shloka chanting/yoga, other physical activities were conducted from April 15 as it took nearly two weeks to get acclimatized with the e-learning strategies. To Break the monotony of the online classes and to keep the students motivated, music classes (Sargam and Tal – Prayer etc. were conducted by Sri Neeraj Tiwari and Painting Class Demos were organised by Sri Laxyapal Singh. A painting competition was also organised with a wonderful response from the students and parents. Motivational video from VKV ALUMNI were shared with the students and were uploaded on school’s website as well.

Orientation session (value education) for the teachers by Dr Anuradha Balram from Ramkrishna Mission, New Delhi was conducted. Teachers attended various webinars and the list of webinars was shared with the them as per their subjects and aptitude so that they could relate and improve their TLP.
Co-curricular theme based activities like puppet show, recitation, self introduction, importance of health and fitness and even fancy dress competition were conducted for 1st to 8th class students. The digital support was also sought from Alumni – who helped us in using various apps like Kahoot, Online Studies and Google form for conducting quizzes and getting feed back from parents. 
The best part of this lockdown period was the spirit and speed with which the teachers and students adopted the advanced technology which is commendable. Our next step would be focussing on initiatives to be taken for reopening of schools post COVID-19.

VKV-Hurda: Brilliant CBSE 2020 XII Results

A brilliant performance in CBSE 2020 exams was exhibited by Vivekananda Kendra Vidyalaya, Hurda School students in Class XII Science and Commerce streams.

In Science stream, Master Aakash Maheshwari secured 1st position in the class with 95.80%, Ms. Akshi Jain has secured 2nd position with 92.20% and Master Mohit Sharma with 92% has secured 3rd position in the class.

In Commerce stream, Master Divyanshu Kothari has secured 1st position in the class with 91.40%, Ms. Shivani Agarwal secured 2nd position with 91.20% and Ms. Anushka Kogta with 90.40% has secured 3rd position.

We congratulate them for doing so well in CBSE 2020 Exams and wish them for better & brighter future ahead.

VKV-Hurda: Outstanding CBSE X Results 2020

A dazzling performance in CBSE 2020 exams was showcased by the students of Vivekananda Kendra Vidyalaya, Hurda School in Class X.

Ms Mudita Gupta & Ms Preksha Jain have secured 1st position in the class with 94.6%, Master Aryan Sikhwal has secured 2nd position with 94.4 % and Ms Nandini Paliwal with 92.8% has secured 3rd position in the class.

Ms Preksha Jain, Master Anshul Arora and Master Abhay Maheshwari have secured 100 marks in Mathematics.

Heartiest congratulations to students on achieving 100 marks in Maths and for their brilliant performance in Class X CBSE 2020 Exams.

VKV-Rishabhdev: Bal Mela

Bal-Mela was organised in school premises on 13th January 2020. An array of stalls with variety of spicy and savoury mouth-watering food items and games were the main attractions of the Bal-Mela. The students cheerfully visited one stall to another relishing the snacks to their heart’s content. Such type of events, filled with fun and frolic, give a chance to the students to enjoy their childhood. The chief guest congratulated the staff members for their hard work and efforts.

VKV-Rishabhdev: Republic Day Celebrations

On the auspicious morning of 26th January, our school celebrated Republic Day in the school premises. It was the matter of great pride for all of us. Need less to say the school had worn the appearance of a beautiful bride. The Principal, teachers and students did not want to leave any stone unturned in making this monumental day a memorable one. The COO of RSWM Mr. K.B. Khatod was the chief guest and was warmly welcomed. He unfurled the national flag followed by a parade by the students. After this the students presented patriotic song, speech, poems, dance, drama etc. The Principal and the chief guest addressed the students and urged them to do their best and feel proud to be an Indian. The programme ended with National song and students dispersed with sweets packets.

VKV-Rishabhdev: Zero Investment Innovation in Education

Shri Aurobindo Society and MHRD facilitated 12 innovative teachers from Rajasthan and about thousand from all over India at IIT Delhi after discovering the innovative ideas incorporated by the selected teacher in their regular classroom teaching. The Zero Investment innovation for education initiatives started by Shri Aurobindo society in collaboration with MHRD.

The society selected 12 different Ideas applied by teachers during the workshops of Hub of learning at various locations at all over the Rajasthan. Mrs. Nisha Jain TGT English of VKV Rishabhdev was short listed for the same. She was honoured by the honourable Dr. Ramesh Pokhariyal “Nishank”, HRD Minister of India, in presence of Shri Narendra Singh Tomar, Rural Development and Panchayati Raj Minister of India, Shri Sanjay Dohtre, Minister of State for HRD, Shri Anurag Thakur, Minister of State for Finance, Shri Prakash Javadekar, Minister of Information & Technology, Shri Pratap Chandra sarangi, Minister of State Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises, Shri Ram Madhav National General Secretary, BJP, Shri Pravin Singh Bhalla, Head of NCERT, Smt. Aashima Bhatt, Head of HDFC Bank, Shri Amitabh Kant, CEO of NITI Ayog, Shri Sabhrant Sharma, Director of Shri Aurobindo Society & Shri Pradeep Narang, Chairman of Shri Aurobindo Society.

The programme was initiated by Shri Aurobindo Society, which constitute of two days training at Terapanth Bhawan, Chattarpur, New Delhi and the felicitation programme was organised at the most reputed university of country i.e. Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi.  

VKV-Rishabhdev: CBSE 2020 School Toppers

The students of Vivekanand Kendra Vidyalaya, Rishabhdev School have performed extremely well in CBSE Xth Exams 2020.

Master Anmol Mehta has secured 1st position in the class with 95.40%, Ms Hejal Parmar has secured 2nd position with 94.80 % and Ms Harshita Pandey with 94.20% has secured 3rd position in class X.

We congratulate the students for their incredible performance in CBSE Xth Exams 2020 and wish for successful and bright career ahead. 

VKV-Rishabhdev: Ad-Made Competition

Advertisements/commercials which are designed to get the attention of the consumers to buy products or services of different companies. It requires a lot of creativity and some quirk as well. Ads Comprise both humour and conceptual presentation. In line with, Ad-Mad competition was conducted during non-academic week for classes VI to VIII at VKV-Rishabhdev school.

Students were asked to select one house hold item to create an advertisement. The competition was bi-lingual and through this activity students got opportunity to discover an ad-maker in themselves and design an ad to showcase their talent. Excitement level of the children reaches sky high while preparing for the advertisement. Besides showing ads with message, it was a good confidence building exercise.

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