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Jugaad 3.0: Hacking the Corporation to make it fast, fluid and frugal

Based on hundreds of interviews, as well as the author's consulting work within companies, Jugaad 3.0: Hacking the Corporation seeks to prove that every organization's best chance, to survive and become better than ever, lies within itself. The book also offers a spectrum of carefully crafted models to help people see themselves in this trend and allow organizations identify the innovators in their midst.

Against the decidedly progressive, action-oriented, and above all restless backdrop of disruption, the author writes that the DNA of established business is starting to realign. She even suggests that it is the beginning of a wave that has started to make lean entrepreneurship a core competency within big business.

Written by Dr. Simone Ahuja, a consultant, author, speaker and entrepreneur. She is the CEO of Blood Orange where her mission is to empower innovators in large organizations and mobilize them with entrepreneurial tools for a single purpose: to transform the corporate culture from the inside out using design and lean principles.




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